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Peter Costello For some years, we have been warning about the kind of interfaith practised by self-proclaimed “moderate” Muslims in Australia. Despite this, many naïve/opportunistic Jewish leaders have rushed to jump on the gravy train, soaking up lucrative grants and gaining kudos from being invited on the speakers’ circuit.

Interfaith dialogue between the three monotheistic religions assumes mutual understanding about justice, peace, women’s rights, human rights, democracy, morals, freedom and pluralism.
But it’s not working, because Judeo-Christian understandings are diametrically opposed to Islamic ones.

Peter Costello, addressing the Sydney Institute on the 23rd February 2006, spelled this out:
“Our state is a secular state…..there is not a separate stream of law derived from religious sources that competes with or supplants Australian law in governing our civil society.”
Interfaith is built on the premise of mutual respect and tolerance. But Islam has no respect nor tolerance for others, insisting on a superior position for itself, with others subjugated under sharia.
George Pell, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, in a speech February 2006 titled ‘Islam and Western Democracies’, said, “In the aftermath of the [9/11] attack…. Many commentators….  were claiming that Islam was essentially peaceful, and that the terrorist attacks were an aberration”. He
asked some sticky questions:George Pell
  • ”Do they believe that the peaceful suras of the Koran are abrogated by the verses of the sword?
  • Is the programme of military expansion to be resumed when possible?”
  • “Do they believe that democratic majorities of Muslims in Europe would impose Sharia law?

Pell exposed the unwillingness of Muslims to be honest about their text and the failure by Christians and Jews to ask the hard questions. To his question “Can we discuss Islamic history and …. the Koran without threats of violence?”, the answer is a resounding NO!
Threats of Islamic violence are displayed at the highest level :
A member of the Lords intended to invite her colleagues to a private meeting in the House of Lords to meet the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, to watch Fitna and discuss the movie.
Barely had the invitation been sent to all the members of the House when Lord Ahmed raised hell. He threatened to mobilize 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr. Wilders from entering the House and to take the colleague who was organizing the event to court. The result is that the event was cancelled.
Lord Ahmed immediately went to the Pakistani press to boast about his achievement, which he calls “a victory for the Muslim community.” (source )

Lord AhmedThe significance of Lord Ahmed’s battle cry, “a victory for the Muslim community” must not go unheeded. Fortunately, the event may now go ahead, but without Wilders, who is barred from entering Britain.

Another problem with interfaith is that the main faith partner, the Islamic Council, links to CAIR, which is a front group for Hamas, whose constitution mandates killing all Jews.

Steven Emerson writes:
From the Hamas ties of its founders in 1994 to its solicitous stance toward accused terrorists today, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has demonstrated that its actual mission is far removed from the civil rights advocacy it claims to pursue.

CAIR was incorporated by three officials of the now-defunct Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), long a central player in Hamas' U.S. support network and a group that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service deemed in a 2001 memo to be "part of Hamas' propaganda apparatus."
The 2007 Dallas trial charging the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) with providing material support for Hamas produced extensive evidence that IAP -- CAIR's parent -- played a central role in the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee… The trial exhibits included a memo… which defines in chilling fashion the role the Muslim Brothers play in North America:
The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions…It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes …
CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial… IAP’s Arabic-language publication carried this statement: "The call for Jihad in the name of Allah is the only path for liberation of Palestine and all the Muslim lands … We (Hamas) promise Allah, in continuing the Jihad way and with the martyrdom's way."

Despite this, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad defended the group as "a grassroots organization which has only been ‘linked' through allusion and no charge of criminality has been brought against the organization." (source)
It is obvious that under a fake interfaith façade, such groups work to undermine our society and our Judeo-Christian foundations. Yet incredibly, Jewish and Christian groups continue doing interfaith with Muslims linked to Hamas (The Islamic Council of Victoria has always linked to CAIR).

The predictable reaction of Muslim “interfaith partners” to Israel’s belated attempt to defend its citizens from constant rocket attacks by Hamas has exposed their pretence to moderation. Can there be any doubt they are in agreement with Hamas’ policies, laid down in their charter, that all Jews must be killed?
Yet the pretence continues. The Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) wrote a complaining letter to the Jewish Community Council of Victoria:
The AIS for the last 5 years…has come together with our friends from the Jewish community in an atmosphere of respect and trust to improve our relations and soften the sometimes harsh attitudes that has existed between the two communities. But the recent military actions of the Israeli Government and the killing of hundreds of innocent women and children and the silence and lack of response and support from those that we have known over many years and with whom we co-organised numerous interfaith events and projects has very much upset and disappointed us and placed us in a difficult situation.
…You would know that we have always condemned quite openly and publicly that the killing of innocent Jewish women and children by suicide bombers goes against Islam and is despicable.
…Many Jews and important individuals from the communities of the USA , UK and France have openly condemned the disgraceful killing of women and children by the Israeli Armed Forces…the only Jewish community that has not commented on these shameful atrocities is the Australian Jewish community and our Jewish friends with whom we have worked so close together. This has placed us in a very difficult situation. We are being accused of being puppets of Jewish organisations and that your intentions regarding interfaith dialogue were nothing but political….
At this stage any statement made by you regarding the killing of innocent people in Gaza will strengthen our hand and we will have an answer for those who criticise us for having close relations with Jewish organisations.
The AIS looks towards its friends and all people on conscience during this difficult time of pain and anguish for support and condemnation of the killing of innocent people – irrespective of the perpetrators. Whether they are innocent Muslims or Jews, innocent Arabs or Israelis the killing of innocent people needs to be condemned unreservedly - always.

Ikebal PatelThe Jewish Community Council ‘s response to this threatening letter, which asked it to denounce Israel, was predictably weak:
…you request a response from Australian Jewish leaders to the recent war between Israel and Hamas, stating that none has been forthcoming.
In actual fact …Robert Goot publicly stated “We feel as much sadness at the loss of an innocent Palestinian as we do for the loss of Israeli lives”. In an interview published by The Age, I was quoted as saying that this war “brought no joy to the Melbourne Jewish community because people are getting killed.” These are but two clear statements of Australian Jewry’s concern for those affected by the conflict.
Jews affirm life and deplore its loss, and nowhere more where that life is innocent. Accordingly I have no hesitation in stating again that our community laments the deaths of innocent Israelis and Palestinians.
Jewish communities worldwide, including our own, have long called for a two-state solution to resolve this distress. In 2005 we prayed that Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza would be the penultimate step to resolution. Sadly, tragically, this has not proved to be the case.
…This latest conflict, the inevitable outcome of persistent, intentional targeting of Israeli citizens (be they Jews, Muslims or Christians) by missiles fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza, is only the most recent example of Hamas’ bloody-mindedness. Regrettably there is no magic formula for protecting the innocent when confronting those dedicated to Israel’s destruction. This is particularly the case when Hamas (just like Hezbollah, its partner in crime) is prepared to sacrifice its own people on the altar of its ambitions.
In conclusion, I thank the AIS for its efforts to improve relations between our respective communities. (source)
Pathetic! Rather than just meekly defending itself against false accusations, it’s time for the Jewish community to show some backbone. For a start, they could ask Muslims to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah and attempts to deligitimise Israel.
Otherwise, the Islamic community will become further emboldened and we will see 10,000 Muslims on the streets of Melbourne. It worked for Lord Ahmed. If we don’t stand up against thugs, it will work here too.

Ikebal Patel, chairman of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), issued a press release:
“This is not the time to blame, but the time for action, when one is witnessing the very victims of the Holocaust now perpetrating much worse atrocities against Palestinians.”
 The video clip above shows how traumatized Hamas martyrs from Gaza deal with their fellow countrymen (mostly al Fatah martyrs) when they suspect them of spying for the Israelis.
Please note: Ikebal Patel did not disapprove of these actions.

Unsurprisingly, the Jewish community was outraged:
Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) President Robert Goot wrote telling Patel the Jewish community strongly objected to the comparison between the war in Gaza and the Holocaust.

“The comparison is obscene and contemptible. You merely invite incredulity and ridicule by comparing these events to civilian casualties in Gaza.”
Sam Afra, chairperson of the Ethnic Community Council of Victoria, urged restraint from faith and ethnic communities when responding to overseas events.
“… there is a clear distinction between exercising the democratic right to voice an opinion, on one hand, and abusing that right to propagate falsehoods and prejudicial attitudes, which may incite unlawful behaviour.”

Speaking about recent reports of anti-Semitic abuse in Melbourne, Afra said he expected all Victorians would be appalled that this abuse was happening in their backyards.
IDF in Gaza
“Local communities cannot and should not be held directly responsible for the policy decisions of foreign governments,” he said. (source)
Patel’s sickening comparison of the horrors of the Holocaust with Israel’s legitimate defence of its citizens from attack should finally expose any pretence that AFIC is the voice of moderation.

Naomi Levin reported “Jewish-Muslim relations at breaking point over Gaza”:
JEWISH community leaders look likely to sever ties with Australia’s Muslim community after an Islamic leader stood by his call to compare the war in Gaza with the Holocaust.
In a letter dated January 27, United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Patel declined to withdraw the comparison.

“In the context of the modern world and the inherent alternative means of conflict resolution, we believe our comparison of the atrocities and the brutal use of disproportionate force by Israel over the past three weeks is justified”.

Attached to his letter – in which he said it was not AFIC’s intention to diminish the “impact of the Holocaust” – was a photomontage: on the left, Holocaust images, on the right, images assumed to have been taken during the recent war in Gaza.

The letter and photos left the ECAJ outraged.

“Any person with even basic understanding of the historical context of the photos you have included from the Holocaust would have realised that they demonstrate the opposite of what you seek to ‘prove’, and that the comparisons you have drawn are disgracefully inappropriate,” Goot responded.

He added that unless Patel withdraws his comments and letter from the public record, the Jewish community would not work with the Muslim community in Australia.

“If you genuinely want to continue a dialogue with the Jewish community, you must publicly and unequivocally withdraw those remarks.”  (source)
Here we have Australia’s main Islamic body deliberately distorting history by falsely equating Israel with Nazis (while denying their own close links with Nazism with their shared aim of genocide against the Jews) and endorsing Hamas, whose “alternative means of conflict resolution” is killing Jews!

Should we even mention  the Holocaust in this context?

And yet some rabbis are still capitalising on the endless grants and speaking opportunities afforded by this fraudulent interfaith. For instance, the Parliament of the World’s religions held an interfaith, mutlicultural event in Melbourne …”Hundreds of people from different cultural backgrounds will gather at Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday Feb 8th for an afternoon of colourful and inspriational entertainment. Rabbi Jonathon Keren-Black will be part of a multi-faith panel discussing the challenges of climate change.”
And what about Bnai Birth, whose credo is “opposing racism and anti-Semitism – Promoting Respect and Justice”, who held a Multifaith Future Leaders Programme, and whose website promotes Islamic events such as
Mosque Open Day - 22 Feb 2009
Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) and the Sunshine Mosque Staff invites Melburnians to take the opportunity to understand Islam through direct encounter with a Mosque and an information session designed to clarify many issues including certain misconceptions regarding Islam. Ph: 9926 5708 for more information.
JCMA Women's Conference, 1 - 3 March 2009
"Walking in each others' shoes" Where: Amberley Edmund Rice Centre,
7 Amberley Way, Lower Plenty, 3093. Daughters of Faith: The 3rd residential JCMA (Jewish Christian Muslim Association) . PH: 9650 3294 (source)
Disgraceful! What is it that these rabbis and Bnai Brith don’t understand about “Kill the Jews”?
Al Age reports:
“AUSTRALIAN Muslims are "seething with anger" at what they perceive as the Australian Government's Ramzi Elsayedone-sided treatment of last month's Israeli incursion into Gaza”.
Ramzi Elsayed, president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, said he had never seen the community so hurt or aggrieved, especially after acting PM Julia Gillard said Israel was responding to Hamas aggression after Hamas broke the ceasefire.
"It's as though they think one Jewish life is worth 100 Palestinians."
Responding to a Jewish threat to sever ties with Australia's Muslims if Patel did not withdraw a comparison between Gaza and the Holocaust, Mr Elsayed said a cooling-off period was inevitable anyway.
"There's going to be some open wounds which will take time to heal. Tension and hatred has built as never before in the Middle East, and that's the danger in Australia."
Mr Elsayed said the Victorian council would not have made the Holocaust comparison because they understood Jewish sensitivities, referring instead to the "massacre" of Palestinians.
The Age reported a row over the refusal of Ikebal Patel to recant his claim that the former victims of the Holocaust were perpetrating "much worse atrocities" in Gaza.
Robert Goot said "It's all very well to say people should sit down and talk, but Hamas won't talk to Israel because it doesn't recognise it and is dedicated to its annihilation. There's no one to talk to."
The Jewish Anti-Defamation Commission yesterday strongly condemned the "disgraceful statements" by Patel and Hilali that "what we are seeing (in Gaza) is another Holocaust", saying the statements showed "an immoral willingness to engage in the sort of Holocaust denial that is so repugnant to all Australians". (source)
It’s way past time the Jewish leadership stood up to this bullying, instead of allowing themselves to be subjugated by interfaith fraud, when it is clear their “Islamic” partners are stoking the flames of hatred. Jewish and Christian participants are too cowed (or mindful of their lucrative “interfaith” careers) to mention Islam’s violence against others. Why promote Islam when Islamic text urges violence against Jews and Christians? How can people of conscience accept an award for interfaith work? Are Jews and Chrisitians who work in interfaith worthy of recognition and awards, or are they a fifth column within our society?
Why aren’t people of conscience “seething with anger” at the media bias in favour of Hamas?

Elsayed is right that there is a danger in Australia –  from enraged Muslims, with their continual grievances and threats if we don’t give them what they want.

Time to stand up to the bully!

Yet the Australian Jewish News editorial timidly opines:
Sceptics in the Jewish community have criticised the whole interfaith concept as a fair-weather proposition that AQndrew Bostomtinkers at the edges, achieving illusory results during lulls in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but crumbling as soon as the latest upheaval hits our TV screens.

But an AJN investigation has found that the consensus among Jewish leadership is that fostering better relations with Islamic and Christian communities is not just worthwhile, but essential.

Although Jews are naturally discouraged when we hear outbursts such as Patel’s Holocaust comments, we should take heart from other Islamic leaders such as Sherene Hassan, who says her organisation rejects the comparison.

Hassan speaks of a “robust” relationship between Jews and Muslims. Pessimists will point out that “robust” is diplomatic speak for something that’s a bit on the rough side of comfortable, but optimists will see it as Muslims acknowledging that the links can take a bit of wear and tear.

… when something like Operation Cast Lead comes along, it triggers all kinds of disappointing, unexpected responses, influenced by fashionable views on Palestinian entitlement and victimhood. Sometimes, just keeping the channels of communication open during times when Israel is on the front page is valuable in itself. Nobody said it would be easy. (source)
Look I hate to pour cold water on the AJN investigation and the consensus among Jewish leadership, but could it be that THEY’RE WRONG?

Andrew Bostom certainly thinks so, but then his conclusion is based on scholarship and examining empirical evidence:
Despite the usual Islamically-correct gloss of denial in reportage, an ugly, uni-directional pattern of bigoted violence is onceagain clearly on display in Western Europe. …European Muslims have attacked individual Jews, synagogues, and Jewish or Israeli institutions, in Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, and Britain.
…Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar subsequently advocated the murder of Jewish children, globally, claiming Israel had “legitimized the killing of their people all over the world.” …These murderous calls for indiscriminate anti-Jewish violence by Hamas and al-Qaeda are also expressed locally, by jihadists within Europe…

Franco Frattini, the European Union official responsible “for combating racism and Antisemitism in Europe,” revealed  that Muslims were responsible for fully half (50%) of the documented Antisemitic incidents on the European continent. Demographic data from 2007 indicated that the total number of Europeans is 494.8 million; estimates of the number of Muslims in Europe range from 15-20 million, or some ~3.0-4.0% of the total European population. Thus, on a population percentage basis, Muslims in Europe already accounted for roughly 24.0 to 32.3 times the number of Antisemitic incidents as their non-Muslim European counterparts.
 Yale University biostatistician Dr. Edward H. Kaplan, and Dr. Charles A. Small of the Yale Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism, found “ in a controlled comparison to European Christians, European Muslims were nearly eightfold (i.e., 800%) more likely to be overtly Antisemitic.

The ultimate “inspiration” for such rampant Muslim Jew-hatred within Europe’s Muslim communities can be traced to the sacralized bigotry of Islam’s foundational texts, disseminated by Muslim clerics…
Scholar Raphael Israeli recently published a seminal analysis of Professor Israelicontemporary European Islam. He makes this trenchant, but irrefragable comparison between the wanton, violent Muslim Jew-hatred so prevalent in Europe, versus the cynically contrived phenomenon of  “Islamophobia”—which regardless, is tangibly absent from the behavior of Europe’s beleaguered Jews:
It is unconvincing that the Muslims are merely anti-Israel and anti-Zionist and not Antisemitic, when Jews in the Diaspora are habitually attacked for no reason whatsoever today apart from the fact that they are Jews….  To attack them is undeniably an expression of the innate Antisemitism in Islamic thinking.  The equivalent would be for Jews to attack their Muslim fellow-citizens in European countries every time an Arab or a Muslim country defames, vilifies, or demonizes (or indeed physically attacks) Jews in the media, school curricula, or subjects them to economic boycotts individually or collectively, all of which happen on a sustained daily basis.  … the fact that it does not happen proves firstly that Islamophobia…is a figment of the Muslims’ imagination and secondly that the Jews can distinguish between right and wrong, and have never lost their sense of justice and civilized behavior despite the relentless provocations of Muslims, not only radicals, against them. (source)
Meanwhile, in future interfaith follies, expect more hostility and Islamic hatred:
A religion summit in Brisbane 18th February threatens to be a heated affair, with Australia's peak Muslim and Jewish bodies at loggerheads over 'atrocity' claims from the Gaza invasion.

Robert Goot, the president of ECAJ, told that relations with the AFIC remained "very strained" following the statement by Mr Patel that "victims of the Holocaust (are) now perpetrating much worse atrocities against the Palestinians".
Mr Patel has since refused calls by an infuriated Jewish community to withdraw the comment and the issue is expected to feature prominently at the three-day interfaith summit.
"Mr Patel and I have been speaking and we're trying to resolve our differences…Nothing short of a full apology from the head of the country's main Muslim body would do.”
Patel indicated he would continue to stand by his claim.
"Different faith communities are entitled to express their views on matters and as a mature society we should be able to see the differences between faiths and accept them,"

Summit organiser Professor Toh Swee-Hin of Griffith University said he hoped the Brisbane conference would be a forum for the two groups to settle the dispute.

"The summit is a place for peaceful dialogue. More and more over the last few years interfaith understanding and relations have been developing." (source)
Robert Goot
I don’t know what parallel universe Toh Swee-Hin has been inhabiting if he thinks interfaith has lead to improved understanding, but it sounds much more attractive than the real world!

Bostom laments:
“the abject failure of Jewish diaspora leadership in confronting the menace posed by theologically-motivated Islamic Jew hatred. Despite being engaged in continual ad nauseum “dialogue” sessions, these feckless and craven Jewish leaders never demand any mea culpa from their Muslim interlocutors for the living legacy of doctrinal (and historical) Islamic Jew hatred whose ugly sequelae are evident on a daily basis in Europe.”
and cites Nechama Tec’s elegant study of the heroic Bielski detachment’s lifesaving exploits in Western Belorussia during the World War II-era Holocaust:
…when old, established leaders fail, the uninitiated, the independent who are free from traditional constraints, have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and their strategies of survival. …This transfer creates its own reality, a reality that opposes the life-threatening environment and death.
I can do no better than echo his sentiment that “Jewish leaders with comparable attributes are desperately needed at present for our era.”
A tribute to Holocast Victims
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