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Antony LowensteinThey say one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. So I guess one man’s traitor can be another man’s hero. Lowenstein is certainly the hero of the radicals and Islamists  - that is, until they decide he has passed his use-by date and slice his head off!

Lowenstein has mastered the art of celebrity - from nonentity to media darling in just a few short years.
Wikipedia describes him as a Jewish-Australian political activist, atheist, Sydney-based freelance journalist, author and blogger, who has written for many of the major papers and blogs, has a regular column for online magazine and is a board member of Macquarie University’s Centre for Middle East and North African Studies. He appears regularly on radio, in public and at universities discussing current affairs and politics. (reference)
He first shot to public notoriety with his book on the Israel/Palestine conflict, My Israel Question, and compounded this by co-founding Independent Australian Jewish Voices (IAJV).

He is happy to attend conferences attacking Israel, and if the speakers also call for Jews to be killed, so be it.
But maybe he should heed the fate of another left-wing Jew. Debbie Schussel reports:
Seven years ago, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was murdered by Islamic terrorists. Antony Lowenstein
His slaughter was brutal. He was beheaded, and his limbs were cut off like chicken parts. Before that, he was forced by Islamic terrorists to talk about being a Jew.

Pearl was an extremely left-wing, nominal Jew whose reporting repeatedly gave exposure to and legitimization of Islamic terrorists.  His father, Judea Pearl, claims:
“Neither he, nor the millions who were shocked by his murder, could have possibly predicted that seven years later . . . this ideology of barbarism would be celebrated in European and American universities, fueling rally after rally for Hamas, Hezbollah and other heroes of "the resistance."
Huh? He is shocked--shocked!--that Muslims around the world actually do what they've done for centuries and what their sheikhs tell them to do at mosques... Many of us warned for years of exactly these very predictable things while Dr. Judea Pearl was busy running around the country regurgitating false fantasies about dialogue with and understanding of Islam, raising money for moral equivalency summer camps for kids, and giving out award to pan-jihadist internet reporters.
He goes on to lament that:
“the media have played a major role in handing terrorism this victory of acceptability. Al Jazeera television, for example, is still providing Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi hours of free air time each week to spew his hateful interpretation of the Koran, authorize suicide bombing, and call for jihad against Jews and Americans. “

Guess who did one of the first, most sympathetic Western media interviews with Qaradawi, declaring this extremist a "moderate" who takes the "middle path"? Daniel Pearl. And he was the same guy who set out to meet Al-Qaeda terrorists to give their side of the story. Their side of the story, which he hadn't planned on, was his body chopped into several parts. (source)
Still, who worries about decapitation when there are endless opportunities to jump on the speakers’ bandwagon, with rich pickings for those prepared to sell their soul and spread Islamic propaganda.

Lowenstein was due to be part of a panel at a conference - Justice for Palestine - at the NSW  State Parliament last month. Unfortunately for him, it was called off after revelations the convener, Maqsood Alshams, had made derogatory remarks about Jewish people in several private emails.
Loewenstein had no option but to withdraw. One might ask what he was doing speaking at such an obviously partisan forum in the first place, but determined to claim the high moral ground, he wrote:  "As a Jew who condemns anti-Semitism I thought it would be inappropriate to engage in a debate in that kind of environment. That does not change the fact that I still feel very strongly about the situation in Gaza."

Mr Maqsood, a Bangladesh-born asylum seeker and founder of the small lobby group Asia Pacific Human Rights Institute, apologised for the emails on Tuesday and said he had been "intoxicated and angry" when he wrote them. (source)
Antony-Zero Lowenstein The Australian Jewish News 6th February reported the cancellation of the conference.

“… NSW Legislative Council Labour MP Penny Sharpe endorsed the event, which was to be hosted by the Asia Pacific Human Rights Centre. An AJN investigation has since uncovered that this centre does not exist.

Alshams, who presented himself as heading up the Asia Pacific Human Rights Centre as part of the Edmund Rice Centre, made a series of anti-Semitic comments in several private emails.

One email read:
“The simple answer is that you the Jews are real motherf--astards… You should keep your dirty mouth shut calling any Bangladeshi a brother, you guys are simply assholes…But simply Jews like you are the dirty scums…I wonder why God himself hate the Jews.”

Frank Devine writes in The Australian:
IT is improbable that I could bring myself to stay for long, if at all, in the same room with somebody who had described Jews as "real motherf--king bastards." Apart from this piece of abuse, Maqsood Alsham, an asylum seeker from Bangladesh, has described the Gaza invasion by Israel as a worse atrocity than the Holocaust.
Yet three universities - Sydney, Macquarie and the Sydney University of Technology - continued their support of a conference organised by Maqsood to debate whether Israel should be tried by the International Court of Justice for the invasion. (source)
But such minor setbacks don’t deter our intrepid jihadi Jew.

Loewenstein, writing in the Australian Financial Review:
Israel’s war against Gaza has left the blockaded strip in ruins… Richard Falk, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, described the sealing of Gaza to ensure nobody could leave, including civilians, as a “distinct, new and sinister war crime”... The Jewish State defended its actions by claiming that the illegal rockets fired by Hamas into Israel justified its use of overwhelming force against the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza.

The vast majority of global human rights groups disagree and claim that war crimes were committed during the conflict, including the use of white phosphorus in residential areas… European courts are likely to be the key battleground for forthcoming investigations of crimes against Palestinian civilians. This is how it should be. The Jewish State, like any other nation, should be held to account for its actions. (source)

The Australian Financial Review published Robert Goot’s reply to these spurious war crimes accusations. Goot, a Sydney barrister and President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), wrote:

Before pronouncing a person guilty of a crime, it is customary to accord the accused a fair trial. Loewenstein, however, is untroubled by such technicalities …Relying solely on a comment made by one habitually anti-Israel UN functionary, and statements by two NGOs and the UN Secretary-General that make no allegations of criminality, Loewenstein …confidently finds Israel guilty of unspecified war crimes in Gaza.
As a general rule in most jurisdictions in advanced countries the reports of non-government and international organizations are not accepted as evidence in support of their own conclusions. For example, in MA v Immigration and Naturalization Service (1990), the US Court of Appeal warned against relying on pronouncements of non-government investigative bodies, noting “these organizations may have their own agendas and concerns”.
Israel says that it used munitions having incendiary effects primarily as illuminants, tracers and smokescreens. These uses are lawful even if, as a subsidiary effect, some civilians suffer burns.
Loewenstein suggests that, as the International Criminal Court lacks jurisdiction, criminal trials could be held by popular courts. How, where and by whom such courts would be constituted and by what authority he does not say. Nor does he specify which law would apply or how it would be enforced, inviting the suspicion that a popular court would be distinctly of the kangaroo variety.

Remarkably, he avoids mentioning that Hamas openly admits that it targets Israeli civilians and uses Palestinian civilians as human shields. (source)
Antony Lowenstein
We are painfully aware that NGOs and individuals have their own agenda – one has only to look at the infamous Durban meeting - but this does not trouble Lowenstein.
My main problem is that Lowenstein and his ilk ignore Hamas, whose Charter pledges the destruction of Israel and all Jews (that presumably includes jihadi Jews like Lowenstein) and does not even attempt to draw an (illusory) moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel, putting all the blame on Israel.

Still, Lowenstein is in good company: Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali has compared the Israeli bombing of Gaza to the Holocaust:

Sheik Hilali lashed out at the Israeli leaders, branding them as "butchers" whose "Zionist racism" was creating another Holocaust.
"When we remember the atrocities of the Holocaust - it seems that what we are seeing is another Holocaust…it is not just about numbers of people killed - thousands as opposed to millions - but the atrocity itself, and here we have similar atrocities."
NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff said comparisons between Israel's offensive in Gaza and the Holocaust were obscene and historically unsupportable.
"They trivialise the Holocaust and they falsify history. The racial hatred and anti-Semitism which Sheikh Hilali has been expressing for 20 years has clearly not dissipated."
(Sheik Hilali gave an anti-Semitic lecture to a group of Muslim students at the University of Sydney in 1988, in which he said: "The Jews try to control the world through sex, then sexual perversion, then the promotion of espionage, treason and economic hoarding.")

Sheik Hilali hopes to lead a delegation into the Palestinian territory and has invited the attendance of Antony Lowenstein, who said he did not believe Sheik Hilali's comments were anti-Semitic and that it
 was important to make the distinction between anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli. (source)

Well, Anthony, that distinction certainly is not being made by Hamas or Hezbollah, which wants to kill all Jews everywhere!
Jewish leaders have slammed Sheik Hilali for likening the Gazan war to the Holocaust:
"His comments are factually incorrect and morally blind," Colin Rubenstein, of the Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), said.
"The sheik has never apologised for racist comments in the past. He's demonstrated bigotry and now he's an historical ignoramus as well."
Mr Rubenstein also attacked AFIC chairman Ikebal Patel, who said Palestinians living in Gaza had it worse than many Holocaust victims.
"Patel has crossed the line into pure racism and should retract and apologise," he said.
Mr Rubenstein said Mr Patel's "trivialisation" of the Holocaust was particularly disappointing for someone who wished to maintain a healthy dialogue between the two faiths.

Defending himself, Sheik Hilali said he accepted the fact of the Holocaust and was not distorting history. "I know that there was an oppressive, inhuman holocaust against millions of Jews," he said.
"I also know that the only countries that opened their borders and welcomed the Jews to live as safe and free citizens were my Arabic and Islamic countries."
But he said the Holocaust was now being used as an excuse to justify Israeli violence against Palestinians, which is "just as ugly as the Holocaust".  (source)

Jews living as safe and free citizens in Islamic countries –  show us the evidence, Hilali!
And Lowenstein is on the side of these guys!

Tim Blair, in his blog on November 27, 2008, notes that Lowenstein once wrote: “The defeat of America and its allies in Iraq is vital,” and that “September 11 should have been the perfect opportunity for the Western media to hear the grievances of the Muslim world.”
As Blair remarks “On the one hand, we have anxious leftists telling us not to judge Islam by the actions of a few homicidal terrorists; on the other, we have Antony directly connecting those terrorists to the entire Muslim world. Who to believe?

Lowenstein also co-founded IAJV, which released a statement about Gaza.
MORE than 100 Australian Jews, including some prominent members of the Jewish community, have condemned Israel's incursion into Gaza as "inhuman, superfluous and abominable".
Independent Australian Jewish Voices have signed a statement disowning the military assault as grossly disproportionate …the group called Israel's blockade of Gaza and air strikes "illegal collective punishment" and urged an immediate end to attacks on civilians by both sides.
"However, since Palestinians have no means of self-defence against the most powerful military force in the Middle East, we particularly call on Israel to end its brutal assault on the vulnerable Palestinian people of Gaza …History has demonstrated that military punishment has never broken the spirit of a people or produced peace. It would only inflame hatred of Jews and of Israel, while doing nothing to protect the lives of Israelis. Above all, it would undermine attempts to work with peace-seeking Palestinians for a lasting, just solution." (source)
Comments on IAJV’s statement are instructive and often amusing:
  • “Out of about 130,000 Jewish Australians, his views are proportionately less popular than the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). But he’s good enough for The Age…”
  •  “The left love him, because they can identify him as one of the ‘good Jews’, who are happy to stand back as Hitler’s work is completed, rather than refuse to die.
  • That the Lowensteins and their immediate relatives make up 19 of the 100-person list further underscores what a pathetic and self-indulgent collection of misfits IAJV represents. 
  • The ultimate irony of it all is that if Loewenstein was captured by Hamas, they wouldn’t care about his politics or his self-hating Jewish’s and they’d kill him like any other Jew. (source)
Not a fair comparizonMaybe mindful of the publicity Lowenstein’s IAJV is receiving, more sad Jewish opportunists are jumping on the bandwagon.

Academics John Docker and Ned Curthoys, from the Australian National University in Canberra, said they  established the Committee to Dismantle Zionism to “repudiate Israel’s claim that it acts in the name of Jews  the world over” and accuses Israel of genocide.
“We deplore the ‘myth of Israel’ as perpetual victim and rational peace-seeker…It seems clear to us that Israel ...  is a genocidal settler colonial society that, since its founding in 1948, continually seeks to destroy the  foundations of life of the indigenous Palestinians.”

In another statement, “How to dismantle Zionism in a few easy steps”, posted on Loewenstein’s blog, they declared the idea of a Jewish state to be “absurd, unjust and ultimately untenable”.

Among the committee’s goals is supporting the cultural and economic boycott of Israel, urging Diaspora Jews to renounce the Jewish right of return and endorsing the “unconditional right for Palestinian refugees ... to return to their homes”.
‘Marginal’ Jewish group calls for an end to Israel (February 2, 2009)
One blogger who makes a hobby of ridiculing Lowenstein is RWDB

Work was especially trying this week so it's time to take a look at what Antony Loewenstein has posted that can be ridiculed with minimal effort.

Loewy links to a report by Jonathan Miller indicating that the UN need not retract allegations that the IDF attacked a Gaza school because the UNnever claimed the school was attacked. Well, it somehow became common knowledge that the IDF shelled the school with Loewenstein himself writing in the Courier-Mail:
The Western media has been bombarded with Israeli disinformation. Take the Jewish state's bombing of a UN school in Gaza last week that killed 40 people...
Will he correct some of his bombardment of disinformation? Don't hold your breath.

In a post titled How to breed hatred in children Angry Ant links to a video of 10 year-old Palestinian Mona Samouni retelling the much-covered, heart-rending story of her family's "massacre" by the IDF. As is typical of the Ant-man he hasn't researched this; if he had he'd know this story has gone through several evolutions – other versions here and here.

Like my dear departed father forever reminded me, "you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps". What then to make of Sheik Taj women-invite-rape Din the-Holocaust-is-a-lie al-Hilali inviting Loewy to travel with him to Gaza? A Middle East visit by these two bright sparks would lower the region's collective IQ by at least 10 points.

In a rare lucid moment Loewy damns both himself and the media pinheads who publish his ravings:
At what point will the liberal media realise that my shameless media construction of deliberate ignorance appeals to nobody except those who love to celebrate ignorance?
Probably never. I took some liberties with the quote above, by the way.
Because most people couldn't care less what Antony Loewenstein has to say about anything, repeatedly writing about his screw-ups isn't likely to improve my hit count  but I am very busy with work and other commitments at the moment and he's an easy target, so here we go again.

Loewenstein today:
I personally refrain from comparing Israeli actions to Nazi Germany...
In a November 2008 post titled The modern descendants of Hitler:
Settler Nazis continue to cause chaos (and the global Jewish Diaspora remains silent)...
Another Oops! moment for Loewenstein. (source)

GetUp, champion of terrorists and assorted misfits (remember its championing of terrorist David Hicks)is happy to promote Lowenstein’s rants:
Israel’s latest offensive against the Gazan people has left the occupied territory devastated.
Since the Jewish state’s birth in 1948, successive leaders have never accepted the concept of an equal Palestinian partner; they must be humiliated, killed, intimidated or isolated instead of engaged.

Despite these unpleasant realities, the vast majority of the international community, except the US, Australia and a handful of others, accept the vast majority view, namely that Israel must cease illegal settlement building in the occupied territories, split Jerusalem and resolve the refugee issue.

Hamas is merely the latest organization classified as a terrorist organization in the West. Its democratic legitimacy is undeniable (as is its willingness to negotiate with Israel) but its refusal to collude with Israel, like Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, deems it an “enemy” to be destroyed.

… Kevin Rudd has chosen to meekly back Israel’s onslaught against the Palestinians. There is bi-partisan support for this position but it may change soon.

As the Muslim population grows in political power and organization, the influence of the Zionist lobby will inevitably decrease. A more balanced approach to the conflict is both morally and legally required.

One way forward is following the ideas expressed by the initiative I founded, IAJV, including our recent Gaza statement, supported by hundreds of concerned Jews.

Justice and history is not on the side of Israeli expansionism. (source)

Anthony, you might think that you’re Islamists’ best friend.

I hate to upset you, but those remarks of Maqsood Alshams refer to you as well.  You are a Jew, and according to the Islamists you are a “motherf—astard, an asshole and dirty scum. God hates you”

And to be quite honest, I’m none too keen on you either!
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