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Romina RiazatyIt’s that time of the year again– school’s over, exam results are out, and many students will be considering their future career path after 12 years of study.  Some will be second generation Aussies, whose parents came here to escape persecution. Take Romina Riazaty, for instance:

Year 12 student Romina will find out the four numbers - her tertiary entry score - which will shape the rest of her life. She hopes it is enough to study commerce at Deakin University.
For the 18-year-old's parents, Bahereh and Rahmat, the moment will have a special resonance: they fled Iran in 1995 after they were persecuted for their Baha'i faith, and neither was able to finish their schooling.

Romina's mother, Bahereh, wanted to study medicine at university but was expelled from school because of her religion.
Her own experience fuelled her desire to see her daughter get an education.
"I love this country; it has given my children the freedom to learn," she said. (source)
Ponder that for a moment: “Bahereh wanted to study medicine at university but was expelled from school because of her religion.”

How can this be in the modern world?
Simple: it can be because of ISLAM!Muna
Remember, the parents weren’t persecuted way back in the Middle Ages (here, apologists for Islam will admonish us to remember the Crusades), but in modern times.

In Australia, no one is expelled because of his or her religion, and if students have the ability and work hard, they can succeed, whatever their background.

So is this an isolated story? Unfortunately not, as Islam will not tolerate Baha’is. They are not even allowed to live as dhimmis (repressive though that is), but must must be killed.

Let’s hear it from ROD WISE (Lake Times Illawarra):
You wouldn’t think that a country of 70 million would be bothered by a tiny minority of 300,000 – at 0.4 % of the population, it’s hardly a threat to state security.
But that is the destiny of the Baha’i faith, six of whose national coordinating group were summarily arrested by Iranian secret police on May 14 and have not been seen since.
In this latest wave of oppression, the Iranian Baha’i have been expelled from schools, seen their property confiscated, their cemeteries desecrated, their leaders imprisoned and sometimes killed – unless they convert to Islam or leave the country that has been the homeland of their forebears for centuries.
For Mrs. Parvin Vejdani, one of about 180 Iranian Baha’i living in the Illawarra, persecution, which intensified after the fundamentalist mullahs gained control of Iran in 1979, has always been close to home.
Her father, who still lives in Iran, has been imprisoned twice since 1979, once for 10 years, while her brother has been in and out of custody for trying to bury deceased Baha’i relatives, a heinous offence to rigid Islamists.
Therefore, to interview Mrs. Vejdani about the plight of the Iranian Baha’i must surely risk bringing the roof down on her relatives still there?
“I have spoken to my father and he agrees that the persecution must be made public, so he is prepared to take the consequences of me speaking up. You see, the Baha’i are very firm in their beliefs; not even torture or death will shake them.”
It is bewildering for an Australian to appreciate that those beliefs – essentially, a vision of world unity, an ideal of tolerance between all religions, and the encouragement of education and enlightenment – could excite such a furious response from the Iranian authorities.
 “Baha’i’s crime is that our prophet, Baha’u’llah, brought the most recent message from God in the mid-19th century. To fundamentalist Islam, Baha’i is not so much a heresy as a blasphemy to be exterminated.
…because our beliefs are so universal, we have always been suspected of being agents of foreign powers. First the Russians, then the British, then the Americans, and now the Israelis.”

The Member for Throsby, Jennie George MP will make further representations to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stephen Smith MP.
“I will ask the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief to get the names of the people now under arrest.” (source)

As the United Nations are busy criminalising Defamation of Religion (aka ISLAM) Jennie, I don’t fancy your chances!

Mrs. Parvin Vejdani now lives in freedom in Australia.
The last thing she needs is the Muslims who persecuted her becoming her neighbours.
Bahais in Warwick Queensland

Check the facts for yourselves. One source is Bahai.Org
In this short article, I can only include a snippet:

The Baha’is of Iran, the largest religious minority in that country, have been persecuted for more than a century. Since the 1979 revolution, the persecution has become systematised.
The Australia Baha’i community works to raise awareness of the denial of human rights to the Baha’is in Iran. The full emancipation of this peaceful, law-abiding community remains a central concern of Baha’is in Australia and around the world.

Since 1979 more than 200 Baha’is have been executed or killed in Iran, hundreds more imprisoned, and tens of thousands have been deprived of jobs, pensions, businesses, and educational opportunities.
All national and local Baha’i administrative institutions – which undertake the sacred functions performed by clergy in other faiths – have been banned. Baha’i holy places, cemeteries and community properties have been confiscated, vandalised, or destroyed.
Baha’is in Iran are subjected to arbitrary arrest, short-term detention, and persistent harassment, intimidation and discrimination. All attempts to obtain redress are systematically denied as officials continue to confiscate Baha’i homes, deny them their rightfully earned pensions and inheritance, block their access to employment or impede their private business activities. (source)
Prof Samandari
Faramarz Samandari, with his wife Anita, and children. He was a physician and professor at the University of Tabriz. He was excuted in Tabriz on 13 July 1980.
Why isn’t the world up in arms about what is happening to this peaceful, law-abiding community? Oh, I forgot, they’re too busy pandering to a war-mongering community,  who want to replace our law with sharia!

Q: Is there anywhere in the Middle East where Bah’ais are free to worship and live in peace?
A: Yes, Israel - there is a beautiful Bah’ai Temple and huge complex in Haifa.

What! That same “Zionist entity” that is accused of being a racist, apartheid country, not only by Islamic countries, but by the totalitarian-controlled UN and many in leadership and academia world-wide? Calls for divestment and boycotts are heard throughout campuses  and academics and has-been politicians have gained fame and fortune condemning Israel. From Jimmy Carter in the US to our home-grown Israel haters. Dr Tzvi Fleischer, editor-in-chief of the Australia/Israel Review, said one blog, by Sydney academic Evan Jones, which in July 2005 included an Israel-Nazi Germany reference, "comes close to violating Australian law".
A website run by academics from Macquarie University even claimed Israel was responsible for the rise of al-Qaeda against the West in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The news clip above is a bit old. These days our main stream media is much more tactfull when it comes to insulting Muslim sensitivities.

How come Israel, with a proud record of human rights equal to any in the West (despite having to defend itself against enemies determined to destroy it) is so demonised?

Answer: because of ISLAM.
Many will do anything to appease Islam, including joining in the demonisation of Israel. These people are both cowards and traitors, prepared to denigrate our Judeo-Christian ethics in order to curry favour with their totalitarian and racist masters.

Geert Wilders knows a thing or two about leaders appeasing Islam. He recently took part in the "Facing Jihad" conference in Jerusalem. “A lot of people do not like my political ideas about the threat of Islamic ideology," he explained to IsraelNationalRadio’s Yishai Fleisher, "and so unfortunately I have lost my freedom. This is the price I have to pay.”

Wilders told Fleisher, “What you in Israel face is not just a territorial conflict, but an ideological one, stemming from the fascist Koran.”

As evidence, he cites the massacre in Mumbai: “…in a city of ten million people, the terrorists found the lone rabbi there and killed him, and separated the kafirs, the non-Muslims, from the Muslims and killed them. This is what we have to fight in order to preserve our Judeo-Christian culture, which we should be proud of, and stop the biggest disease in Europe culture today: cultural relativism and political-correctness.”

Fleisher proposed that in addition to the Muslim threat, there is a political atmosphere that supports, justifies and protects the propagation of Islamic ideology.

Destroyed Bahai Cemetary
Demolition of the Bahai cemetery in Yazd, February 2005

Wilders: “Exactly. There are two big problems. One is Islam itself, and the second is the ruling elite. A recent poll in the Netherlands showed that 60% of the population feels that Islam is not compatible with democracy – yet the government continues to let everyone in, subsidizing everyone, building more mosques, and acting as if Islam is just another religion. But it’s not a religion; it’s actually an ideology.”

Fleisher: “Do you think we can win?”

Wilders: “We can, but we have very little time left. … We have to be very tough in terms of immigration, building mosques and everything  to do with the Islamization of the continent. Jews and Christians are beaten up on the streets of my own country, and in Belgium for drinking water in public during Ramadan! … Someone has to get up and say, ‘Enough is enough.”

My most important message to Israel is that this is not a territorial conflict, but ideological. You gave up Gaza, and what did it give you? Nothing good …make sure that you are not fooled by people who say it’s a territorial dispute. You must defend yourselves.
Israel is situated on the fault line of jihad, just like Kashmir, Kosovo, the Philippines, Southern Thailand, Darfur, Lebanon, and Aceh in Indonesia. Israel is simply in the way of the Islamic advance…and  receiving the blows that are meant for all of us.
Therefore, the war against Israel … is a war against the West. Jihad is our common enemy.

Our political elite is trying to make us believe that the influx of Muslim immigrants is similar to the waves of immigration that took place centuries ago. Or they say that "Christianity developed towards modernity, and therefore Islam will do the same".

But what we have to fear most is the creeping Islamisation, the stealth jihad. Because every Islamic neighbourhood, every Islamic shop, every mosque, every Islamic school, every burqa, every veil is regarded by many Muslims as building blocks towards a larger goal, towards domination.

How are we to remain a democracy if a large part of the growing Muslim population is in favour of introducing sharia law? How are the Jewish communities of Europe to survive with a growing presence of an ideology that is so blatantly anti-Semitic? How are we to remain a centre of cultural and scientific excellence if Islam opposes Andrw Bostomart, and academic exploration? How are we to remain an open and tolerant society if we are faced with part of the Muslim community favouring self-segregation and showing no desire for assimilation? How can we look to the future with confidence, when a large part of the population turns to a seventh century desert for answers?

Instead of providing leadership our political elite fooled us by using our own principles against us.

1.  Our tolerance is used as an argument to bring in more Muslims, and tell us that we should  not criticize their Islamic culture, if you do you are labeled intolerant and racist.

2.  Democracy: a growing Muslim electorate is too hard for politicians to resist, so they give in to their demands to win their vote. Before long sharia law will be introduced, legally and  democratically, by means of majority vote.

3. Our religious freedom is utilized by an ideology that has no plans to play by our rules, yet demands the same rights our traditional religions have had for centuries;

4. Our welfare state now functions as a magnet for a lot of non-Western immigrants,  dreaming of a cushy life in wealthy Europe.

5. We have lost control of our borders and we can't even keep track of who is entering our  countries, let alone prevent them from entering.

Academia, the arts, the media, trade unions, the churches, the business world, the entire political establishment have all converted to the suicidal theory of multiculturalism and cultural relativism.
Not all cultures are equal. Our Western culture is better than the Islamic culture.
The Islamic ideology does not seek cooperation or assimilation but aims for submission and dominance over non-Muslims. There is and will never be a moderate Islam. There might be moderate people who call themselves Muslim, but there is no moderate Islam.

Leftist journalists and politicians label anyone critical of the Islamisation a 'right-wing extremist'.
The entire establishment has sided with Islam.
(talking about Fitna) I felt I had the moral duty to educate people about Islam and the
Islamisation of Europe, to make clear that the Koran stands at the heart of what some people call
terrorism but is in reality jihad.
The Koran is not some dusty old book, but it is still used today as a source of inspiration for, and justification of hatred, violence and terrorism across the world.Bahai Temple in Haifa - Israel

Why are Israel's enemies always shouting "Allah hoe-Akbar" and "kill the Jews" if all they want  is peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding? Maybe, it’s because they have an ideology that tells them to kill Jews, to kill unbelievers, and to advance Islam until there is world domination. Islam is a totalitarian ideology full of hate, violence and submission.

But there is some hope: underneath the empty bravado of the elite, the middle class worker, the average Joe, is starting to realise that there is something terribly wrong with Islam.
In the Netherlands, 60%o f the population considers mass immigration a mistake and sees Islam as the number one threat to our national identity…political parties critical about the Islamisation of the West are gaining momentum all over Europe. And we will work together with common initiatives, perhaps even with a common group in the European parliament as defenders of the West, defenders of our culture, our identity, of our freedom.

We need a new way of thinking, a new paradigm, to defend our liberties. Just reiterating our devotion to tolerance and democracy is not good enough, as we are Facing Jihad.

We have the duty  to defend the ideas of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem. The ancient heritage of our forefathers is under attack; we have to stand up and defend it.

It is five to twelve. Freedom must win, we have to win and we will win.   (source)

Wilders is a hero, willing to face opprobium and even death threats to uphold the truth.
Let his words also inspire us, ordinary people, and strengthen our resolve.
We've just started another new year. The lights are shining out in many capital cities.
But in these same capital cities, unbeknown to many of its busy populace, the lights  are slowly going out on our freedom.

Don’t let the lights go out – say NO TO SHARIA
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