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Mandanean SymbolMost fair-minded people would agree that Australia has a duty to grant asylum to those fleeing Islamic violence. They would doubtless be horrified to learn that we also take in Islamists who, once in Australia, continue their persecution of these minorities. Imagine the outcry if, after World War 11, we had given refuge to Nazis fleeing prosecution for their atrocities on an equal footing with the victims of the Nazis. “Preposterous “, you might say, but that is precisely what is happening today – an example is our Refugee Tribunals granting asylum to Muslims based on their membership of the Muslim Brotherhood. For a further glimpse of the way minorities are treated under Islamic Law, see AIM’s “Cultural Genocide “ – a Frontpage symposium in which our contributor, Abul Kasem, participated.
I want to focus on one of these persecuted groups, the Mandaeans.
Dr ANDREW McDONALD, at a dinner to celebrate the Mandaean feast of world creation, gave some background on this little-known group:
Mandaeanism is an early religion, which follows John the Baptist as the prophet. Baptism is the major religious rite. There were 60,000 Mandaeans in Iraq prior to the gulf wars… even though discrimination was common. The language is a dialect of Aramaic. They are a small community of highly educated, hard working pacifists—their religion forbids them to carry weapons.
They began immigrating to Australia in the early 1980s, having been persecuted in both Iraq and Iran. The original Mandaean homelands were targeted for destruction during the first gulf war. There are only 5,000 Mandaeans left in Iraq. The rest have migrated, mainly to the US and Australia, both of which have living water or running rivers, which is the most fundamental pillar of Mandaeanism. Mandaeans are not permitted to practise their religion in Syria or Jordan. The Society for Threatened Peoples has stated that there is no alternative at present for them but to leave the country. I do not feel that any Mandaean is safe in Iraq, and request that our Federal Government give their requests for sanctuary sympathetic consideration.

Mandaean clerics perform their rites on the banks of the Nepean River… My constituent Amad Mtashar is a proud leader of the Mandaean community… last year we both met with Minister Perry in her role as Minister for Western Sydney at the launch of the Introduction to Mandaeanism book. As that book says, "Australians have a right to know that Mandaeans, who boast a rich and ancient heritage, have proudly embraced this wonderful country as their new homeland." (source)
What better citizens could Australia ask for – hard working, peace loving and loyal to their adopted country?

Researchers from the University of NSW and the Centre for Population Mental Health Research studied almost 700 Mandaeans in 2003, 2006 and 2007.
They found levels of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among the group was ten times that of the normal population while the rate of clinical depression was seven times the normal level, which reduced their ability to participate in everyday activities. Prolonged detention and harsh living conditions created by temporary protection visas contributed to poor mental health, which improved when refugees were granted permanent visas.
Community development worker Gary Cachia said allowing Mandaean refugees to bring their family to Australia would also help.
"Earlier they were concerned for themselves, that they would be sent back to such a dangerous country with such bad memories…Now they've been given permanent protection this fear has become dominated by constant concern for the safety of family members who have been left behind…A refugee who isn't worrying about loved ones left behind is much more able to contribute to their new home." (source)
I believe all victims of Islamic barbarity should be given permanent visas and their families be allowed to join them immediately.
However, we should not take in any more Muslims, unless there is proof that they have left Islam and are therefore in need of protection as apostates.
It’s not every day I see eye to eye with human rights lawyer, Julian Burnside, as he often advocates for Islamists,  and has accused John Howard and Philip Ruddock of crimes against humanity for their policy of mandatory detention for asylum seekers arriving in Australia without a visa. Most reasonable Australians realise that those who seek asylum have to be checked out, and this often entails mandatory detention. Admittedly, they should be processed much more speedily and those found not to be genuine refugees deported forthwith. Unfortunately, many Muslims abuse our system and tie up the courts for years with endless appeals. As Daniel Pipes remarks, Islamists make predatory use of our legal system, all part of their stealth jihad. Many Muslims who wish to settle here have not applied for refugee status at their first port of call, which is often Indonesia, as required under the definition of who is a refugee, so it is valid to question their motives as well as their legitimacy of their claims.

In his book ‘Watching Brief – Reflections on Human Rights, Law and Justice.’  Burnside documents the case of an 11 year old Iranian girl:

She and her family had come from Iran. They’re members of a sect called the Sabaean-Mandeans and had been appallingly persecuted in Iran before coming to Australia: the religious majority in Iran regard Sabaean-Mandeans as unclean, with all of the consequences that usually follow when a religious minority is considered unclean.
They came here: Mum and Dad, seven-year-old daughter and ten-year-old daughter. They were in Woomera, and after about 15 months they were doing it pretty hard. But the ten-year-old was in a really bad way.
The psychiatrists assessed her as being at extreme risk; and that the family should be moved to a metropolitan detention centre where the kid could get daily help. That report went to DIMIA, and nothing happened.
So they sent in another report six or eight weeks later, and eventually, months after the initial report, the department relented and sent the family to Maribyrnong in the western suburbs of Melbourne. For the first few weeks of their stay, no one came to see her.
Then, on a Sunday night in May of 2002 whilst the parents and the sister were off in the mess hut for dinner, and she got a bed sheet and hanged herself, alone in her room.

The Mandeaens are the surviving remnants of the Dosithian branch of the ancient Nasorene sect to which both Yeshu-Miryai (Jesus and Mary) and John the Baptist belonged. Many of their present practices and doctrines go back to the days when Yeshu (Jesus) walked the earth as one of their fellow Nasurai. They still refer to themselves, not only as Mandeaens, which means Gnostic in their Aramaic language, but also as Nasurai or Nasarenes. The word Nasurai comes from an Aramaic word related to the Hebrew word nazar, i.e.. one separated or consecrated - hence monks and nuns. In ancient Israel the term was applied to those who were dedicated to Deity and who observe certain taboos such as no hair cutting, purity laws and a special diet.
This is shocking. Horrendous! But what Burnside doesn’t mention is that non-Muslims’ suffering in mandatory detention is almost entirely caused by the Muslims they are forced to live alongside – just like in their old country.
We all know the religion of the majority in Iran which regarded this family as unclean (Islam regards all kafirs as unclean and inflicts terrible discrimination on them), and which was the cause of their persecution, but Burnside avoids drawing the obvious conclusion. Much easier to blame the Howard government, or anyone but the culprits – Muslims!
…in detention centres, the reason you had people killing or cutting themselves was the abject despair of thinking ‘Here I am, in a hostile country, and I have no idea when I will ever be released.’ That’s soul destroying…
Many asylum seekers are also fleeing terrible persecution. For example…I received a horrifying video from an Iranian client showing a guy fully conscious having his eyes gouged out – apparently being done officially as a sentence of some sort. The same video shows a woman being stoned to death.

The reason that many Muslims cut themselves or drew attention to themselves by sewing their lips together was often to blackmail the government to accept them when they would not have met normal criteria for refugee status. But why let the truth get in the way of demonising the Howard government? And which religion gouges out eyes and stones to death, but don’t let’s point the finger at Islam!
There is a streak of xenophobia in the Australian psyche and it’s not difficult to coax it into life. Doublespeak is the way to do it, particularly words like ‘queue jumpers’ and ‘illegals’ (with the undertone of Muslims just below the surface).

Yes, let’s blame Aussies for not wanting violent, racist Muslims in our midst. The reality is that many Muslims were not genuine refugees, so were here illegally.
Justice is really important. The worst aspect of the anti-terror laws and of the treatment of asylum seekers is that the injustice is mandated by the Parliament.  (source)
We at AIM share Burnside’s view that justice is really important; that’s why there should be a halt to Muslim immigration, but those minorities fleeing Islamic persecution should be allowed in immediately. Why should those persecuted in their country of origin be forced to live alongside their persecutors in the streets of Sydney?

In The Religion Report, Noel Debien talked about the plight of the Mandaeans, and how they were targeted for violence by Iraqi Muslim extremists. He interviewed Simon Jeans, an Australian lawyer acting on behalf of the Mandaeans, and Rabbi Dr Brikkha Nasoraia, President of the International Mandaean Supreme Council.

Simon Jeans: Having worked with the community for two years, I genuinely believe they are at risk of being ethnically cleansed from Iraq. It fits the definition of genocide, there is a campaign against them that’s not a random event… there are targeted killings, as part of a deliberate campaign to create an Islamic state, and this means the removal of non-Islamic communities. The Mandaeans are not a strong community, numerically they’re not very large, several tens of thousands of people, but they are at risk of serious harm and elimination in Iraq.
... The Mandaeans have suffered abduction, rape, extortion demands, threats made, people are told they must change their religion from being Mandaean to become Muslims.

Noel Debien: And Rabbi Nasoraia, there have been significant events even in the last week within Iraq.

Brikkha Nasoraia: Around four people killed. One of them is the guardian of the Mandaean temple, or Mandi in Baghdad and also his wife has been injured. There is a direct threat to the Mandaean community and to the Mandaean temple, and it’s a big worry for the Mandaeans who cannot even come to the temple to do the worshipping, baptism and rituals.

Noel Debien: …I certainly know that the Catholic church in Iraq, the Anglican church in Iraq, Shi’ites, Sunnis, no matter who you are, they’ve had their churches or places of worship blown up, there have been murders committed. Is there something in particular that the Mandaeans are suffering that these other groups are not?

Simon Jeans: Yes, I think there is. I think the other groups have been able to defend themselves in a much better way. Mandaeans do not have any militia, are committed to non-violence, and the response has been to leave the country, which they have done in their thousands.
… the Mandaeans supported the American overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Many of the Mandaeans had worked for the Americans in very trusted positions, because they’re not Muslim, they worked inside the Green Zone, their houses have been used by American soldiers as observation posts where they wouldn’t use a Muslim house to do so.

Noel Debien: What sort of profile would the typical Mandaean who has arrived in Australia have?

Brikkha Nasoraia: Most of the Mandaeans are very well educated, they have higher degrees in engineering, computing programming, and also many are doctors but the main trade is gold and silversmiths. You will find many, many jewellery shops in Sydney run by Mandaeans, and they bring a very unique, ancient tradition, maybe connected to the Sumerian and Babylonian tradition… We are Semites, the followers of Shem, son of Noah, he’s the patriarch of the Mandaeans.

Simon Jeans: There are thousands of Mandaean families, people have left Iraq and now are in Damascus and Jordan where they have no permission to work, no real rights of residence in Jordan. Many of them are now being arrested and taken to the border with Iraq and deported. They have very little future there, and many of them have family members in Australia who are willing and able to sponsor them to come and live here and re-establish their lives in the same way that many refugees have come to this country in the past. (source)
I say bring in these persecuted people, who will be a real asset to this country, with their industrious ways and commitment to peace. They will not be making endless demands for privileged treatment, and endless government funding, backed up by threats and violence.

Tigris Baptism
A Mandaean Sabian priest baptizes a believer on the banks of the Tigris river in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, Nov. 5, 2007

As far back as 2003, Barney Zwartz courageously exposed the religious hatred against non-Muslims in Australia's detention centres:

An Iranian family who fled to Australia after their eight-year-old daughter was raped suffered such religious persecution at the Woomera detention centre that all four were admitted to hospital with psychiatric problems. Australasian Correctional Management (ACM) asked the Immigration Department to transfer the Sabian Mandaean family to escape torment by Muslim detainees, and to be close to critically needed psychiatric treatment.
Complaints to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and the testimony of clergy who visit the centres suggest that Christians and other minority groups face persistent harassment and abuse by Muslim extremists, and management indifference to their religious needs.

Elizabeth Kendal, principal researcher and writer for the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission, points out that many Mandaean and Christian refugees are finding themselves locked up in "enclosed microcosms of the hostile environments they fled".
"It is not uncommon to find that in nations such as Australia, where religious tolerance is considered a virtue, talk of religious intolerance is not tolerated. As such, stories of religious persecution do not impress governments that have no desire to get involved in politically incorrect issues," she says.

Mandaeans have claimed Muslims would not allow them to mingle or use facilities and forced them to conform to Muslim dress codes and eat food prepared to Muslim religious requirements, which contradict with their own. Having fled Islamic persecution, these groups find it humiliating to have to conform to Islamic dietary laws in Australia.
Mandaeans say Muslim extremists have defecated on them, and set fire to Mandaean and Christian accommodation when these groups don't join planned disturbances. Mandaeans say an extremist religious leader in detention has issued a "fatwa" that killing Mandaeans is sanctioned in Islam.
Amnesty International, which has taken up the case of hundreds of detainees, suggests DIMIA sometimes turns a blind eye. Burn Mandaean Boy

Many clergy who visit detention centres say the centre management and guards often make Christian worship difficult. Some believe the restrictions on worship may breach Australia's constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion.

The Reverend Andrew Ford, formerly assistant Anglican priest in Broome, says Curtin management was obstructionist.
"We weren't allowed to meet as a single group (there were some 70 Christians in a centre population of 650), but only in groups of 20 or less. There wasn't anywhere in the camp where Christians could meet securely without persecution from the rest of the camp. When they tried they were surrounded, and people threw things at the Christians. We had to meet outside, sometimes in 40-degree heat with very little shade, or in the rain."
One incident particularly disturbed Ford, when centre management posted the names of the Christians on a bulletin board. Within minutes it had been taken down by Muslims, some of whom began to harass the Christians.
"They said, 'we're going to contact the authorities in Iran. When you get home we've got proof you were involved in Christian things'."
Other harassment, according to Ford, includes being roughed up, bullied, and being excluded from general areas such as the TV room. "It's low-level, very hard to prove. (The Immigration Department) and ACM would never admit it was religiously motivated."
Father John Murphy of the Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office wrote on behalf of Mandaeans being harassed by Muslim extremists at Woomera.
He received a reply four months later from Multicultural Affairs Minister Gary Hardgrave saying these were old allegations that had been thoroughly investigated and proved unfounded. Hardgrave questioned the motives of those who raised them.
The Reverend Andrew Watts, Uniting Church minister at Kununurra, WA, says the Curtin management had various excuses for keeping him out.
"In the end I didn't believe any of them. For example, they'd say they had to wait for the result of a Refugee Review Tribunal hearing before a detainee could be baptised, or it had to go to the minister's office for approval. At other times they were concerned that so many Muslims were trying to convert - they thought they were trying to improve their chances of winning a case, which may have been true for some." (source)
I was struck by Elizabeth Kendal’s words, that in democratic nations, talk of religious intolerance is not tolerated, as it is considered politically incorrect. Tragically, it is our very tolerance that is allowing barbaric Islam.

We must be allowed to speak out and tell the truth about Islam, however non-PC it might be.

So let’s stop tolerating intolerance, and allow in only those who are prepared to live by our laws.
We must not import a racist intolerant ideology, which discriminates against non-Muslims.
Let’s keep our egalitarian ethos, with a fair go for all.
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