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Emirates Fashionably Abuses Children

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From Hero to ZeroAnyone with a conscience would oppose the exploitation, slavery and sexual abuse of children. So it goes without saying that decent people WHO KNOW ABOUT Emirates would have nothing to do with this abusive regime.

Sadly, Olympic rower James Tomkins seemed blissfully unaware of what he was endorsing, as he became ”king of the kids” at the Emirates Stakes Fashions on the Field competition for children.

“With a focus on "fun and fashionable racewear", the contest is for boys and girls aged six to 17.
And while it's all good fun, this year's competition has a record prize pool worth $120,000, including a family trip to Dubai with Emirates.
"The main thing is getting kids involved in the racing industry and in fashion and enjoying dressing up and having a good time," Tomkins said.  (source)


Al Age, ever supportive of Islamist endeavours, enthused “Creativity makes big statement at Flemington.”
For Kodi Buckley, 7, it was all about self-belief — and a very cute ensemble — when she took out the junior category in Emirates' Kids Fashions on the Field after placing second last year.
''I chose my favourite colours, pink and orange," Kodi said of the inspiration behind her winning outfit, a summery two-tone frock she picked up on holidays in Hawaii, with matching hat and white sandals.
Her parents, Sean Buckley and Gabriella Guenzi, were just as excited about Kodi's win as when, at Emirates Stakes Day last year, their horse, international superstar Miss Andretti, won The Age Classic.
Kodi and her fellow junior winner, Sam Proud, 10, were among more than 1000 boys and girls — accompanied by proud parents — who paraded in their finest race-wear before a panel of celebrity judges including Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic, Home and Away star Todd Lasance and American film star Rob Schneider. (source)
Tomkins with his daughters
 James Tomkins and his daughters Jess, 6, and twins Georgie and Holly, 3
It is pertinent to ask why children should be enticed into racing/gambling, with its attendant drinking culture, or the frivolous, manipulative world of ‘fashion’ and made to compete (probably to satisfy egotistical parents’ vanity) to see who ‘looks the best’ according to some ‘judge’. This would be distasteful to all who think children should be allowed to be children, playing with others, dressing to suit themselves, not tizzied up and competing in an artificial world that grovels to wealth, yet cares nothing for who you are as a person or how you treat others.

Shockingly, people who should have more integrity grovel before the Emirates billions - but they are adults and have to answer to their own consciences.  However, it is inexcusable to use children to promote Emirates in what amounts to child exploitation.  Surely Tomkins cannot be unaware of the Emirates’ ongoing record of child slave trading, abuse of workers (quasi slave–trading) and females (especially those from third world countries)? Not to mention that it has the WORST ecological footprint in the world! Where are the Greens when you need them - or do they only rebuke those from Western democracies?  Has Bob Brown, ostensibly so concerned about environmental issues and human rights, ever criticised the environmentally barbaric and human rights-denying Emirates?  

UAE - Obscene wealth and  kitsch

Do Al Age and Tomkins care that slave-trading (child or adult) and Arab supremacy, widespread in the Emirates and elsewhere in the Islamic world, and practiced for 1400 years, is part of Islam and Mohammad’s great example FOREVER!   Women are nothing more than sex slaves and brood mares.

  • Child slavery:
There are over 100, 000 listings of Emirates and slavery and tens of thousands on child slavery alone on Google- Here’s just one:-

A class action lawsuit filed in Florida portrays the United Arab Emirates as a longtime hub for the slave trading of children for camel racing.  It named Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, and Prime Minister of the UAE and his brother, Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum, the UAE Minister of Finance, and  deputy ruler, of being ''the most active participants'' in the slave trade for camel racing.  It charges them with 30,000 counts of child slave labour, alleging that boys as young as 2 have been stolen from their families and kept in brutal camel-racing camps, and describes camel racing as a ''favored Arab pastime for centuries,'' exploding in popularity as the Arabian  peninsula's royal families acquired extraordinary wealth from oil riches.  (reference)

Harrowing reports note:
a) the enslavement of young boys from around the world - Mauritania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, etc. - as camel jockeys in the desolation and heat of the Arabian Peninsula.
b) the violence of the sport,  with young jockeys thrown from camel saddles at high speeds - causing major injuries and even death.
c) how the richest and most powerful Dubai sheikhs for years purchased slave boys to do the dirty work, rather than sacrifice their own offspring for this entertainment.  Camel Jockeys
d) how boys as young as 4 would be tied down into the saddle and forced to ride the camels for the harrowing high-speed race.
d) how the sheikhs used small boys as jockeys so that their camels could run faster and enter into training at a younger age.  “Despite the eventual enactment of legal weight and age limits, child jockeys weighing less than 20 kilograms, or 44 pounds, and usually between four years old and adolescence, became and remained the standard in races for much of the past thirty years. Boys as young as 3 were used in training to accustom juvenile camels to carry a rider, and were at the same time trained themselves to be jockeys.”
e) The boys were not paid, and lived in terrible conditions near the racetracks.
f)  A US State Department report said children were deliberately starved to prevent weight gain.
g) "Those who survive the harsh conditions are disposed of once they reach their teenage years," the US State Department report  said.
Reference Links: LINK1, LINK2 - for the actual complaint issued against UAE’s “Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum also reade Read A Fate Worse Than Death by Sujit Das, 14 June 2008 this site –video references).
The enslavement of young boys from around the world - Mauritania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, etc. - as camel jockeys in the desolation and heat of the Arabian Peninsula.

Don’t  think that because they’ve introduced a law against trafficking, or claim to now use robots to appease Western sensibilities, that anything has changed - slavery and Arab supremacy are an ongoing part of Islam to this day.

Incredibly, Al Age saw fit to run a glowing article on the Sheik in its Good Weekend magazine 1/11/08, entitled “The Great Sheik”,  by Jane Cadzow, featuring his picture on the front page.

Sheik Mohammad’s statement “Sometimes if you read the Arab story, they will feed the horse before the children.” (p39)  has a certain irony, considering how the child jockeys are starved.  To read about this man’s indulgent treatment of his horses, then compare it with how ‘slave’ children, workers and women fare is so monumentally disgusting, it’s almost beyond belief. But where’s the protest at his cruelty?  Where’s Al Age’s Special Report on Child Slavery in Dubai?  Instead, the media offers obeisance to this tyrant and bows at the altar of his ostentatious wealth!

  • Abuse of workers particularly contrasted to the Sheik’s horses:
Jane CadzowSo much is written on the abuse of the over 10 million Asians who work in the Emirates under slave-like conditions.  Their pay is minimal and even this is often withheld, they surrender their passports, trade unions are banned, as are independent human rights groups.   Half the men’s salary goes on meagre survival needs, while they sleep 6-10-12 to a dirty room without air-conditioning in stifling heat! They are banned from fancy stores, golf courses and restaurants, living in squalid camps on the city outskirts.  Trouble makers (i.e. any attempting to raise awareness of their appalling conditions) are quickly deported!  Many workers are injured due to unsafe work conditions.

Human Rights Watch has complained of the quasi-slave conditions.

 (Heaven for money, hell for Asian workers in the United Arab Emirates, World in the Shadows of Splendour ; or see Cassandra’s article ‘Emirates Melbourne cup, Slavery and Racism” 1/11/08 this site.)

Only a tiny paragraph was allocated to the Sheik’s/Emirates appalling treatment of workers and immediately ‘moderated’ by tales of his philanthropy and donations to ‘educate’ (Islamize) children in poor countries plus his wife’s claim that he’s committed to the good of others!(p 39)  The majority of the lengthy ‘Good Weekend’ article gushed about the mega millions spent on horse studs and horse purchases the world over, including Australia and his private polluting Boeing 747!  The reporter, Jane Cadzow, who stayed in Dubai for a few days before travelling to Kentucky to interview her hero (could she perchance have received some of his fabled hospitality and been treated as well as his horses?), marvelled at the tall towers, opulent hotels, man-made ports, giant shopping malls, indoor ski slope, artificial islands and Dubai’s copy of Disneyland.

And let’s not forget his horses! Each horse has a uniformed groom, a large air-conditioned stable with springy floors, and oats from Canada and hay from Washington State!   They receive daily massages, spa baths and a swim in a 100m pool or a turn on the treadmill!  To avoid the summer heat the horses are flown to England in a specially fitted Boeing 747!   Meanwhile the slave-like workers struggle on..

It would seem churlish, after all this luxurious living, to mention his dictatorship - Dubai  is owned and controlled by him and his family.    Things have changed little from the days of his forebears who “extorted protection money from the merchant caravans”, just like today, when non-Muslim businesses also pay extortion money.

The uncritical reporting of Cadzow and her inability to apply any reality or balance to the life story this man, who plays a pivotal role in world affairs due to his immense wealth, is truly stunning, rendering the article of no more validity  than one of Emirates own advertisements.

Development is all very well, but ignoring the environmental and human cost, coupled with the concomitant unbridled greed and control by this despot, whose own opulence and indulgent lifestyle contrasts sharply with the monstrous abuse of the workers who built Dubai, should alarm any who cared about human rights.

The Age was vocal in defending the human rights of Hicks, Habib and Haneef, who were in fact treated very fairly, despite what some in the MSM would have you believe.  Why are they silent when real human rights abuses occur?  Or is it only the US, Israel and the Western world that can be criticised?

  • Enslavement of women:  
 Many women, particularly Filipino domestics, tell of beatings and sexual abuse, denial of wages, confiscation of passports, no food and denial of justice.  Even Muslim Indonesia prohibited their women from working in the Emirates (2005)  (Filipino domestics in the United Arab Emirates: slavery and violence)

Desperate people go there as they are promised good wages, but often end up enslaved.   Women who complain of rape can be charged with fornication or adultery and jailed, while males who are raped face charges of homosexuality.   Remember, the UAE is Islamic, whose draconian Islamic laws discriminate against infidels and women!

  • Ecological disaster:
 The Age Good Weekend marvels that the Sheik has turned 4000 square km of sand into a business and tourism hub, which is great if your taste is for ostentatious buildings, obscene materialism and fakes of things found elsewhere in the world, artificial dredged out Islands, fake Disneyland and fake ski slopes.

Pollution in Dubai
Pollution in Dubai

It almost never rains in this sand heap and temperatures reach 50C, so how is all this construction viable, with its immense use of resources?  The article, in its rush to praise the wonders of Dubai, ignores the environmental cost of all this excess - the buildings, fake islands, air-conditioning, pools, waterfalls, ski slopes, underwater restaurants, lighting, and planes.

On 30/10/08 the Age published ‘Australian’s ranked among the world’s worst eco offenders’ p5, but neglected to mention the EMIRATES is the WORST offender and getting much worse, as it completely disregards environmental issues!   Kuwait is 3rd and we’re 5th but while we self-flagellate, none dare mention those Arab lands or demand they stop their rapidly increasing environmental destruction!  Don’t be fooled by the removal of flight magazines to save fuel, as this is trifling compared to building, running air-conditioners, generating water for pools, spas, or artificial ski runs and hotels etc for selected humans only and of course don’t forget those pampered horses!  Imagine the destruction and pollution of the seabed with dredging, fake islands and 'run-off.'

  • Polygamy
 Besides breeding horses, the Sheik has a personal breeding herd, with multiple wives and 19 children.  He’s currently touring with his new wife, 25 years his ‘junior’ and mother of his latest offspring!  He initially married his cousin, who bore him 12 children and he has 6 other offspring listed as ‘children of unknown wives.’

A fine example for our children, is it not Mr Tomkins! As you say:
"The main thing is getting kids invRatshitolved in the racing industry and in fashion and enjoying dressing up and having a good time."
And our Sheik is certainly having a good time.  I’m not sure if his wives/concubines back home are having quite so much fun though—still the money’s good, right!

But let’s not be too critical: our Sheik has a sensitive side, as he writes poetry-“I love you and your lovely cheeks/you are my lifetime! Yes you are!”  (p34)- that is, until the next female comes along, or was Sheik Mohammad talking about a horse??

Oh, and from space, a ring of luxury houses built over Dubai’s water will spell out some of the sheik’s profound poetry (p39)—“Not everyone who rides a horse is a jockey”

And guess what, a poem was turned into a 30-part TV series that screened in Dubai every night during this year’s holy month of Ramadan (p38)!

Struggle on the Sand, a tale of love and war in the time of the Bedouin, was produced for $US6 million by Dubai Media. Which like almost everything in Dubai is controlled by the Al Maktoums.  Princess Haya is happy to report that the series was warmly received by Sheik Mohammed’s subjects. “Everyone loves it”, she says.

Allah would not be pleased, as he said those straying in evil followed poets (Koran 26.224),  while Mohammad opined :
"It is better for a man to fill the inside of his body with pus than to fill it with poetry” (Bukhari vol 8, No. 175)
Just as well they did love the Sheik’s poetry though, as Mohammad had killed those who made up poems he didn’t like!  This contradiction between a Muslim Sheik and his ‘romantic’ poetry which he inflicts on his underlings and true Islam also escaped our reporter!
Ladies Man
 Ladies man .... Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, pictured with Australian celebrity Tara Moss in Dubai.

This is only a sample of the cruel tyranny of the Emirates and its Sheiks, but no-one dares to criticise.  Meanwhile, Australia is being subsumed by Islam: The Melbourne cup doesn’t exist anymore - like lots of other things here it’s owned by the Emirates and used to promote them, as is Etihad stadium, footy teams, sporting events etc.  No doubt when Sheik Mohammad buys all the racehorses in the world he will eventually win Melbourne’s ‘Emirates’ cup! Imagine all the adulation that will be heaped upon him then, with nary a mention of the slavery and oppression that goes on under his watch.
Senior wife
To see an Olympic rower, whom many children would view as a role model, supporting the Emirates and the gross abuses of women, children, workers, the appalling environmental degradation, the gross materialism and totalitarianism they indulge in is truly disgusting.  The aim is to make the Emirates ‘mainstream’, while we gloss over their vile Islamic attitudes, practices and laws and their fake ‘tolerance.’  Shame James Tomkins!

Shame also on the many Westerners who invest in Emirates buildings, the product of slave labour, who travel Emirates and holiday in Dubai.

If they know the truth about Emirates, how can they sleep at night?

Slavery has long been abolished in the West – let’s not re-introduce it by stealth.
It’s time to boycott Emirates and all the sporting events it is involved in.
For the sake of freedom and human dignity for all, say NO TO SHARIA!
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