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Fleeing Malaysia

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Map of MalaysiaFleeing racist, religious apartheid Malaysia: but Islam’s deadly cloud follows!

My friend Chiang is a highly intelligent, highly educated (speaks 6 languages) Chinese Malaysian ancestor worshipper.  He has come to Australia to give his children the chance to be treated as equals, to enjoy freedom and to further their education – all things we take for granted but denied to non-Muslims/non-Malays in Islamic Malaysia.   Chiang’s comments are written in “blue-bold.”   In Malaysia, Malay and Islamic racism and religious apartheid combine to repress all non-Muslims and deny Malays their freedom.   

Malaysia advertises itself as ‘truly Asia’, ‘multicultural’ (working hard towards monocultural Islamic) and the ‘Image of an Ideal Muslim country.’  It’s not as ideally Islamic as the ‘Islam only’ Maldives (Island Paradise or Islamic Hell? - 15-08-08) or Saudi Arabia but it’s well on it’s way!

Malaysian settlement extends over 5000 years.  The Malays are not the indigenous people who are still present.   Like the Maldives, Malaysia had a Hindu and Buddhist base until Islamic traders began arriving ~11th century and finally, following a significant ‘convert’, spread in 14th, 15th century.  For most of its history Malaysia wasn’t Islamic!  Let’s hope the Malays realise this and exit Islam!

Complete Islamization was slowed by the Hindu-Buddhist background, no Arab ‘conquest’, mixed population and involvement of the Portuguese, Dutch and finally British from the 16th -20th century (Japanese in WWII.)  Chinese and Indians entered over a long period, particularly during European involvement with Chinese majorities in several areas.  Under the British, all residents regardless of race were equal British subjects.  The Chinese were originally poor but very industrious and educated their children.  They developed a wide range of businesses, farms, plantations, mines, insurance and banking while the sultans who overspent became indebted to them.  The British fostered education for Malays who entered the police, military, and administration.  At independence, the British proposed equal citizenship for all regardless of race- this didn’t suit Muslim Malays.  The Malays have horrendously discriminated against non-Malays/non-Muslims to enhance Malay/Muslim economic and political power.  Every assistance is given to Malays/Muslims –land, education, low interest loans to businesses, government tendering to Malays, tax breaks, technical and administrative jobs etc!  The Chinese who built much of the economy are forced to ‘Malayanise’ their management –and suffer penalties!   There is systematic positive discrimination in favour of Muslims. The Constitution was changed to make illegal any criticism, even in Parliament, of the Malaysian monarchy, the special position of Malays in the country, or the status of Malay as the national language (reference) .
Democratic Malaysia
Malaysia - a vibrant and flourishing democracy

While Wikipaedia notes the decline of Malaysian democracy, the repressive measures in place, the limited opposition and silencing of critics and asks when Malaysia will have a true multi-party democracy, a free press, an independent judiciary and the restoration of civil and political liberties, it hides Islam’s impact under separate sections of human rights or religious freedom.   Malaysia runs 2 parallel legal systems-secular and sharia.

Religious freedom:
In Malaysia, you cannot renounce Islam.  Once you convert it’s for life.  All Malays are born Muslim”.

Constitutionally, all Malays are Muslim, and they and converts are ruled by sharia and cannot leave Islam.  Malay woman Lina Joy attempted for 10 years to revoke her Muslim status but even the Federal Court refused to grant her wish stating that only sharia courts could do so (reference 30/5/07). This has horrendous social and legal repercussions denying Malays the right/freedom to leave a ‘religion’ forced on them at birth.

There are many ‘human tragedy’ tales-  A Hindu woman with a Muslim ID card, has been jailed for 6+ months in an ‘Islamic re-education Camp’, and told her marriage to a Hindu man is not recognised.  She is forbidden from meeting her husband and denied guardianship of her new-born baby (reference 13/8/07)!  A Chinese boy incorrectly brought up as a Malay/Muslim wants to be Buddhist (reference).   Chinese and Hindus are buried as Muslims (reference1)  (reference2)

Rarely, non-Malays who converted to Islam for marriage (you must convert to marry a Muslim) but never practised Islam are allowed to leave – eg 8/5/08 divorced woman returned to Buddhism-Penang (reference).  Don’t imagine this means sudden freedom of choice or human rights – it doesn’t.  Sharia courts are controlled by local sultans and some are more lenient.  Negeri Sembilan grants the most ‘exits’ but still only a tiny number of those that apply and hopefuls must tolerate a year being counseled by a Mufti to stay Islamic!!   Several states give jail +/or caning to any wishing to exit Islam!  PAS leaders (Islamic opposition party) give apostates time to repent – if not, death! This is Malaysia’s ‘religious freedom.’
Malay Justice
Muslims gathered for a vigil outside Malaysia’s Palace of Justice awaited the verdict on Lina Joy’s case, May 30, 2007 (follow THIS LINK to see Muslim response to Lina's conversion)

“Generally Chinese become Muslim by marriage – a girl marries a Muslim Malay man.   If a Chinese girl marries a Muslim man she must become Muslim –if she is divorced and then marries a Chinese man HE must become Muslim!!”

“In several areas people get money and land if they convert the native Indians to Islam.   The natives used to be atheists, animists or Christian.”

Converting people to Islam is allowed but proselytising to Muslims is banned and penalties are increasing (reference) .

Others have difficulty using Malay language materials or certain words eg allah/god...deemed solely Islamic!   In initially non-Muslim marriages, converts to Islam can use sharia courts to divorce non-Muslim spouses and convert or gain custody of children.  The decisions of sharia courts often affect non-Muslims.

Racial/religious balance:
“Initially there was a balance between groups eg 35% Chinese (also many Indians others  10%) but now there are more Malays as they have more children.”

In 2006 there were 26 million people – 58%Muslim, 22.9 % Buddhist, 11.1% Christian, 6.3 % Hindu, 2.6% DemonstartionConfucianist, Taoist etc plus animist, Sikh, Bahai..  Non-Muslim groups are persecuted, particularly if they dare demand equal rights.  Many are jailed without trial.   (reference 14/7/08) Even Shia are ‘monitored.’  States control building permits for worship sites (some take 10 years to obtain) and cemeteries.   Hindu temples (107 years old!), shrines and statues are destroyed on flimsy excuses. (reference)

Muslim men can have multiple wives and divorce them via an SMS message.

“In school, the Malays do Islamic studies.  In primary school there is a Chinese stream but in high school everyone must do the Malay stream.   Malays are given special privileges to go to university as this isn’t based on merit as there is a very limited quota of places for non-Malays/non-Muslims.”

“Muslim Malays are given scholarships to study overseas.    Hence the Chinese have few children as they cannot afford to send more than one or two of them overseas to study.  Many come to Australia.”  

By  2000, 60,000 Malaysians held degrees from Australian universities (reference). Many experienced our freedom and equality causing further discontent.

“University lecturers are basically all Malays.  They don’t employ Chinese – very few as a ‘token’ only.  Government jobs go to Malays.”

“The Chinese self-employ or work in a private company.   The government tries to transfer the wealth to the Malays.   There is still a high % of poor Malays and a lot of corruption-those with contacts benefit!”

“The Chinese ran most of the economy but the Malays take over.   They nationalise, take over the banks.   Malays demand 30% (ownership) of your company at a nominal rate — NOT market price!  If your business wants to expand or become public they demand 30%.    This is NOT done to businesses run by Malays (Muslims).   They claim it is affirmative action to enhance Malays.”

Destruction In 1990 Malays owned 68% of the businesses- and the Malay government owns major businesses like oil, technologies and preferentially hires Malays/Muslims.. . (reference).
Some suggest the race (religion)-based policy should end – NOT because it is inequitable and discriminatory but because it is ECONOMICALLY damaging!!  Malaysia lost  “some of its best and brightest as non-Malays, kept out of universities by racial quotas, moved to Singapore and other countries.” (11/1/07)
Race riots:
“Racial riots, May 13th 1969 the year immediately after the election but one group didn’t get the 2/3 majority to them so they weren’t happy.   It started in Kuala Lumpur –they burned Chinese houses, shops, and killed people as they ran out.   After that the policies became more drastic—all business, privileges etc to Malays but they were ALREADY getting special privileges but they demand more.  The more racist, the more lose the vote if you want to be fair.   Malays now dominate the economy.”
“I was supposed to go to Kuala Lumpur by bus (at time of riots) but we were told they were stopping the buses and killing Chinese people.”

“When I return now (to Malaysia), I don’t go out.”

Official figures said 196 people had been killed, 6,000 made homeless and more than 700 buildings destroyed or damaged......

“it was a mostly one-sided affair with some Malay politicians, notably Selangor Chief Minister Harun Idris, encouraging mobs to attack Chinese areas and that the security forces initially did little to prevent violence.”
1971- “began aggressive affirmative action programs to advance the economic and educational level of Malays.”
Riots were generated from a pro-Malay/Muslim group who wanted to oust the current leader and ignited tensions as the Chinese celebrated the reduced power of the governing UMNO.(Digging up Malaysia’s Racial  Past, (reference 16/5/2007)

 “Political leaders of the ethnic Malay majority have repeatedly warned the nation’s Chinese and Indian minorities to stop questioning Malay privileges or risk hurting race relations,...” (reference 11/1/07)
Increasing Fundamentalism:
“Now they are more Islamic—they wear the hijab, particularly after the 1979 ‘Islamic revolution’ in Iran.   They were once liberal and modern but are now becoming more Increasing Islamizationfundamentalist.     At least half the states have sharia law applied to Muslims.   Sharia law and common law –but sharia law is superior over common law.”  
“Islamisation is slower because there is still a significant Chinese, non-Muslim community.  Neighbours are Thailand, Singapore, ...”

Funding fundamentalism:
“Islamic countries are not as well developed but now are getting lots of money from oil—Malaysia has oil owned by Malays.”
“Malays are sent to study commerce and banking overseas.”

Other discrimination:
“If a man becomes Muslim and dies, he cannot pass his property to his children or wife unless they ALL become Muslim!”
Even if there is a will, sharia determines the distribution-a will can only apply to 1/3 of the estate and, in a majority of states, nothing can go to those ‘opposed’ to Islam. (reference)

“A Muslim cannot obey a non-Muslim eg Chinese teacher, Muslim student.”

Muslims paying Zakat get special tax breaks denied to others giving to non-Muslim charities.  (reference)

Malaysia’s Future:
“More and more Islamist!”
“A lot of politicians when they go overseas drink and womanise!”
“The new guy promised to end discrimination but I don’t think so-affirmative action goes on.”
Anwar promises many reforms including dissolution of the New Economic Policy, which favors ethnic Malays over Chinese and Indians. (reference 21/8/08)

Islam in Australia:
“The Australian Muslim population is growing.  They want to take over Indonesia and Australia.  They keep producing children.  Australia’s welfare system is being ripped off.     If they come here they must have a job and not live on welfare.  If they cannot get a job they must be made to leave.  Our too liberal welfare system is being exploited.”

“Federal Labour seems to be far worse.  The UN says take the refugees—they claim
No a democracydiscrimination but you need people in the immigration department to use discretion”

“Where I work there are many Muslims and I notice the sleazy, bad behaviour of the Muslim boys toward a young lady..”

And our media savvy Muslims?
“Don’t trust them!”

Efforts to excuse this blatant discrimination as ‘attempts to redress the balance where poor Malays were not as well off as the hard working, entrepreneurial, tolerant Chinese’  don’t fit the facts for such excuses fail to explain why all Malays are automatically Muslim from birth, why people cannot leave Islam, why anyone who marries a Muslim is forced to be Muslim, why Islam is the state religion, why two legal systems operate with all Muslims trapped under sharia which even over-rides civil courts and is used against non-Muslims, or why other non-Muslim groups are also persecuted!  

This is totalitarian Islamic supremacy (religious apartheid) and dhimmitude for non-Muslims.   Muslim leaders fear conversion out of Islam and know that while Muslims retain power, control the law/constitution, wealth and jobs etc many will remain Muslim to avoid negative discrimination.   Under Islam all Malaysians are denied human rights, freedom, equality and the rule of equitable, rational laws.  

This isn’t ‘democracy’ as we understand it yet Rudd the dud, referred to Malaysia as a “vibrant and flourishing democracy” (reference July 2008)
In reply, Jaya Prakash notes the jailing of Hindu civil rights activists,  the apartheid like education system, favouritism of Malays, poor judiciary, rising Islamization, and a race-based democracy and suggests Malaysia is heading away from ‘democracy.’ (reference 14/7/08)

Malaysia is part of the Islamic world, part of Islamic finance
Education in Arab countries enhances Islamization and repression of others.  Malaysia is moving along the path to ultimate, totalitarian Islam which begins as soon as this creeping cancer enters any country.  Can its non-Muslim population stop this? (reference)

Chiang knows there is no ‘moderate’ or ‘tolerant’ Islam only increasing Islamization, fundamentalism, power, control and violence as people are forced into Islam by violence, laws, discrimination, or social/economic pressure that renders others inferior and exploited with limited, if any, rights and freedoms.   AND he sees it already in Australia with the privileging of Muslims, their invasion of universities and government, their demands and threats and the weakness of others in giving in to them and continuing to allow Islamic immigration.    

We need to hear more from those who have lived under Islam and we need to listen and act to save our society.
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