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911 Memorial

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I’d like to talk about our post-9/11 world as the anniversary approaches. I mean no disrespect to those who perished on that day, or to their families and loved ones who still suffer.

9/11 – For me, not a random date but one I picked as example, purely 911 memorialbecause this is THE DATE from which many people can place their “awareness of islam”. Certainly many amongst us had already comprehended the enormous threat islam poses prior to that date but, for sheer infamy, impact and “brand recognition”, for far more people there can be no more shocking an anniversary. It was the day islam marched into the living rooms of millions and raped us as we sat, tears streaming down our faces, horror filling our hearts, watching the predictions of the brave few coming to reality.

Jihad had come to America.

Since 9/11 the nations of the “free world” have been desperate to understand the “underlying causes” of such a devastating event and to try and make sense of whatever reasons we are given, even when the reasons given are fatuous propaganda, not worth the effort of fathoming. Far from being ‘reasons’, what we have had presented to us is nothing more than an insult to our intelligence.
For a large number of us, 7 years down the track, islam has failed on the front of “cause” and has also failed on the “effect” front, because we see no moderation of islam, no censoring of its text and, in any meaningful way, no repudiation of the core Islamic beliefs that motivate events such as 9/11, Madrid, Beslan, Bali, London etc.
Sadly, ever since 9/11 this hunting high and low for “reasons” has failed us, almost solely because we, through the agency of our “leaders” and bureaucracies, have failed to look in the right places or refused to believe reports that emanate from the source – islam itself. The reason is ISLAM – in it’s own words, by its own deeds, at the urging of those who interpret it. This simple understanding seems to be beyond our current “leadership”.

All's just dandy!
Dialogue has been entered into, so all is well

The response of Australia’s “leadership” does not bear close examination. We have been assured that those in positions that matter, vis a vis national security and wellbeing, are examining the causes. Dialogue has been entered into, so all is well. Our Government’s response is pusillanimous and cowardly – give them what they want, and they might behave. After all – this is Australia!

We have had Ministers declare themselves ‘expert’ on muslim culture and affairs, despite their backgrounds, and  portfolios, being in Industrial relations and Unionism. Noting that these people’s election and re-election hangs on the Islamic vote is considered churlish and “cheap”.
These ‘experts’ have denounced any and all criticism of the religion of peace, refusing to take onboard even questioning regarding the muslim community.

I suggest we are well beyond “talk”. Muslims hold counter-terrorism University chairs – Waleed Ali; appeasing banks are beginning to dominate our financial skyline, - NAB; our sporting sponsorships reflect influence of muslim corporations, - The Emirates Melbourne Cup and other major races in the Melbourne Spring Carnival, Collingwood Football Club etc; Universities offer Islamic studies, schools are segregated along muslim and non-muslim lines; our meat industry is going halal and employment in that industry is becoming the domain of muslims only. It goes on.
Apparently a LOT of talk has taken place and we can see what haLaurie the Clowns transpired.

Since 9/11 there has been much blather about how life goes on unchanged and how nobody can push us around and how we must never give in to terrorism, as if the events of the past 7 years haven’t given the lie to every one of these propositions. The onus has shifted from the perpetrator to the victim. The burden to “understand the muslim point of view”, to try and understand “their grievances”, has led to the censorship of discontent, the muzzling of critique and the disenfranchising and criminalising of those who dare “go public”. To me, the reasons why this has come to pass are obvious. Our leadership would have to admit that it made a mistake.

Adults are capable of this, if they are adult at all, but this honesty seems to be beyond our politicians.
“To the people of Australia: Our great multi-cultural experiment has been an enormous success, over decades, but of late we have fallen into an error that we will now fix. The religion of Islam is incompatible with Australian values and is, therefore, a proscribed organisation. We intend to strenuously police our immigration portals, to rescind citizenship granted to those unfit and to apply far more rigorous criteria to potential immigrants. We will also rescind our obligations under UNCHR 51, the refugee policy that has been so badly abused. We will continue to accept refugees, but on our terms, not those terms laid down by people who have no interest in Australia having a harmonious culture. Sorry for the mess, but you can rely on this – we will address the problem and fix it.”

There – not so hard, was it?

Of course, I don’t anticipate that for one dreaming minute, mores the pity. Our Government is into “dialogue”, not action. Curiously, only dialogue with those who have already demonstrated complete agreement with Government policy and direction, and even then, if “outcomes” aren’t quite to order, the opinions will be re-written, more in line with The Little Red Book.

Rudds talk-fest: the 2000 “brightest and best”?Terror Expert
Where was the conservative voice on immigration?
Why are proposals such as those of Fred Nile – a 10 year moratorium on all muslim migration – not heard or aired?
Why is the mere suggestion greeted with twittering superiority and appalling condescension?
Why can there be no discussion of this opinion? Especially considering some 80% of Australians have voiced some form of concern regarding our willy-nilly immigration policies, since islam hoved into view on our horizon?
Is our Government so intolerant of “otherness” that Fred’s Christianity, or Gordon Moyes’, or Tony Abbots…or yours… so beyond the pale that it cannot even be considered?
Why is it only “minorities” who have valid opinion and “grievances” fit for Government attention?
Why are Anglo-European descendant Australian’s marginalised? Flavour of the post-modernist era?
Why are the concerns of the Hindu community not given the same weight as the concerns of the muslim?
Why are Maronites and other Middle Eastern refuges from Islamic terror and warfare ignored by our Government? Is it that these voices do not carry an implied threat?
 Is the Government scared of Islam?

It can so easily seem so, when Imam and Mufti, thug boxer and drug dealer and un-elected “spokesman” after un-elected “official” get the ear of our Government, but we don’t.

This website has had – correct me if I am wrong, Dan – about a 3 million “hits” per month. We have Islamic experts coming out of our ears. This website is representational of the voice of many Australians.

Why are our representations ignored?
Why do SBS and the ABC lay traps for us, hoping to ensnare us with “red-neck, bigot” labelling?
Why are these agencies so hell-bent on silencing any opposition to islamisation?
Why does our Government fear the voice of the people?
These bodies, and many others, belong to the Australian people and should be used to promote the ideals of that population.
Brain  storm or Crime wave
Brutish Mufti, thug boxer and suspected drug dealer
We know they talk, we know they “opine”,  but they have only ever speak out against the West, deconstructing it and accusing it of racism, “islamophobia”, sexism, injustice, etc. precisely because these things are Western; Never mind that most of the world is also, and oftentimes more, sexist, racist, etc. Our intellectuals, who should be arguing for Western culture (or at least not against it), are nihilistic neo-Marxists whose goals are to undermine Western civilization.

Unbelievably, here in Australia, we have several Universities offering “Whiteness Studies”. You can bet ‘whitey’ doesn’t come away looking good in those “courses”.

Very few of our elite are defending Western civilization anymore, except the odd lone voice; a Keith Windshuttle here, and Andrew Bolt there.

Our culture is ruled by these “postmodernists”, giving us paedophilia, faeces and abortion as "art." Indeed, the fact that post-modern art is what is being given to us as "high culture" makes it harder to say the West is prettier than Islamic culture; which, of course, is their intent.  Have a look at the offerings from the ABC, this past year, promoting the “wonders” of former Islamic paradises. Apparently, they invented zero!
What we need are defenders of the West, in our cultural organs, certainly, but urgently in our Government.

These Postmodernists, and other social engineers of whatever ilk, gained their prominence during the postWW2/Cold War period when the old world was seeking a new way, and was questioning itself. War does that, I’m told.

Australia mass migration occurred during that period also, when we gained an enormous amount by instilling European sensibility and experience into our Anglo/Judeo/Christian heritage. It worked because we had some areas of commonality.

However, todays migration occurs for different reasons and draws numbers from different stock.
The contest between socialism and western capitalism/democracy was predominantly about economics and control of wealth. That is very different from the current contest between islamists and western culture, which is predominantly about religion, morals, and laws.
Integrated Muslim
 Moderate muslims adapt to our ways, and we should enable this

Muslims will tell you, they have no interest in our culture, our laws or our heritage and Australians are feeling, rightly, offended and angry. As someone recently put it, “It's as if you invite me to your home and ask me not to smoke, and I light up anyway. Then I ash on your floor, and you ask me not to, and I tell you to get an ashtray. And you do.”

Critics of my position say, amongst other things, that “moderate muslims” adapt to our ways, and we should enable this. I say that while they have the accoutrements, blue jeans, business suits, MTV-style music channels, Schwarzenegger movies, fast food, rock music, Italian designer clothing,  that doesn't keep them from blowing themselves up on the Tube or burning cars in the streets of Paris or honor-killing their sisters or stabbing Dutch gay movie directors to death or threatening riots over cartoons.

The unbelievable appeasement that has occurred since 9/11 is destroying our culture. I firmly believe our values, constructed over thousands of years, are superior. I also believe they stand honest scrutiny and have far more in the “plus” column than any negatives that can be pointed to.

The world is not short of people willing to do that pointing. It is just amazing when that criticism comes from our own. We deserve better and we must demand better. The alternative is an ever increasing procession of what is now taking place…. Continued acquiescence to islamist demands, continued cowering before the threat of terror, to the point where we will have no more left to surrender.

Which is exactly what is supposed to happen, if you are an islamist.
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