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Naomi Wolf

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Naomi Wolf’s  ‘uncovering the hidden power of modesty’ Age, Insight p5, 30/8/08 is almost funny.   Her attitude is Shame Namomi!!obvious from the first paragraph where she describes the “halter tops, miniskirts and short shorts” of girls walking by.  We are of course, supposed to be horrified by those ‘shameless’ girls in such attire (compared with the full of shame Muslim females including children covered head-to-toe)!   Naturally she doesn’t mention girls in other attire in our society where we can wear what we like.  And, Naomi, what’s wrong with shorts and halter tops?  Does Naomi have something against the female body?   Does she, like Islam, think the female body is offensive and shameful and should be covered up?    She doesn’t seem to complain about near naked men advertising undies, bathers, cars, holidays....or the fact that Muslim men can wear what they like while women can’t!   If it’s modesty you want Naomi, then let’s hear you demand that Muslim men be covered head-to-toe so they don’t excite us weak females!! 
Muslim dress for women stands out in the west and symbolises political Islam and unacceptable attitudes to females –is it modest to wave the flag of Islamofascism in people’s faces, to pose a security risk?  We don’t wear halter tops etc in the Islamic world, they don’t wear veils/hijabs and chadors.. here!

I dread the streets of Islam where laws make all females cover in dark consuming clothes from head-to-toe  -a mind-numbing, bleak sameness where individual women and individual expression of your personality and tastes don’t exist. Muslim women are the ultimate fashion victim, all identical.  Females aren't liberated or empowered, they’re just a hidden undifferentiated blur – unnoticed and unimportant  (don’t be fooled by the tizzy, sell-to-the-west floosies on Salem Cafe).  Give me colour and variety!  But Ms Wolf calls me  “Islamophobic”  because my loathing for Islam couldn’t possibly result from years of detailed study of Islamic text/laws or the stories of friends who have escaped Islamic violence or exMuslims or my own experiences in the Islamic world - No, of course not!

Not a big deal at all, just showing the dangers  of cosmetics and hair colouring to some unaware Afhgan ladies

Yes there is marketing and exploitation in the west but Islam’s brutal control of women is far worse.  She mentions the headscarf ban in France but hides the threats, violence, beating, gang-rape, even murder of Muslim girls who didn’t follow Islamic dress and behaviour codes (see Muslim girl Samira Bellil's book 'In the Hell of the Tournantes' 2002)  

And “the Taliban were demonised for denying cosmetics and hair colour..”  Is she mad?  The Taliban executed women forced into prostitution or begging because they stopped all employment and education of women, covered them completely and whipped them in public.  Atrocities were plentiful and the suicides of women very common.  Naomi is involved in rewriting history to protect Islam and abuse the west!

“Are we in the west radically misinterpreting Muslim sexual mores”  Yes sir, we continue to disbelieve that Islamic text, Mohammad’s example and laws all allow men to marry and have sex with even tiny children; we ignore their polygyny, their instant divorce for men, their convenient muta and misyar marriages used by Muslim men worldwide to sexually abuse often poor young girls ‘legally’ under sharia while the girls get virtually nothing;  we ignore forced marriages,  and the gross inequality within a Muslim marriage where the male buys full use of the woman’s body as he wishes while she gets food, clothes and a roof but only while she allows the use of her body and is constantly available – if not she faces violence, removal of support, or divorce.  She can only expect her ‘share’ of time with him but he is not required to have sex and only needs to give her enough sex to keep her chaste, but, given that she can be stoned to death for adultery, my guess is she won’t stray regardless!!  She loses support if she doesn’t give herself to him (no ‘rape’ within marriage), disobeys, travels or assumes ihram or hajj or fasts without permission.  She cannot leave the house without his permission and must be covered and keep out of the path of men, and not speak to them etc!!  We ignore the distortion of sexuality, the sex segregation, the dehumanisation of women, the vile terms used in text to describe women and the harm this causes to any relationship between males and females, and we ignore the fact that honour depends on controlling female sexuality.  Wafa Sultan talks of her deep psychological scars from being told her body was shameful! This is only a tiny sample of Muslim sexual mores/Muslim marriage!!

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 81:  Narrated 'Uqba:
The Prophet said: "The stipulations most entitled to be abided by are those with which you are given the right to enjoy the (women's) private parts (i.e. the stipulations of the marriage contract)."

The bitch had it coming!“And are we blind to our own markers of the oppression and control of women”   No, we can and do self-criticise and change.   

She tries to pretend that Muslim dress is a difference between public and private, “of what is due to god and what is due to one’s husband.  It is not that Islam suppresses sexuality, but that it embodies a strongly developed sense of its appropriate channelling-toward marriage, the bonds that sustain family life, and the attachment that secures a home.”

What is this woman taking?  Who says what god wants-men!  Islam regards women’s bodies as offensive and shameful. Why would god make women (not men) so offensive they had to be covered head-to-toe –or else!!

Eg Fiqh-us-sunnah:  fiqh 4.30 -
'awrah ('Awrah (Arabic), those parts of a person's body which must be covered. A man must cover the front
and back of his pubic region. There is disagreement about the navel, thighs, and knees. There is, however, no
disagreement over what constitutes a woman's 'awrah. Her entire body is 'awrah and must be covered,..(ALIM CD rom)

Awrah = pudendum
  (see references for other text)
Mohammad covered his wives (not his concubines) and demanded others veil both as a means of marking out owned Muslim women and protecting men from such devils:
Muslim Book 8, Number 3240:
Jabir reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) saw a woman, and so he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning a leather and had sexual intercourse with her. He then went to his Companions and told them: The woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil, so when one of you sees a woman, he should come to his wife, for that will repel what he feels in his heart.

Talk about an intimate sensual experience!  Muslim women who dare have sex outside marriage tend to end up dead-is this channelling sex towards marriage?  Yes, sir she certainly has to sing/dance for her supper and to Rojdasecure her home but does the ownership of women, violence for those who don’t obey or please, competition with other wives and concubines,  and instant divorce for men (very prevalent) ‘sustain family life’  –only when women are terrified and have no choice!

Muslim women can claim whatever they like.  We don’t need to accept their excuses or tolerate their practices and can regard them as brainwashed, masochistic, self-delusional or ‘rationalising’ to keep their sanity.  To psychologically survive when you have no choice, you need to ‘believe’ you choose the only choice you have or the distress would be massive.   Muslim women seem incapable of asking why they have to be covered but men don’t. 

It is repression and suppression Naomi – particularly when you add clitoridectomy so females don’t stray or have desires but can still breed.  

She talks of “demureness and propriety” in Morocco, Jordan and Egypt so don’t mention the rapes, forced marriage, beating, honour killing and abduction and rape of non-Muslims eg Copts in Egypt!

She tells us that behind the walls of homes “women are as interested in allure, seduction, and pleasure as women anywhere in the world”  - does that also apply to the 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 /9 /10/ 11/12 /13/14 year olds that are already married and fondled, thighed and penetrated by their adult husbands?

As for “elegant fashion” hubby is only required to supply one set of clothes a season (summer/winter) so no chance of going overboard!!  (m11.5 –m11.7 for a list –p 544  Reliance of the Traveller)

“The bridal videos that I was shown, with the sensuous dancing that the bride learns as part of what makes her a wonderful wife, and which she proudly displays for her bridegroom,......”

Yes sir, you get out there and do that dance or you’ll be on the street in a second as he chants those few words.  Gee, doesn’t that 3 year old look cute doing her chador strip?  Yes sir, she needs to be pretty good, remember he might have several other wives and concubines and possibly regularly changes them so if they all learn from the same video, he will have seen a lot of these performances!!   Why would being able to wobble your breasts and backside so you have a roof over your head and food be ‘a great source of pride’ let’s be honest, it’s a survival necessity! (money making opportunity - Pole dancing in the private brothels of Muslim men! New DVD’s monthly!!)

Does he learn a sensual dance to entice her or is she just the sex-slave performer for him?   Perhaps the instructions like the text from the Ayatollah Khomeini and the sunni world on enjoying little girls and when to have intercourse with them are the male equivalent to the dance!

A society that loathes women’s bodies, covers them head to toe, segregates males and females and regards women in the most vile way with the most vile terms in their sacred text, is certainly NOT going to produce comfortable, equitable, sexual partnerships –how can they when she is shameful and inferior and he can have many other women and divorce her with a few words!!   I wonder if that bride video included the bits about him having the right to plough you like a field, beat you if you don’t obey, make yourself attractive for him, answer back, go out without his permission and a host of other lovely things –don’t get any delusions of equality or freedom!

Bad hijab day‘Rather, pleasure and sexuality, both male and female should not be displayed promiscuously...’  Call me confused but I regard the multiple wives, concubines/slaves and females in mu’ta and misyar marriages (legal under sharia and extra to their other wives but who get no home or support) as the sex-partners of promiscuous Muslim men.   Do the girls/women in the mu’ta and misyar ‘marriages’ also have do the little dance?

“Many Muslim women I spoke with did not feel at all subjugated by the chador or headscarf.  On the contrary, they felt liberated from what they experienced as the intrusive, commodifying basely sexualising Western gaze.”  
Of course they do-these are women who have been taught from birth that their body is shameful and that they must keep it hidden or be responsible for exciting a Muslim male who just can’t stop himself from raping after such an open invitation!    How can these shamed women face the gaze of anyone?  Muslim women must ‘confine/lower’ their gaze! No independent, self-respecting woman needs to hide from the ‘gaze’ of others –and the covered children?  And aren’t we talking about Morocco, Jordan and Egypt – so what ‘western gaze’?  

As for commodity; what do you call a Muslim female, possibly a child handed by her guardian in marriage to some male who pays a small fee and then has the right to enjoy her as he wishes and should she refuse, she loses everything and can be beaten or worse!  In Pakistan, 3 teenage girls were shot and buried alive because they wanted to choose their own husbands (Herald Sun 1/9/08  p26).  The west has seen many ‘honour killings’ usually of Muslim females that have stepped outside ‘Muslim sexual mores.’

Then we get her experiences ‘covered’ in Morocco:
“As I moved about the market-the curve of my breasts covered, the shape of my legs obscured, my long hair not flying about me –I felt a novel sense of calm and serenity.  I felt, yes, in certain ways, free.”
Hijab Police
Iranian Hijab Police.
Should  Naomi Wolf reconsider her choice of professional career? We are certain she'd be perfect in her new role.

Was her hijab too tight, stopping bloodflow to her head?  Was she free or hiding from the very nasty looks or violence of Muslim men.   Try walking in the markets of Cairo or step outside the glitz in Dubai and count yourself lucky if you’re only spat on despite being quite modestly dressed!!

In a free society a female should be able to walk down the street naked without fearing any abuse –verbal or physical-  because she is respected as a person but could she do that in the Moroccan bazaar?

In Sydney, 2006 Elizabeth Wynhausen road tested the abaya+veil and found it:
“uncomfortable, intensely constricting garments, which were so physically constraining that they gave me the sense of confining my spirit”. . “even on a mild spring day, the outfit was suffocatingly hot”  .. “The cloak restricted my movements. The veil restricted my vision. The straps pressed on my eyeballs. With my head swaddled in cloth and my face covered, I felt I could scarcely breathe. The sense that I had become an alien being was more oppressive still.” She goes on to describe how she couldn’t drink, and  attracted attention. (source)
Are Muslim women really attention seekers?

In 2003 ABC correspondent Jane Hutcheon covered head-to-toe to talk to shiite clerics in Iraq and comments Positive Sexual Experience“people don’t realise how difficult that is, not just because of the immense heat, but because you start to feel like you’re nothing, like you should be something in the background and defer to other people.  That’s a very strange thing for an Australian who is used to being outspoken, free and equal”   She also noted how interviewees ignored her and spoke to her camera man! (Age Green guide 2/10/2003  p 3  Imagine anything negative about Islam in al-Age now-may its readership vanish).

These two and people I know certainly didn’t find Islamic attire for women ‘liberating’ (unless hiding from honour killing family) - so just more Islamic cognitive dissonance!
Naomi does the equivalence thing – even married sexuality is sinful according to her in Christianity.  Funny then that Biblical text told people to go forth and multiply, funny that the Song of Solomon celebrates sexuality, funny that the Christian wedding ceremony has ‘with my body I thee worship’ and Christian marriage has always been a partnership of one man and one woman joined by god NOT one man plus brothel he can change anytime he likes, but it’s OK to lie about and abuse Christianity – just don’t tell the truth about Islam!

She also fails to note that Islam describes women as polluting so men must wash even if they just touch a woman and couples must take a complete bath after the defilement of sex!  Koran 24.31 notes the ‘shame of sex’ and Islam strictly regulates when you can have sex – no spontaneous passion here!

Disgustingly, Muslims and Jews are discussed as if they are the same- they aren’t!  Orthodox Jewish women may dress modestly but wear lots of jewellery and aren’t beaten, jailed or killed if they wear something else nor are they covered head to toe and rendered virtually unrecognisable!  Judaism legally stopped polygyny ~1000 years ago.

Sex begins in the head and depends on the relationship between men and women.  Perhaps when brought up in a culture where men have private brothels, the devalued women don’t care about the other women and expect far less (particularly if your clitoris has been removed) so are ‘satisfied’ with less-even marrying a man who doesn’t beat you much would be a bonus - though even in Mohammad’s  perfect house there were many jealousies between the women.  Such a society cannot produce ‘intimate sensual marriages,’ just women desperate to keep a husband and some social standing.

She then goes into the realms of fantasy:
 “when sexuality is kept private and directed at ways seen as sacred-and when ones husband isn’t seeing his wife (or other women) half naked all day long-one can feel great power and intensity when the headscarf or chador comes off in the sanctity of the home”   

That is of course if it’s your turn tonight to do your little dance (fling that chador baby!) to entice hubby who may still be thinking of wife number 3 last night or perhaps his slave/concubine  or the tiny daughter of his friend down the street!

Then we get “among healthy young men in the west, who grow up on pornography and sexual imagery on every street corner, reduced libido is a growing epidemic, so it is easy to imagine the power that sexuality can still carry in a more modest culture.  And it is worth understanding the positive experiences that women-and men-can have in cultures where sexuality is more conservately directed.”   How absurd and insulting to our men!

Is it modesty, conservatively directed sexuality or loathing and power when girls in Iran are hung for ‘crimes against their chastity,’ a truly positive experience!

And what’s her explanation for the marriage of little girls throughout the Islamic world; the endless polygamy, the huge divorce rates, the violence to girls/ women, the forced marriages (including western Muslim females sent to marriages overseas or in the west!!) , the abductions and rape of  the daughters of minorities,  the huge rates of internet pornography including animal pornography in the Islamic world where only a few % have access to a computer, and Muslim rape mentality transferred to the west where the majority of rapes across Europe are carried out by ‘non-western’ men!  Or does she see this as a sign of the Muslim males high libido and sensuality and, like Sheik Hilali,  blame the girls/women for not covering their shameful bodies!

Naomi Wolf is another of the ‘noble savage’ brigade who think everything Islam does is great because they are into attacking their own society and self-flagellation (like those celebrating the Muslim Ashura). 
Do they deserve it?
Do they realy deserve it?

The insanity of this article is obvious to any who study Islam and know that the attitudes and practices towards women cannot produce intimate sensual marriages certainly for the vast majority of Muslim women some of whom have had several husbands by the time they are teenagers!  Women are there to satisfy men and breed –text says so!

Islamic attire for women is:

  • Oppressive – it’s hot, enclosing, restrictive, limits activity, applied only to females, forced, demanded by men or women whose only chance for status/identity is to be a ‘pure’ Muslim woman or who is tricked into believing allah wants it..
  • Rrepressive because it controls females, hides their individuality, denies them equality and the freedom given to males
  • Symbolic of Islamic power and violence and Islam’s appalling attitudes to women
  • A health risk eg early onset osteoporosis, rickets babies, reduced immunity, dangerous near machinery etc
  • A security risk –ban all niqabs, burka, even big hijabs that cover a lot of the face..

If being covered head-to-toe is so great why are laws, violence, morals police and social pressure required to enforce it and why aren’t Muslim males demanding that they be covered—why should females have all the fun in egalitarian Islam!

No doubt Ms Wolf’s American freedom Campaign’ will be fighting to allow child marriage, beating women who don’t make themselves beautiful for hubby only or disobey etc as this is all part of Islam’s great ‘sensual’ marriage scheme and well, everything’s relative you know.  And, it’s lucrative to promote Islam and attack your own society where people really do have freedom, where acts that go too far can be discussed and addressed and where women have unprecedented rights and equality.

Let’s just hope this silly woman puts on a Burka and slides off into the shadows out of the path of men (and women) and is never seen or heard of again.


*Al-Misri, Ahmad ibn Naqib;  Reliance of the Traveler:  A classic manual of Islamic sacred law.   In Arabic with facing English Text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller  amana publications  Maryland USA 1994

*Most text available HERE   (for hadiths) and HERE (for Koran)  Note;  A member has informed me that more text is missing from this site—particularly violent text so the site is very compromised.  Note verse numbers can vary within translations. 
Many 'English' versions are very 'sanitised' or 'mistranslated'.- also in Reliance of the Traveller!

*Our site has many articles that give text for a)child marriage, paedophilia –several articles
b) Abuse of women etc-eg Randa’s old fashioned values --- particularly parts 3, 4, 5

*Call it marriage, Islamic style.  
Saudi marriage officiant Dr. Ahmad al-Mu’bi told Lebanese television viewers last week that it’s permissible for girls as young as 1 to marry — as long as sex is postponed.
Al-Mu’bi’s remarkable comments also included an explanation that “there is no minimal age for entering marriage.”
“You can have a marriage contract even with a 1-year-old girl, not to mention a girl of 9, 7 or 8,” he said. “But is the girl ready for sex or not?” What is the appropriate age for sex for the first time? This varies according to environment and tradition,” al-Mu’bi said.
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