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Ramadan for everyone

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Emre CelikThere’s nothing nicer than sharing a meal, where strangers quickly become friends under the rosy glow of good food and pleasant conversation.

So what better way of sharing Ramadan than to throw open your house to infidels.

The Australian Intercultural Society’s (AIS) Ramadan Iftar Project sees people from across Victoria share a meal with a Muslim family during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Emre Celik from AIS said the Ramadan Iftar Project signified the strong desire of Muslim people to be accepted.

“This is a great way for people to come together and help break down the barriers that exist between communities and help overcome the fear and misunderstanding that people have of the Muslim community,” he said.
Muslim Sariye Baskocak said she and her family looked forward to welcoming strangers into their home.
“We want to open up our home because what’s in the media (about Muslims) is not true and we wanted them to see what kind of family we are, and get to know and understand us.”

Celik said the event was a timely reminder of the importance of understanding and togetherness following last week’s anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. “These atrocious acts unfortunately increased the fear people have of Muslims and isolated Muslims from the mainstream,” he said. (source)

Maybe if Muslims addressed the SOURCE of that fear, things might improve. But that would require THEM to take Improve pleaseresponsibility for their behaviour: much easier to just blame US for our understandable response to Islamic terrorism!

One recipient of iftar largesse enthused about his experience in The Age (1st September 2008). Deryn Mansell prefaces his article:
“Prayers, tasty treats and drive for racial harmony: welcome to a local group’s Ramadan.”
As Islam isn’t a race, could Deryn be pleading for Muslims not to be so racist? If so, I applaud you, Deryn! After all, Islam subscribes to neither religious nor racial harmony, insisting that Islam must be supreme and that Arabs are a superior race. Australia, on the other hand, is a multi-ethnic country, which upholds religious pluralism.

His three friends, Matthew, Louise and Paul, went along to savour the delights of Islamic indoctrination.

“Matthew has fasted since morning, the rest of us have been less conscientious but we tried.”

But why would they fast? They aren’t Muslims – YET!

The host family, Konur and Meliha, greeted them and they were shown into the lounge, where:
“we are introduced to Emre, from the AIS…Emre’s role is to make sure that the guests leave with a better understanding of Islam.”

That’s right Emre, be sure to use all your taqiya wiles so they come away thinking Islam is peaceful and shares our values!

Emre beams:
“Ramadan is like Christmas but it lasts for a month so iftar is like 30 Christmas dinners in a row.”

How greedy, especially when many Muslims in other countries live in abject poverty, mostly because Islam retards progress and charity is often directed to jihad.

“Suddenly the call to prayer erupts from a specially programmed alarm clock…the men unroll their prayer mats in a corner of the awkward moment ensues for the guests as we watch the men pray… but the lavish spread dissolves any hint of tension.”

Let’s hope they weren’t asked to join in – if so, they might have accepted the invitation to Islam without even knowing about it!

“After dinner we return to the lounge for coffee…hanging  from the chimney is a copper plate featuring the signature of Suleiman the Magnificent, the 16th Century Ottoman ruler revered for his fairness.”

How’s this for fairness?
1.    Ibn Warraq (Why I am not a Muslim p231) tells how for at least 300 years, including during Suleiman’s reign, Christian children were taken, converted to Islam and became janissaries.
On a fixed date, the fathers had to appear with their children in the public square and the recruiting agents chose the most sturdy and handsome children. Any father shirking his duty to provide children was severely punished.

2.  Andrew Bostom (The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic holy war and the fate of the non-Muslims).
"If [the Ottoman historian] Sukrullah is to be believed, those who refused to accept the moslem faith were slaughtered and their families enslaved. "Where there were bells", writes the same author [ie Sukrullah], "Suleiman broke them up and cast them into fires. Where there were churches he destroyed them or converted them into mosques. Thus, in place of bells there were now muezzins. Wherever Christian infidels were still found, vassalage was imposed on their rulers. At least in public they could no longer say 'kyrie eleison' but rather 'There is no god but allah' and where once their prayers had been addressed to Christ, they now were to 'Muhammad, the prophet of allah.' “

The text goes on to describe the 'incalculable ruin of material goods, countless massacres, the enslavement and exile of a great part of the population as a result of Ottoman attacks.”

3.     Suleyman the Magnificent is mostly remembered as a fierce conqueror and during his rule the Ottoman Empire reached its peak in Suleyman the Magnificentpower and prosperity. Within a year of ascending the throne, the sultan led a campaign against the Ottoman Empire’s Christian enemies, the Hungarians and captured Belgrade. He then turned his attention toward the island of Rhodes, where lay a fortification of Christian knights. Suleyman gathered a huge army and finally captured the fortification. He strengthened his military, having hundreds of cannons constructed and expanded his army of janissaries by several thousand. He also had fleets of warships built. With this navy, the Turks were able to control the Mediterranean and terrorize passing ships for their spoil.

During his forty-six year reign, Suleyman undertook thirteen military campaigns, conquering large parts of Hungary, Austria, and nearly Rome. Through his many conquests, the piracy of his navy, and tribute and gifts from other nations, Suleyman became one of the richest men of all time. His lifestyle displayed his wealth. He would never wear the same clothes twice, he ate out of solid gold plates encrusted with jewels, and his harem consisted of over 300 women. Suleyman had many extravagant mosques built for he was very loyal to Islam.  His hostility towards the Christian empires was a major factor in the growth of Islam. (reference)

“Conversation turns to the topic of Greek-Turkish rivalry. “We say Turkish coffee, Greeks say Greek coffee. Same thing” Konur shrugs. His theory is that the Greeks and the Turks have the same mother but different fathers. “Mother is Anatolia (Asia Minor). “Father for the Greeks is Jesus, for us Muhammad. So we are like stepbrothers, always jealous and fighting.”

If only it was just arguments about whom makes the best coffee, and not about Cyprus, which in 1974 was invaded by Turkey.

 In 1974, the number of Turks on the Island was about 150,000 while 503,000 were Greek. Prior to the invasion the Turkish population was 18% but they demanded an area of northern Cyprus equal to 38% of the whole Island and that the region be vacated within 24 hours. On the same day, the second and the more terrifying phase of the Turkish invasion began. Greek houses and businesses were handed over to Turkish Cypriots. Greek villages and towns were bombed and napalmed indiscriminately. But in cities with mixed populations, targets were selected; for example Christian churches, hospitals and schools. The final toll was 4000 men, women and children dead, 1619 missing. 40%of the island, corresponding to 65% of the arable land, 60%of all its water resources, 70% of its mineral wealth, 70% of its industries and 80% of tourist installation came under the Muslim rule. The Turks brought in new settlers while 220,000 Greeks had to flee to the south. In all, one third of the Greek population of Cyprus became refugees in their own country. (source)
Greek Prisoners
“The evening had been a success. But we came here wanting to like each other. Is the AIS really achieving much by inviting liberal-minded do-gooders to dinner? Emre tells us about one guest…her colleges were horrified when she told them she was going to share a meal with unknown Muslims and insisted she give them names, addresses and phone numbers in case she was kidnapped. Perhaps, when she arrived at work the next day with tales of warm conversation…some of those colleagues might have paused to wonder if maybe not all Muslims are terrorists.”

Of course not all Muslims are terrorists. But there is only 1 Islam, and it is currently conducting a jihad in order that Islam will rule the world. Muslims themselves, especially women, are often the victims of this imperialist campaign and have little choice but to go along with their barbaric leaders.

Within the article AIS has inserted an explanation of Ramadan:

Giving: Alms-giving or zakat, is central to Ramadan. While fasting is a physical reminder to think of the needy, zakat is the means by which thought is put into action. During Ramadan, Muslims are expected to give a percentage of their savings to the needy, either directly or through their mosque. (source)
Trouble is, the Islamic concept of charity is not the same as ours, as zakat goes only to Muslims, and one of its purposes is to fund jihad. And we know that mosques are often the command centres for jihad, with incendiary sermons inciting hatred.

According to Reliance of the Traveller:A classic manual of Islamic sacred law (h8.17 p 272), the seventh category of recipients of zakat is those fighting for allah - people engaged in Islamic military operations for whom no salary has been allotted… They are given enough to suffice for the operation, of weapons, mounts, clothing, and expenses overseas.”

So I guess our home-grown jihadis like Hicks and Jihad Jack were the recipients of zakat.

Preparations for Ramadan are often fraught with danger:

Daily life slows down with many businesses closing early in deference to a religious event which nevertheless could be marred by extremists.
In Pakistan, thousands of police equipped with metal detectors will be deployed outside mosques in cities and large towns to foil any attack…The country is in the grip of a wave of militant bombings and suicide attacks that have seen nearly 1,200 of its citizens killed in the past year in a backlash against Islamabad's pivotal role in the US-led "war on terror".

Afghanistan faces much the same problems. Police have "special security" in place, with police promising "staunch steps" and calling for peace over Ramadan.

Saudi Arabia is also gearing up for the festival. It is extremely strict in applying a ban on eating, drinking and smoking in public during daylight hours. Expatriates risk deportation if they are caught violating the rules.

In the Somali capital Mogadishu, where people face daily violence, self-imposed curfews, prolonged droughts and economic woes, the situation is grim.

In the Philippines, where government troops have been engaged in heavy fighting against Muslim rebels in the south, commanders will make "tactical adjustments" because of Ramadan. (source)

Funny how in Islam, religion is inextricably mixed with violence.

In dhimmi UK, Islam is given due deference:

Councillors have been ordered not to eat during town hall meetings while Muslim colleagues fast during the holyDr Stephanie Eaton month of Ramadan. All elected members at Left-wing Tower Hamlets Council in East London have been sent an email asking them to follow strict Islamic fasting during September no matter what their faith. John Williams, the council's head of democratic services, said: 'It is requested that members do not partake of any refreshments until after the Iftar refreshments are served.'

As well as restricting food and drink until after sunset, the authority's leaders have decided to reduce the number of meetings throughout the month so they do not clash with the requirements of Ramadan.

But some members of the Labour-run council say the demands favour one religious group over the others.
Dr Stephanie Eaton, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said she would ignore the restrictions.

She said: “we fervently believe that the rules of any one religion should not be imposed upon others.
Our community consists of a huge number of different religions, all of which should be valued, and no one religion should be accorded more status or influence than others.” (source)

Dr Eaton is a brave lady to stand up against totalitarian political correctness.

Let’s hope Australia can be equally strong and not go the way of the UK and much of Europe.
And when will The Age devote an equal amount of space to the celebrations of other faiths?
Or is it only Muslims who must be indulged in this way?

Let me finish by replying to Deryn’s question: “. Is the AIS really achieving much by inviting liberal-minded do-gooders to dinner?”

Answer: Yes, they are, as it is another step on the way to legitimising Islam. This stealth jihad lulls the unwary into a sense of false security, and silences critics who claim Muslims refuse to integrate.

As with all things Islamic, it is gross deception, and as always, there are plenty of useful idiots like these guests who are inadvertently helping Islam take over and destroy our democracy and freedoms.
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