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Peace in our Time

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Israel is under intense pressure to bow to international demands by providing land to create a separate Palestinian state Error of Judgementin the hope that peace will follow.

In December 2007, our Dhimmi world leaders committed US$7.4 billion to the creation of a separate Palestinian state by coercing Israel to surrender some of its territory. [1]

The assumption, of course, is that by giving land to the Palestinians, that peace will automatically follow, and our world leaders can all line up to receive their Nobel Prizes for Peace.
Land for peace. Does this sound familiar?

The situation in the Middle East at the moment is similar what occurred exactly 70 years ago that lead to the start of World War II. In September 1938, Nazi Germany was demanding that Czechoslovakia cede the Sudetenland on its border to Germany, and world leaders at that time, including Neville Chamberlain of Britain persuaded the Czech Prime Minister that peace would follow.


In summary:

1938 – Peace in our Time Part 1

1. Germany wanted the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia
2. The border mountains were of important strategic value to Czechoslovakia
3. World leaders coerced the Czech PM to surrender the land
4. The British PM, Neville Chamberlain said “Peace in our Time”  [5]

2008 – Peace in our Time Part 2

1. Arabs want land from Israel to create a separate state of Palestine
2. Syria wants the Golan Heights which are of strategic importance
3. World leaders are coercing the Israelis to surrender the land
4. Will ex PM Tony Blair utter the words “Peace in our Time”?

1.  The International Players:
George Bush (USA); who is about to exit stage left, and who would love to seal a peace deal in the Middle East to add to his CV before his presidential term ends.
Tony Blair
Tony Blair(UK)  ; now EU envoy to the Middle East and who is desperately trying to appease Muslims by offering up parts of Israel (having failed Britain dismally after the London bombings in 2005 by seeking support from “moderate” Muslim leaders).

Consider comments made by Tony Blair on 19th July 2005 after the bombings.

“there is a particular need for people to go into Muslim communities and confront this evil ideology, take it on and defeat it by the force of reason and argument".  [2]

Since when do muslims respond to “reason and argument”?   And this:

“Muslim groups have expressed their determination to confront and deal with head on the extremism that is based on a perversion of the true faith of Islam”.  [2]

Yes, we have all been amazed by the number of concerned Muslims who have reported Imams for hate speeches and had them deported!
And when Muslims simply follow their war manual, the Quran, how can that be seen as “a perversion of the true faith of Islam”?

In fact things have become so bad in England that there are suggestions to change from talking about English weather to Muslim weather instead!
This is because the weather is “partly Sunni, but mostly Shi’ite”.


After 7/7

Nicholas Sarkozy (France) ; Hungarian born French president and also currently EU president who struts the world stage with his ex-model Italian wife, and who is attempting to do what France couldn’t achieve on the battle field by destroying Britain from within.

Angela Merkel (Germany); German Chancellor who shares a common goal with Sarkozy about Britain after losing two world wars, and of course, Nazi Germany also shared the Muslim passion for eliminating all Jews.


2.  Summary of events in 1938
To understand the current situation, it is helpful to review what happened in 1938.
Germany had been pressing to annex the Sudetenland arguing that because of the number of Germans living there, it Bringing you peacereally belonged to Germany, not Czechoslovakia. So the British PM Neville Chamberlain met with Adolf Hitler at the Munich conference between Britain, Germany, France and Italy to decide the future of the Sudetenland. As a result, the Czechoslovak government was forced to hand over the Sudetenland to appease German aggression and buy peace! On arriving home to London at Heston airport in west London, Chamberlain uttered his now famous words “peace in our time”.  [5]

Of course, Germany now controlled the border mountain country which rendered Czechoslovakia defenceless, and within a few months, the German military machine overran the country, and later invaded Poland which triggered World War II.

Winston Churchill wept when he heard what Chamberlain had done, describing his actions as “sordid, subhuman and suicidal”.     [6]

What is the lesson from 1938?
Trading land to an aggressor does NOT buy peace, but encourages the aggressive country to go further!

3.  The Palestinian state
Consider now just what this current group of world leaders are proposing.
With the continuing conflict between Israel and Palestinian Arabs and the pressure that Palestinian activist groups have been mounting for their own state, there is a proposal on the table to coerce Israel into surrendering land to form a separate state which will be called Palestine.

The Premise is that this act will satisfy the Palestinians and peace will ensue.
There is also the vexing question of Jerusalem!
Not unsurprisingly, Palestinians have made calls for east Jerusalem to be ceded to them for their capital, but this is “non negotiable” to the Israelis.

To Jews and Christians, Jerusalem is the Holy city which can never be surrendered.
The other matter on the table is a debate about Israel handing back the Golan Heights territory they captured in 1967 and now supports about 20,000 Druze.

The Golan Heights are also of Biblical importance.   
“The Golan Heights is a ridge of slopes leading to a plateau high above the Huleh Valley and Lake Kinneret in the Upper Galilee. An integral part of the biblical Promised Land, and known in ancient Israel as Bashan, the "Land of the Giants," Joshua awarded the territory as an inheritance to the Israelite half-tribe of Manasseh.” [3].

The PLO chief and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ senior spokesman has made claims of Biblical proportions himself by claiming that:
“the successful outcome of the land-for-peace process would make a greater impact on the Middle East than that made by Jesus Christ.”   [4]

The Israeli conditions on Syria are that Syria must break all ties with both Hamas and Hizbollah, a condition that seems unlikely to succeed.

View the video of Israeli PM Ehud Olmert talking about the Golan Heights.

4.  The Palestine Authority, the EU and the UN
The PA of course would manage the finances provided by the EU, the USA and the other world countries, which amounts to $7.4 billion.
Britain, France and Germany combined have pledged over US $1.08 billion, the EU US$630 million and the USA $555 million, while Australia has pledged US$ 45 million.
There is “history” of the EU donating funds to the PA and of the EU demanding accountability for the spending of the funds.
Some will see the irony here given that the auditors of the EU have not signed off on accounts for over 10 years as only about 5% of EU expenditure can be properly accounted for.

The EU was contributing 10 million euro a month to cover PA salary expenses, however PA documents revealed up to US$1 million a month was actually paid to Fatah terrorists.
Meanwhile the Palestinian education system is funded through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The UNRWA employs some 18,000 Palestinians in over 250 schools it operates in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
But UNRWA-paid teachers in UNRWA-built schools are teaching from textbooks with anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli and anti-coexistence indoctrination.

Israel 1967Examples:
1)    a seventh grade textbook includes the question on the poem “the Shahid” in which statements are asked, “which of the following is the meaning of the expression ‘honourable death’?”. The answer choices are a) death from illness, b) sudden death or c) death from martyrdom (shahada) while defending the homeland”.
2)    From a seventh grade textbook, National Education, a question:- “how many Palestinian villages have been destroyed and replaced by imperialist settlements?”.
3)    Maps of Palestine do not include Israel. This seems to be denying the very existence of Israel as a nation.

Much more could be written on this topic but it is clear that providing a separate state for Palestine will have little effect on peace in the region.

Israel post 1967 war – Note Golan Heights next to Syria

5.  Israel has a right to exist
It might be useful to review some facts about Israel in case the reader has any doubts about its rights to exist. Israel’s Roots: Myths and Facts. [7].

Israel base their claim to the land based on the following:
(1)    Jewish people settled and developed the land and there has been uninterrupted Jewish settlement since 1300BC, from the time of Joshua on.
(2)    The International community granted political sovereignty in Palestine to the Jewish people
(3)    The territory was captured in defensive wars
(4)    God promised the land to the patriarch Abraham.

The term “Palestinian Arab” was only coined after the 1967 war, and in fact, the word “Palestine” is believed to be derived from the Philistines, an Aegean people who in the 12th century BCE settled along the coast of the Mediterranean.

The Canaanite people actually disappeared about three millennia ago, so Arabs cannot claim they are descendants of these people.

There has never been a Palestinian state and never has Jerusalem been the capital of an Arab state.
Prior to partition, Palestinian Arabs did not consider themselves as having a separate identity, but rather as being a part of Syria.

In 1937, a local Arab leader, Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, told the Peel Commission, which ultimately suggested the partition of Palestine:
There is no such country as Palestine! ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible.

When Israel was granted its territory, Arabs living there were given a choice of resettling in either Lebanon, Syria, Iraq or Jordan, however these countries refused to accept their Muslim brothers!
This is really a topic in itself, but suffice it to say that Israel has very legitimate claims to its territory, and the world leaders are doing Israel a great disservice in this land grab to appease the Muslim inhabitants.

6.  Conclusion
Based on the events of 1938, it is reasonable to predict that just by taking land from Israel to form a Palestinian state, it will:
(1)    NOT guarantee peace in the region
(2)    But it WILL weaken Israel’s ability to defend itself

A perfect WIN-WIN for Islam.

What can be done?
I suggest we should hound our politicians about this issue to oppose the granting of land to the Arabs and oppose providing any funds for this purpose.


Rachel Ehrenfeld          Funding Evil – How Terrorism is funded

[1]  World pledges billions to build Arab state

[2]  Blair urges Muslims to tackle evil ideology

[3]  Israel’s Golan Heights back on the table

[4]  PLO spokesman: we’ll make a bigger impact than Jesus

[5]  1938  Peace for our Time – Chamberlain

[6]  Immoral then; indefensibly immoral now

[7]  Israel’s Roots: Myths and Facts

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