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Beijing Blast

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Athens 2004 - Saudi TeamThis week many of us will be glued to our TVs watching the Olympics, marvelling at the spectacular opening ceremony and the sight of top athletes competing. Most will feel a glow of pride when their country wins a medal.  That’s certainly how I felt when our swimmers performed so well. China is (mostly) basking in the glow of world adulation for their performance in staging the Olympic Games.

Watching Compass on Sunday night about whether China could accommodate God gave me pause for thought.


“Signs of a transition from communism to western liberalism are everywhere. There’s also a resurgence of religious belief in the world’s most populous nation. But believers are struggling for religious freedom, walking a thin line between toleration and persecution.”

One thing that struck me was that whilst other religions were tightly circumscribed, with those not meeting official requirements persecuted, and their members often imprisoned and tortured, Islam was recognised as most like Marxism and given many more freedoms and privileges. A large mosque in Beijing attests to Islam’s favoured status. (reference)

And don’t forget that in 2007, the Year of the Pig, pigs were banned from appearing in ads on the state-run broadcaster, "to avoid conflicts with ethnic minorities." In case you didn’t guess, that's a reference to China's 20 million Muslims, about 2 percent of the population.  A brand manager for Tenlow snacks said:
"Both adults and children believe pigs are a lucky symbol, which bring fortune and wealth. Their plumpness means prosperity."The Communist State & the mosque
"China's building a harmonious society. We see a decision like this in the context of creating a harmonious society between Han Chinese and ethnic minority groups," Hassan Bai Runsheng, Shanghai mosque's imam, said.

Well, as long as the Muslims are happy, that’s all that matters!

Even Coca-Cola, whose ad featured a cute, Babe-like piglet braving mean city streets to get home for the Chinese New Year, shot a second version using pandas to show in Muslim areas. (reference)

It seems that China, like the rest of the world, is mindful of the pressures Islam can bring to bear and will bend over backwards to appease.

So are the Muslims grateful for China’s benevolence?

No pigs pleaseWell, the two men who killed 16 policemen in Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, were Uighurs, a Muslim Turkic people, who make up the majority of Xinjiang’s 20 million population., and are seeking to break away from China and establish an independent Islamic state of “East Turkistan”.

Their movement has been listed as a terror organization by the United Nations, and we know how helpful that is in combatting terrorism! (reference)
So much for appeasement. Speaking of which, one of Australia’s most popular chat shows is Andrew Denton’s “Enough Rope”, where he interviews well-known personalities. This week his guests included none other than those stars of SBS’s Salaam Café, Waleed Aly and his lovely wife Susan Carland. Denton could not have been more sycophantic, eagerly encouraging their Islamic da’wa in peak viewing time. And all this on “our” ABC!

Just a few extracts from the transcript: you can read or see the whole thing on:
ANDREW DENTON: Waleed Aly is as Aussie as they come. He loves his footy, he’s a cricket tragic, and he’s good at taking the piss.

…When you came back from Egypt and you were studying law and chemical engineering at Melbourne uni, you got involved with what you refer to now as a fundamentalist group, a fundamentalist way of thinking. How would you define that?

WALEED ALY: Oh wasn’t so much a group; it was more me. Andrew Denton

ANDREW DENTON: Oh well, you. Well it was a group of one.

WALEED ALY: Yeah, the rightly guided group.... I came back to Australia looking for religious things and all that was really being offered was a brand of Islam that I think really did inculcate a kind of fundamentalist outlook, that was about purity to the exclusion of everyone else who is by definition then impure… and it’s a I think it’s actually a form of youth rebellion in a lot of cases… that’s partly what drives a lot of this in Muslim Australia, because a lot of our parents are  from sort of post-colonial societies where religion was part of their culture, but that’s what it was. And then their kids who instead of taking drugs to rebel they became religious.

ANDREW DENTON: I just want to go back to this fundamentalist thing because… as we know in various parts of the world that has led to a very aggressive expression of fundamentalism. Within the people you were talking with, was there a debate about the best way to spread the word? Was it about preaching or was it about action?

WALEED ALY: I’ve have to be clear: I was never in anything that was remotely violent… for us it was all about preaching... We just kind of figured that we could go out there and yell at people and then they’d suddenly see the light and think wow, you guys are great. Like if we insulted them enough they’d eventually grow to love us. There was a heightened political consciousness though of the plight of Muslims overseas… whether it be the Palestinians or the Chechens or even southern Philippines, southern Thailand, these were constantly part of your identity and it helped you construct for yourself a kind of globalised identity.

…Actually I think it doesn’t speak to most people in the end…and they grow out of it and I think for a lot of people that’s what ends up happening

ANDREW DENTON: And what what was your view of Islam at that time? (when Susan was a Christian)

True blueSUSAN: Really, really, really negative. I thought it was barbaric, sexist, outdated, all I’d really seen about Islam was Not Without My Daughter … but despite myself, I found that I just kept coming across information about Islam and I realised that when I tried to strip past all the standard sort of pop culture stuff about Islam out there you know, 60 Minutes and that sort of stuff… I found it made a lot of sense

ANDREW DENTON: I’m going to raise some of the common objections to Islam very shortly, but I want to show one way that you’ve both chosen to communicate about your religion is through the show on SBS, Salaam Café, which is an unexpected take on your religion because it’s done with humour…
I just wanted to read a couple of things. ‘Funny how a splash with water and banging your heads on the floor six times a day turns you into kamikaze nazis thinking you’re going to rule the world.’ And then ‘lucky Karlen demonstrated her lack of skill at self-protection as every Muslim girl should do as being pushed into the back of a souped up Commodore and gang raped by a bunch of ugly Muslims must be the main priority of every good Muslim girls’ must-dos.’’
…you can laugh that off  ,but there is a depth of stereotype and anger there which I would find disturbing if I were you.

SUSAN: When you get an email like that you have a choice about how to react and you have to try to take the higher moral ground and and just brush it off otherwise you you go you can go crazy.

ANDREW DENTON: ‘Do you really expect people to believe that your stacked panel, ie: a lawyer, doctor, etc, is a clear representation of the Muslim community within Australia? where was the non-English speaking 60 year old, the street thug, the religious fanatic, etc?’ …

WALEED ALY: Well, they’re on the news every night. What they’re struggling with is the fact that perhaps it’s a little too representative, that it doesn’t conform with every prejudice that they’re brought to to that email. It rattles their world and so the way they cope with it is by firing off angry emails and that’s why that stuff’s funny because you kind of start to realise well, there’s some seriously funny weird stuff going on in their heads.

ANDREW DENTON: What has Al Qaeda done to Islam?

WALEED ALY: to Islam probably nothing. I think in the long run organisations like Al Qaeda don’t have a long term impact because they don’t stand for much. And people will eventually find that out… a friend of mine who is an expert in Middle East politics and radicalisation in the Middle East… said if Al Qaeda had a slogan it would basically be we blow stuff up…and once you get beyond that, once you’ve blown stuff up what happens?

ANDREW DENTON: I know that you find it quite tiresome talking about the hijab and all of that. Why is that?

SUSAN: Imagine if pretty much everyday someone said to you so Andrew, you know a lot of people find that shirt oppressive. Tell me, what does that shirt mean to you? Does it take you to another spiritual plane? Does your wife make you dress like that? Imagine if everyday you were just defending it and defending it, having to explain, it just it does get tiresome.

ANDREW DENTON: Yeah, maybe you need a bumper sticker, which says my other religion is Catholic.

SUSAN: Yeah, you do have to make fun with it otherwise you just want to start killing people. Just kidding ASIO, no, no, just kidding.
WALEED ALY: I don’t want to make this a whinge-fest because really what I’ve been through is nothing compared to what Susan’s been through and what she’s been through is nothing compared to a lot of other Muslims have been through where it’s actually got violent and also what a lot of non-Muslims have been through at the hands of Muslims,

ANDREW DENTON: I’m going to show you a little bit of footage of somebody that I guess fulfils a stereotype. This is after the decision not to build the Islamic school in Camden. This is Kate…
Can logic speak to prejudice?

WALEED ALY: No, you can’t reason a person out of a position they didn’t arrive at through reason, and I think that’s a good example of that. ..there’s a certain emotional rage to that.

ANDREW DENTON: We’re bringing the conversation back round to where we started, which is football and last year, the first Muslim AFL player debuted in the top grade, Bashar Haoli for Essendon. …What did that moment mean to you?

WALEED ALY: Actually I was amazed at how much it meant to me… he’s the first practicing openly devout Muslim to have played in the AFL. It comes back to this idea that as human beings I think we like to see reflections of ourselves and Muslims have been really short on role models in the public space in Australia.  We’ve had some very successful Muslims. The late John Ilhan’s a very good example of that. But at the same time his real name was Mustafa and he had to become John to become a success.

ANDREW DENTON: Crazy Mustafa would not have sold much. No.

WALEED ALY: Would not work, no. You’re not going to buy a mobile phone from Crazy Mustafa.
…Cause you don’t know what the phone will do.
… but someone like Bashar. I mean he’s impressed everyone at the Essendon Football club with his character... And when you see him out there you suddenly have this realisation that I could do that, if I had the talent. But the thing that’s stopping me is that I’m no good not that I happen to be a Muslim or that I come from a Middle Eastern background. That’s so powerful, I don’t think people who have never encountered not being represented in the public space understand how debilitating that can be

ANDREW DENTON: You’re a good Aussie. Waleed, thank you very much. Thank you Susan. (source)
Now I’m not going to insult your intelligence by analysing all the ways in which this programme was deceitful. Suffice to say, Denton avoided asking any of the hard questions, thus ensuring another propaganda coup for Islam in Australia. In a way, I don’t blame him: after all offending The Religion of Peace has consequences.

But I can’t resist one small rejoinder to Wal’s whinge about Muslims not being represented in the public space. The reality is they are grossly over-represented and get top posts simply because they are Muslims.

Just read how non-Muslims are represented in Islamic public space:(LINK)

So enjoy the Beijing Olympics. Cheer on our Aussies, who are there not by virtue of their religion or ethnicity, which is frankly irrelevant in multi-ethnic Australia, but because they have talent, and determination and have trained long and hard to achieve their goals.
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