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Gullible Auzzie convert raises questions

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Full FreedomThe tale of Tanya Louise Smith (20), Sydney convert to Islam who travelled to Yemen, married a Muslim and then while pregnant travelled alone to Gaza generates many concerns  -  (The Australian June 30, 2008) .  I make no assertions regarding Tanya who may have been misled and suffered a terrible ordeal.  

We know she was with a group of Australians studying Islam in Yemen (apparently reading its horrible text in Australia isn’t enough!!).
“Ms Smith first arrived in Yemen in October 2006, and quickly settled into a community of pious Islamic Australians studying Islam and Arabic in Sana'a. Among the expatriates were Mohammed bin Ayub and Abdullah bin Ayub, the sons of the alleged former leader of Jemaah Islamiah in Australia, Abdul Rahim Ayub.”

Apparently Ms Smith is a Salafist (regarded as neo-Wahhabism).  Salafists attempt to return to Islam as practised by Mohammad - that should be enough to terrify anyone.  They have a direct and literal interpretation of the Koran and hadith.  Salafism and Wahhabism are often used interchangeably but Salafis claim to be more radical purifiers of Islam!

Women must be covered head-to-toe and most ban modern inventions eg photography, music, conventional banking, elections but others such as TV, radio, internet are accepted if used to promote Salafism!!!!  Some are purists (‘defensive’ jihad); activists (infiltrate governments etc to achieve an Islamic state) and jihardists who actively advocate violence and terror against ‘enemies of Islam.’   They are the main carrier of Islamic terrorism around the world to destroy the west, and install Islam eg al-Queda - al-Zawahiri  (P. Sookhdeo, Global Jihad, Isaac Publishing 2007 p 292-294).  The Salafists/Wahhabists control the majority of mosques in the west and their agents permeate everywhere.


The taste of Islamic Women Liberation 


1. Should we be concerned that so-called Australians head to the middle-east to study this lovely ideology then return to Australia!  (Note:  I do not accuse Tanya of being a terrorist).
2.  Should we be concerned at the blatant pro-Islamic lies told to gullible Auzzies?   
3. Should we be concerned that we are forbidden from openly revealing and discussing Islam’s horror text and aims?  Why is the pro-Islam narrative the only one allowed?

In Australia a recent dawa conference taught Muslims how to spot the gullible ripe for ‘conversion.’  We are constantly bombarded with pro-Islamic propaganda - but any critical analysis of Islam is forbidden.  Even our humble site is blocked on some ‘tertiary’ campuses for fear that the ‘adults’ there might discover the truth about Islam! 


How lovely!
We are constantly bombarded with pro-Islamic propaganda

Some of the big whoppers Tanya fell for according a website posting by Tanya in December 2006 re her conversion:


a)  " It is because of my Islam that I don't live in fear of a husband that comes back every night to bash me until I'm black and blue, and then rape me."

Is this a joke? Surely everyone, including Muslims, knows Islamic text (allah in Koran 4.34, many hadith) and Mohammad’s fine example (he punched tiny Aisha hard) plus Islamic laws (eg Reliance M10.12  p 540-541) give men the right to beat/whip/lash/scourge women!!  And all without any need to be drunk to remove inhibitions against doing something which is wrong because under Islam, beating women isn’t wrong, it’s a right given to men by allah and Mohammad.

As for rape - there is no rape within marriage in Islam as allah in the Koran (2.223, 2.222), hadith (eg * Abu Dawud Book 11, No 2159), laws (Reliance m5.4  p 526) gives the male the right to ‘enjoy’ the female’s body in any way he likes, whenever he likes and mandates that the female be available (many hadith, laws)!!  And under Islam, rape outside marriage is impossible for a woman to prove without Muslim male witnesses!!!   (some text - Blame Islam, not Yemen - 25-07-08)

Has Tanya seen the story of 8 (10)  year old Yemeni girl also in Sana who was raped and beaten by her husband and had to compensate him to get a divorce? NONE of the behaviours of the husband/father contravene Islam LINK1LINK2 )

b)  "It is because of Islam that I am empowered as a woman and not sexually exploited by man, I dress for God and not for man,"
Empowerment of women under Islam according to the Quranic teachings

Who tells you what ‘god’ wants---a man!   Why would god make your body so offensive that it must be covered head-to-toe while men can wear what they like?    What god gives men the right to regard uncovered women as ‘cat’s meat’ they can rape?   Since when has being covered up so you can’t be recognised and being forbidden to speak to men, move about freely and openly etc been regarded as empowerment!

If this isn’t sexual exploitation, what is it?  Men can marry and have sex with pre-pubescent children; men can have multiple wives they can freely divorce and replace; men can have slaves and sex with their slaves; women can be enjoyed as the man wants and must be constantly available to satisfy his needs –this is a right given to him in marriage!  Men can also have mut’a and misyar marriages gaining ‘legal’ sexual access to females while giving virtually nothing in return! ( reference).  Muslim marriage =serial polyprostitution (multiple ‘prostitutes’ at once)

Is Tanya aware of those two burka clad women accused of prostitution in central Afghanistan, who were executed by the Taliban (the closest yet to a true Islamic state) in front of a group of men (Heraldsun 15/7/08)?  They dressed ‘for god’.   And the girls/women stoned to death or hung for adultery (Heraldsun 22/7/08) or illicit relationships  (Heraldsun 28/7/08) or crimes against their chastity in chador enforcing Iran (reference) .

c)  “Islam liberated women 1500 years ago.”  

On the contrary, it locked into place for eternity the worst position for women - -along with  sexual exploitation, Islam gave male guardians control over females to an extreme level;  it restricted women’s movement;  it dictatedMuslim Liberation her clothing;  it deemed her inferior in every way and destined for hell;  it called her crooked, full of guile, like a devil, twisted, deceitful, ungrateful, polluting—touching a woman makes you unclean so you must wash (Koran 4.43, 5.6);  her word became worthless against a male;  her legal status was reduced;  it denied women authority over men;  her inheritance was limited (a Muslim wife received virtually nothing on divorce and possibly only 1/32 of hubby’s wealth after debts are paid if there are other wives and children --far less than a Jewish wife who in Jewish marriage contracts hundreds of years before Islam could receive ½ hubby’s wealth on divorce or death, pre payment of debts and today non-Muslim women in the west and Israel inherit as equals!  This can never be the case for Muslims as the inequality of women is set by allah/Mohammad forever!! One of Mohammad’s wives Umm Salama (Umme Salmah) complained that men got booty  (women didn’t) and more inheritance.);..etc!!!

Research shows women pre-Islam were NOTcloistered, veiled or segregated from men and worked and enjoyed various roles in society.  They often fought alongside men.   There was a wide variety of marriages –some very advantageous to women.   Al-Tabari’s (10th century Muslim historian) account of Hind bint Otba (Utba), wife of Abu Sufyan, head of one of the aristocratic families of Mecca, shows women swore their own allegiance, took part in negotiations and were hostile to Mohammad. (Warraq p 292, 293  read of Hind’s fights against Mohammad and feisty comments when he made them surrender in Sirat Rasul Allah pp 374, 379, 385, 386, 425/6, 548, 553)

During Mohammad’s time the Persians elected a queen and he commented that a nation ruled by women would never be successful (*Bukhari Vol. 9, book 88, No 219;*Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 709):

Mohammad’s men feared their women would become more like other women who ‘had the upper hand’ over their men  (*Bukhari Vol 3, book 43, Number 648).   

The Meccans had 3 goddesses- AL-Lat, al-Uzza, Manat.

Al UzzaThere were influential priestesses and poetesses like Asma bint Marwan, who composed poems against Mohammad, and whom he had murdered as she slept with her children! (Ibn Warraq 'Why I am not a Muslim' 1995 p93-94.)!!

Remember Khadia who married Mohammad after he came to work for HER, long before he became allah’s apostle.  She inherited wealth from her second husband, ran her own merchant business, had authority over men, owned property etc in the PRE-ISLAMIC world.   After Khadia’s death, repressed extoy-boy Mohammad began his personal brothel and ensured women’s inferior position in his totalitarian, monstrously misogynist  ‘religion.’
Anyone who reads Islamic text knows that it is Islam itself which degrades women!

The above covers Tanya’s  claims - *we got to keep our own money; *we got inheritance ;* we could run a business  None of these things were unique to Islam and Islam undoubtably made the situation for many women worse –forever!   Muslims and their enablers perform stunning distortions to claim ‘western’ rights/equality exist under Islam which is patently false!!  Islam subjugates women.

d) "We have enjoyed the freedoms and rights of keeping our last names as we are not the property of our husbands”,

In many cultures women keep/kept their last name –so what?   When a Muslim male gets a dog, does he give it his last name, particularly if he plans to throw it out tomorrow?

As for not the property of her husband - give me a bucket!!  He bought ownership of her, particularly her genitals for a trifling mahr which may consist of nothing or a hand full of dates or a few quotes from the Koran –which might go to her guardian anyway!!

 e)  “We have had the right to vote before the women's liberation movement in the last century,”

Vote?  Salafists/pure Islam doesn’t have elections!  Many Muslim women still cannot vote---the Islamic world lags behind.  Egyptian women got the vote (1956) during a time of liberal nationalism with loud protests from religious clerics.   In Turkey women voted as Attaturk tried to stop Islamic barbarity.   In Kuwait in 2005...see (reference1)  and (reference2).

f) “I can choose who I want to marry”; 

Who can’t - Muslim women!  The pre-pubescent or virgin Muslim female can be ‘married’ regardless of her wishes.  If the guardian presents a man, an adult female may refuse (if she’s not afraid of being honour killed or beaten) but she isn’t free to ‘choose’ her husband (the sexes are segregated).  Her guardian has massive control.  She cannot conduct her own marriage contract and can’t marry a non-Muslim but a Muslim male can!!  Silence is taken as consent!

g) “the right to be protected and maintained by our husbands regardless of how rich I am."   

The wife must ‘give herself to him, obey him’...if she doesn’t there is no ‘support.’   He must pay for her staple food;  house her (wives may be forced to share if agreeable);  pay for some personal hygiene products, clothing customary in that town (no new clothes if they wear out before the end of season), bedding, cooking and eating implements, but he doesn’t need to pay for medicine, cosmetics etc!!    Women are dependent and insecure.   There is NO idea of an equal partnership, shared property/ownership or an emotional bond - just business - he provides X, she must supply Y - but this dehumanises her and makes her a ‘disposable’ object used for his sexual satisfaction.

Other societies can evolve.  Islamic society can only evolve if it ignores Islamic text/laws and Mohammad’s fine example - ie no Islam!

How I’d love to collect those women from Salem Cafe, the ICV and all involved in interfaith-Muslims,  Jews and Christians and fling them into Saudi Arabia or the Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iran and leave them there, not as wealthy western guests, but as ordinary people living under Islam, then we’d see how great Islam is!  



How I’d love to collect those women from Salem Cafe, the ICV and all involved in interfaith-Muslims,  Jews and Christians and fling them into Saudi Arabia or the Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan

We know Ms Smith lived a devout Muslim life secluded behind vanity screens - after all she isn’t allowed to see/speak to/or touch any who aren’t her immediate, non-marriageable family.   Her offensive body, particularly the most offensive of all, a pregnant body, had to be hidden! (text  Hijab - Part 1 - 12/09/07 )


We also learn that it was not ‘Islamically’ possible for her to live independently and that her hosts wanted her to see how Muslims treat people -- Well, silly western converts anyway but don’t mention how Muslims treat Christians, Jews, Bahai, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians etc!!  

"We asked her: 'Would you like to go back?' She said: 'I really miss Australia, but it is a kafir (unbeliever) land.'

Why was she taken to the Israeli check point and whisked home?  Like many western Muslims who live with the rights, freedom, tolerance and safety given by our Judeo-Christian based society she has no idea what it really means to live under Islam.

Supposedly she is still ‘Muslim’ so why live in ‘Kafir’ Judeo-Christian Australia with ‘modern inventions’?  Is she afraid of being labelled an apostate as apostasy can mean DEATH?  

‘Regardless of her travails in Gaza, Ms Smith has apparently remained committed to Islam since returning to Australia, and she has consulted a fundamentalist Salafi imam.’

If she is still Muslim and married in the middle-east to a middle-east Muslim, why was she ‘rescued’ and at what expense to Australians particularly when Salafism and her associates in Yemen are cause for concern.  

we must not be tricked into allowing her husband and his extended family into Australia –surely a Muslim  Tanya would want to return to a pure Islamic society, not remain in kafir Australia.


Al-Misri, Ahmad ibn Naqib;  Reliance of the Traveller:  A classic manual of Islamic sacred law.   In Arabic with facing English Text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller  amana publications  Maryland USA 1994

Sirat Rusulallah by Ibn Ishaq  Translated by A. Guillaume. Fifteenth Impression, 2001 Published by Oxford University Press, Karachi, Pakistan.

Most text available HERE for hadiths and   HERE  for Koran.  Note verse numbers can vary within translations.  Many 'English' versions are very 'sanitised' or 'mistranslated.'

All statements re Islamic attitudes/practices/laws can be verified - articles on this site already contain a large sample of such text.

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