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Dangerous Islamic Medicine

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Rocketting madnessAs news of the further development of superbugs is released (Age 24/7/08) - not to mention infection with lesser bugs following hospital stays, the need for a comprehensive , systematic approach to ‘Healthcare Associated Infections’ becomes very urgent.  Such an approach requires infection control, hand hygiene, mandatory immunisation of health-care workers against vaccine-preventable diseases etc.    
But, will the safety of others be compromised to comply with Muslim demands and practices - we wouldn’t want to ‘offend’ a Muslim would we?  

Many of the areas examined below may apply to some extent to others but Muslims are a particular problem because of their:
  • uncritical ‘religious’ observance;
  • demands that we agree to Islam’s dictates hidden under the guise of ‘tolerance/religious freedom/ multiculturalism/diversity’ etc and that failure to do so is followed by threats and cries of ‘racist’ or ‘persecution’;
  • aims to takeover - Islamization of Australia;
  • allegiance to the umma;
  • horrific attitudes to non-Muslims and females
Some areas of concern:
1) Alcohol rubs:  Studies reveal that Alcohol hand rubs are faster, healthier, and more effective in killing transientDyson Dryer micro-organisms and leaving the hands dry (important in reducing the growth of bacteria) – modern rubs don’t excessively dry the skin or cause irritation.   While washing hands is needed for obviously soiled hands, or spore removal, rubs are preferred for routine cleaning and can be made available anywhere (no water needed). (reference)
WHO supports alcohol rubs and notes: “Religions that ban alcohol are partly to blame for the spread of infections in hospitals around the world because staff are not disinfecting their hands enough, say some experts.” “Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism and the Sikh religion all ban the use of alcohol.” (WHO says handwash taboo spreads infections 20/12/05) (reference)

Of course, the problem’s really those Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs.....funny then that it’s only Muslims who are refusing to comply- Feb 07:

“ It recently came to the attention of health officials at London Chest Hospital that Muslim health care workers, and visitors to Muslim patients were refusing to wash their hands with the provided anti-bacterial gel dispensers before coming into contact with a patient. In the world of health care, this is extremely alarming: it is estimated that yearly in the U.S. alone, 1 in 20 hospital patients or some 2 million contract a bacterial infection while in the hospital; 90,000 die. .... So why did these people refuse to comply? Well, because the antibacterial “rub” contains alcohol - and that is forbidden in Islam.....The article goes on to note that Muslims completely ignored large signs to use the gel.  The problem with Muslims was ‘not uncommon’ in Europe US, Canada.(Australia???) 

WHO noted:

‘that the proliferation of super-bugs infections in hospitals could be directly related to the refusal of some Muslims to comply with sanitation regulations."

The incidence of bacterial infection fell when solutions that required no water or towels were introduced.  “Another problem was getting others to report non-compliers as people feared being called “racist” or “bigoted”. They have to be supported by staff management in putting the health and indeed survival of patients before the religious preferences of a few workers who may accuse them of intolerance for Islam.” WHO set anthropologists to address issues of religious/cultural non-compliance!!  (reference)


No washing please - we're Muslim
No washing please - we're Muslim 


Why do we need to hire anyone to ‘address the issue’ - it should be a matter of law and those who blatantly risk the lives of others must be charged.    Nor should we spend a fortune trying to find some acceptable alternative for Muslims - it’s time they were treated like everyone else.   How dare Muslims believe themselves and their obscene religion to be above any consideration of others!!    
Then we get the ‘oh Muslims can use alcohol for medicinal purposes’ and the fact that they are used in the middle-east – because this is just another ploy by Muslims to demand special this/that, to refuse to integrate and adhere to our laws or practices and to pretend they are victims!   I don’t give a toss about their barbaric religion outside its deadly effect on others!   If they work in health professions, they must by law be made to wash including use of alcohol rubs and dress to minimize the spread of infection.  Why are we all put at risk to appease these demanding people who seem incapable of thinking or acting outside their 7th century dictates!!  Will we start using polluted water and drinking camel’s urine to cure illnesses  (eg Bukhari Vol 1 Book 4 No. 234; Bukhari Vol 2 book 24 No.  577; Muslim book 16 Nos 4130---4136) because that’s what their text says?
Muslim Book 1, No.  67: (and 66) Narrated AbuSa'id al-Khudri:  I heard that the people asked the Prophet of Allah : Water is brought for you from the well of Buda'ah. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual clothes and excrement of people are thrown. The Messenger of Allah replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.
2) Islamic attire:   In Britain 4/2/08 we read “THOUSANDS of hospital patients are in danger of catching deadly Nurse wearing hijabsuperbugs because Muslim medical students refuse to follow new hygiene rules. The Department of Health has ordered staff to be “bare past the elbow” in a bid to halt the spread of infections like MRSA and C.diff.   They say the rule is essential to ensure workers are properly able to wash their hands and wrists.   But female Muslim students training in hospitals in England have refused to implement the directive, because Islam forbids women exposing more than their hands and face in public.”.... “A spokesman for the Islamic Medical Association said:
“No practising Muslim woman doctor, medical student, nurse or patient should be forced to bare her arms below the elbow.”..  “Dr Charles Tannock, a Tory MEP and former hospital consultant, said: “These students are being trained using taxpayers’ money. They have a duty of care not to put patients’ health at risk.”  (source)


According to Islamonline , it was just those nasty ‘racists’ again spreading religious hatred!! 

Yes, bare skin does carry micro-organisms (usually those that live permanently on the skin are ‘safe’) but it is easy to wash off any picked up during the many contacts with patients by simply washing the arms or using an alcohol rub  - but, you can’t wash the dirty long sleeves of a Muslim female’s attire!   Think where those sleeves have draped during the day...and it isn’t only the sleeves!    Such sleeves prevent even correct washing of the hands and no doubt become damp making them lovely sites for microbial growth!!   

Muslim Patient
Muslim Patient
Their hijabs and long attire are perfect for transporting micro-organisms.   A nurse’s uniform can be splashed but imagine the hidden splashes, collection of skin flakes, spores, bacterial clumps and worse that gather in the folds and on the material of the hijab (on face, shoulders, chest), long sleeves, long attire which can’t be immediately washed off and is dropped over you!!!
A suitable uniform would be hair tied back, simple shirt with short sleeves or to the elbow and simple pants or skirt that does not drag on the ground.

3)  Vaccinations:

A leading Islamic doctor is urging British Muslims not to vaccinate their children against diseasesDr Katme such as measles, mumps, and rubella because they contain substances making them unlawful for Muslim. Dr Abdul Majid Katme, head of the Islamic Medical Association, says almost all vaccines contain un-Islamic "haram" derivatives of animal or human tissue, and that Muslim parents are better off letting childrens' immune systems develop on their own. (28/1/07).  (source)

We all know about the imams in Africa banning vaccinations for polio etc---but this is Britain!!   Perhaps it’s not surprising that “Official warning: Measles 'endemic' in Britain -21/6/08 as vaccinations against this deadly virus have reached a low particularly in London with potentially lethal measles becoming endemic!! (reference)


Of course Muslims aren’t solely to blame here but they are a significant contributing factor, particularly when healthcare staff need to be vaccinated!   

4) Prayer practices:

Muslims who wash for prayer don’t ‘wash’ as we understand it. They then crouch on the floor, bending body and head to the floor.   Floors are dirty and no doubt our sensitive, appeasing hospitals have provided  special Muslim apartheid prayer rooms where staff pop off to pray then return to the ward, making both males and females sources for infection.
Separation of Mosque & Hospital

5) Training problems-overseas and local:

An Australian Government paper shows that many overseas trained doctors are working in our society without proper checks at all –they have not had proper assessment and aren’t supervised. (reference)

Overseas trained doctors make up about 36%  of  doctors practising in Australia yet most medicos believe the flood Bad Medical Trainingof overseas doctors is lowering standards and endangering patients (Foreign Docs Danger Row.  Heraldsun 16/7/08)
While this applies to all overseas trained doctors, a particular problem arises with Muslims because Islam teaches that their allegiance is with the umma - ie other Muslims.  Islamic laws allow lying to protect a Muslim, who must never be handed to the kaffirs.    Hence there is potential for Muslims in power in immigration, state, local government, hospitals and clinics to promote other Muslims and hide their incompetence.
6) Muslims in positions of authority in hospitals:
Will they fail to promote non-Muslims?  Will they turn a blind eye to Muslim failure to adhere to hygiene practices using alcohol gels, or handle certain patients or carry out certain tasks?  Will they allow, or even practice, genital mutilation/clitoridectomy or fail to report those who perform it?  Will they report Islamic violence to females or the rape of a pre-pubescent girl in an Islamically sanctioned marriage?  (No wonder RMIT provides Muslim students with a list of Muslim doctors!!)  Will they alter practices to conform to Islam and endanger the health of patients?  Will they fire or intimidate those that dare to complain or criticise a Muslim, Islam or its practices?  

7) Islamic attitudes and culture:  
Islamic text promotes hatred of others and appalling attitudes and practices towards girls and women, making it incompatible with our egalitarian society.   

Problems have arisen with Muslim trainees in western countries where they refuse to handle certain patients or do certain things (in Islam ‘marriageable males and females must be segregated...even when married, they are not to look at the others genitals...);  refuse to wash adequately or when failed, falsely claim persecution.  Note a recent American case:

“Her academic failure, however, hasn’t stopped her attorney, James McQueen, from making a series of allegations of religious discrimination in her defense, including her reluctance to conduct chest and pelvic examinations on male subjects. She claims that her alleged persecution grew so bad, she stopped attending classes altogether and is now forced to take anxiety medication.” 17/7/08 (source)

Why should taxpayer’s money be wasted training people whose ‘religion’ renders them ‘unsuitable’ as truly caring, egalitarian health professionals!


Muslim Doctors
Muslim doctors on a  mercy mission.  Sabeel Ahmed (left) and his brother, Kafeel (right). Kafeel later died after driving the car bomb into the airport terminal building.


8) Islamic apartheid medicine to advance Islam:
The constitution of the The Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association UK reveals the true nature of Islam—Religious apartheid (Muslims/non-muslims) promotion of Islam, the Islamization of medicine and the care of Muslims!
2. Objects and powers:
2.1 The objects of the association shall be:-
2.1.1. To advance the Islamic religion in the practice of medicine in the United Kingdom
2.1.2. To advance medical education in relation to the doctrines, practices and traditions of the Islamic religion.
2.1.4. To promote the preservation and protection of the good health of Muslims in the United Kingdom. (source)

Frighteningly already the University of Adelaide allowed Islamic graduates to read an “Oath of a Muslim Physician” in their graduation ceremony (reference)

Does any other group practice religious apartheid medicine?

Already in Australia we have the ‘Healthcare Providers handbook on Muslim Patients’ (Muslim Patients - 16/02/07) so all carers can learn about Islam and spend their time carrying out the dictates of Islam for the Muslim patient  -forget everyone else!!  NO, there aren’t ‘handbooks’ for every other religion and there shouldn’t be for Islam!!

Try this instead: Healthcare professionals learn about medicine and how to treat all patients as equals, providing the best healthcare without special treatment of Muslims.  And, Muslim healthcare professionals learn that Medicine is not another forum for their jihad to Islamize Australia or do their dawa; that Muslims whether patients, healthcarers or visitors abide by the hygiene practices that the hospital demands; that Muslims don’t get special treatment and that the offensive attitudes to others and to girls/women found in Islamic text have no place in our society.

It’s hard to discover what’s happening here but Britain and the US are a guide.  I have already seen a fully covered nurse (big folded hijab across chest) caring for newborns in a big Australian city hospital!!!

To sum up, we need laws that guarantee:

  • that all staff, regardless of religious belief or culture, follow the best hygiene procedures.
  • that Muslims don’t gain sufficient control to implement dangerous Islamic practices.
  • the right to fail Muslim students without being accused of racism, and sued.
  • that all healthcare professionals are trained to handle, care for and respect all people, male and female.
  • the right to sue hospitals that allow disease carrying Islamic attire and look the other way as Muslims ignore health procedures.
  • the right to sue individuals who fail to carry out correct washing, and other hygiene procedures.


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