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Burqas and Citizenship

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Behind the BurqaFrance’s highest court has denied French citizenship to 32-year-old Faiza Mabchour, a Moroccan woman who wears a burka, on the grounds she had failed to integrate. After moving to France in 2000, following her marriage to a French citizen of North African origin, she converted to Salafism. She attended interviews with state officials:
"clothed from head to toe in the clothing of women from the Arabian Peninsula, with a veil covering her hair, forehead and chin and a piece of cloth over her face. Her eyes could only be seen through a small slit…
She lives virtually as a recluse, disconnected from French society and in total subservience to the men in her family."

A leading Muslim minister in Sarkozy's Government, Fadela Amara, condemned the burka as:

"... a prison and a is not a religious insignia but the insignia of a totalitarian political project that advocates inequality between the sexes and which is totally devoid of democracy."

She sees it as incompatible with French values of secularism, democracy and sexual equality, and believesIslam Abuses Women
all Islamic coverings are symbols of oppression.

"The veil and the burka are the same thing. The only difference is a few centimetres of fabric."

The court decision has drawn approval from both Left and Right, highlighting a rejection of Muslim customs that conflict with the values of the secular French republic. (source)

The burka can also pose a security risk, as when Yassin Omar, charged after the 21/7 attacks on London transport, dressed in traditional Islamic dress to escape the police. (reference)

Or when a man wanted for the murder of policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky fled the UK using his sister’s passport and wearing a full-length niqab veil. The Daily Telegraph suggested such an escape was possible due to the misguided acceptance of a form of dress that can make gender unrecognisable. (reference)

Only this week (26/07/08), female suicide bombers struck Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad, killing at least 57 people. It was reported:

“Insurgents increasingly use female bombers because their billowing, black robes easily hide explosives and they are less likely to be searched.”


The late great Pamela Bone supported banning the burka, but not the veil (simply because she feared a ban would add to Muslims’ feelings of alienation and victimhood.) Contemplating whether the hijab conflicted with Australian values, she believed women covering their hair so as not to provoke feelings of "lust" in men did conflict with our view that men are responsible for controlling their sexual urges.

She rightly saw the burqa as a symbol of female oppression which:
Fadela Amara “does not belong in a society like this,  and the women who freely choose to wear it are displaying as much insensitivity as would a Western woman wearing skimpy clothes in a Muslim country… burqa-clad women should not be teaching children — even in Islamic schools, which are supported by public money — because of the message it gives.” (source)

Much as I admired Pamela Bone’s great courage, in matters Islamic, I would defer to Fadela Amara’s viewpoint, that all Islamic coverings are symbols of oppression "The veil and the burka are the same thing. The only difference is a few centimetres of fabric."

In The Age, James Button pondered the issue:
“A country has denied citizenship to someone who has not committed a crime, rejected the nation's law or failed to learn the language, but because of her private beliefs.”

Wrong, Mr Button! In adopting salafism, she HAS rejected our laws.
Trevor Stanley, of Global Terrorism Analysis, explains the ideological heritage of groups such as al-Qaeda is Salafism, a movement that began in Egypt and was imported into Saudi society. (reference)

Surely you are not suggesting that al-Qaeda accepts our laws! And remember how CAIR’s representative stated "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant," which goes against our laws of non-discrimination and religious pluralism.

Walid Phares decries the Western tendancy to underplay the danger of salafism:
“These arch-Jihadists are believers in the restoration of the Caliphate aimed at establishing aJames Button Taliban regime in Algeria, as a prelude for a worldwide campaign for Jihadism. Unfortunately, the way some in academia and media describes the Jihadists as "solely" dedicated to fight local government wrongly inform the audiences… .all Salafists, like all Jihadis, are international in essence… Salafist’s action is centered on Takfir, a belief that any Muslim who does not embrace strict, medieval codes of conduct is an apostate deserving of death.”
“While it is true that Salafists born in Europe… are motivated to join the network, the reason behind it is deeper than just a so-called "Islamic anger over conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel." The reasons to join are a conviction that they are joining the Jihad, and pleasing Allah. They have been conditioned to see the world as a struggle between infidels and Islam… Jihadists who have never been to Palestine  side with Hamas; those who have never seen the jungles of the Philippines  side with Abu Sayyiaf; those who were born in Algeria and were shooting policemen and journalists decided suddenly to travel to Chechnya to behead Russian soldiers and shoot children in Beslan. (source)
But back to Button, who feels that, unlike the lawyer banned from court, or the teacher dismissed for wearing the niqab, whose public roles were impaired by the inability to see their faces:
“ Mrs Silmi is not a public figure…. Surely, her human rights, including the right to religious freedom, allow her to wear whatever she likes?"

Pamela BoneDespite worrying the decision.” might incite racist assaults” and “ risk compounding their sense of alienation” he concludes the court was correct to 
“penalise her for behaviour that is not evidently harming anyone, in the name of a greater good.”

While Button disagrees with the French ban on hijabs in schools:
“ the burqa is another matter. It signals either an intention to be separate, or that the woman lives in a prison. The idea that she cannot be seen because she might provoke male desire is absurd and unacceptable. More than that, though, the face is the means by which we recognise each other as human. In effect, the court has said that Mrs Silmi's rights are outweighed by the rights of others to see her… if she wishes to be a French citizen, she must take part in society, at least by showing her face.” (source)

I would argue Mrs Silmi’s rights have been taken away by her husband, who follows a patriarchal system which treats women as slaves.

How does it feel to be covered from head to toe? To find out, Elisabeth Wynhausen entered the world of a devout Muslim woman for half a day, wearing the full-length black cloak and headscarf and niqab: Wearing it

“I stifled the impulse to tear off the uncomfortable, intensely constricting garments, which were so physically constraining that they gave me the sense of confining my spirit.
Women from the Muslim world sometimes say that being behind the veil is liberating because they can go where they like and do as they like without being identified, but that is a freedom a Western woman may take for granted. Instead I found that even on a mild spring day, the outfit was suffocatingly hot.
The cloak restricted my movements. The veil restricted my vision. The straps pressed on my eyeballs. With my head swaddled in cloth and my face covered, I felt I could scarcely breathe. The sense that I had become an alien being was more oppressive still.”

And you thought torture was outlawed in the West!
Ask yourselves, is this what you want for the women and girls in your life?
If so, I have no hesitation in calling you a callous and depraved individual.

Veils could also pose a public health danger:
Elizabeth Wynhausen“The challenge of driving in the traffic squinting through the veil meant I was too focused on the road to do more than sense the stares of other drivers.. .I was still clutching at the abaya every minute or two, my anxiety about tripping over the garment alternating with fear that it would get caught in the machinery of the escalator.”  (source)

How about a new slogan “IF YOU VEIL AND DRIVE, YOU’RE A BLOODY IDIOT!”

In Australia only a tiny minority of Muslim women wear veils. Muslim convert Rabiyah Hutchison, former wife of alleged Jemaah Islamiah leader in Australia Abdul Rahim Ayub and mother of two of the terrorism suspects charged in Yemen. (see Sluts ‘R’ us - Jihad Sheilas) is one terrorist-endorsing “role model.”

For a detailed discussion of the text and full significance of hijab, see:
Hijab - Part 4 - 01/10/07
Hijab - Part 3 - 22/09/07
Hijab - Part 2 - 17/09/07
Hijab - Part 1 - 12/09/07

So is wearing the burka incompatible with Australian citizenship?
Let’s look at the responsibilities of citizenship. Citizens are required to:
1.    obey Australian laws
Islam requires obedience to its laws. Australia’s concept of equality is unacceptable to Islam - non-believers
cannot be the equal of the Muslims and women are subservient to men.

2.    enrol on Federal and state/territory electoral registers

Muslims must obey Islamic text and tradition, as the Qur’an and hadiths are the immutable word of God, and can never be changed. The idea of a consitution that can be amended or laws which can be changed is contrary to the principles of Islam.

3.    vote in elections

Enrolling and voting implies participating in our democracy, rule by elected representatives of the people.
 In Islam, power belongs only to God, so rule by men is forbidden.

4.    defend Australia should the need arise

Muslims’ loyalty is to the umma, not to the country in which they are living. Even wondered why when Australia and its allies take action overseas e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, or agree on certain matters e.g. containing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Islamists and their useful idiot supporters oppose it.
Notice how British-born Muslims express loyalty to Islam, not the country that they grew up in and which gave them many advantages. Look at the 7/7 bombers, who were not poor or disadvantaged, but hated Britain.

5.    serve on a jury if called to do so.

This implies recognising the jurisdiction of our Courts, whereas Islam aims to replace Australis’s laws with sharia, administered by sharia courts. (reference)

For all these reasons, Islam and the burka are incompatible with democracy. To repeat Fadela Amara’s words, the burka " is not a religious insignia but the insignia of a totalitarian political project that advocates inequality between the sexes and which is totally devoid of democracy."
Just remember - you are being deceived

So next time you are invited to an interfaith Islamic frolic, or an Islamic fashion show or watch Salaam Café with smiling hijabbed women, just remember you are being deceived. And public schools like Wellington Secondary College, which design hijabs for its students, are not being tolerant but are aiding Islamic apartheid (see The Islamization of our schools )

I applaud the French decision. My only quibble is why they granted citizenship to the husband, under whose rules the woman wore this degrading garment which imprisoned her wherever she went, whilst he was free to walked in the fresh air.

We should not, under the guise of freedom of religion, grant a licence to violent ideologies like salafism and other forms of Islamism which are now flooding our universities and attracting immense amounts of government funding. Any form of Islam which imposes halal food, sharia finance, hijab, separate prayer rooms and toilets for Muslims on campus is Islamist , and poses a danger to all Australians, including
those Muslims who have come here to escape Islam.

For the sake of freedom and equality, let’s deny Australian citizenship to Islamists.
Say NO to sharia!


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