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 Research reveals that in the 7th century there was a wide variety of marriages where often women had considerable power and independence  ---look at Mohammad’s wife Khadia in the PRE-ISLAMIC world—so Islam did NOT improve the position of women but set in cement forever their inferior position as nothing more than readily disposable personal prostitutes and breeding cows for Muslim men.
The Muslim man can obtain the use of her body for nothing (*Abu-Dawud Book 11, Number 2123) or a small payment (eg. iron ring,flour, dates, quotes from the Koran.. -*Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 80: *Abu-Dawud Book 11, Number 2105; *Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 72 ***..)  and can divorce her whenever he feels like it without any payment at all or limited support for 3 months.   Western society gives women equality, security and rights in marriage.   The few rights afforded the Muslim woman are trivial.
According to the scholar   Schacht (books on Islamic Law) 1960-70s -The Koran in a particular situation had encouraged polygamy and this from being an exception, now became one of the essential features of the Islamic Law of marriage.  It led to a definite deterioration in the position of married women in society, compared with that which they had enjoyed in pre-Islamic Arabia. 
Say no

Many have noted the decline in the position of women under Islam.

Judeo-Christian text eg Genesis 2.24 (Old Testament) states Man cleaves to his wife (singular) and Christianity which began at least 600 year earlier than Islam set one wife/one husband (Matthew 19.5-9).  Judaism legally banned polygamy around the 10th century yet it can never be removed from Islam because it is in the Koran as a revelation from allah and it was practised by Mohammad, the perfect example---this also applies to child marriage, slavery, rape of slaves, stealing from infidels, killing infidels , beating women, ploughing them like fields etc...This is Islam and it cannot be changed.

Results of Islamic polygyny:  destruction of equality between men and women:

1)  Islamic polygyny and all that goes with it (paedophilia, violence etc), legalises the inequality of women and their abuse.  

2)  No equal partnership - men have multiple partners, women cannot.   

3)  No personal relationship:
a) The time to be spent with wives is dictated indicating that this is not a personal relationship but a functional one as in a brothel with a time limit! *Muslim hadiths: Book 8, No. 3445: (Even the length of time spent with wives is set down!)
b) Women are for breeding:  Muslim men can't marry women who can't breed! *Abu-Dawud Book 11, No 2045:
c) Sexually experienced women are taboo (*Abu-Dawud Book 11, No 2046)

4)  Results in distrust between spouses -----Loyalty - NO!  Insecurity for women.

5)  Domestic and psychological dysfunction – women lose their sense of value or self-worth and their status.  No woman who values herself wants to be one of a tribe serviced by a so-called husband!
Insecurity for women. Smile!

6)  Even if left technically married, (often older) ‘discarded women’ are still owned and controlled by their ‘husband’ leaving them without a personal life in emotional solitude,  humiliated while he enjoys himself with other wives.

7)  Misogynist - men have ownership and control over several women.

8)  Social dysfunction  ---eg. ‘Polygamy to blame for French riots’: A French minister blamed the uncontrolled behavious of French (Muslim!) youths on polygamous households  (reference)
One could also add attitudes to women that result in the rapes, beatings even burning alive of Muslim women in the French Islamic enclaves detailed by gang-raped exMuslim Samira Bellil in her book 'In the hell of the tournantes' 2002!   Note ‘Impossible Family Dynamics of Islam’ By Nonie Darwish  (reference)

9)  Children learn from birth that women are of less value than men.  Women don’t deserve exclusive love...are expendable etc  (Islamic marriage isn’t love - marriages are often arranged, duties are set, the man obtains the woman’s body and can plough her as he wishes and divorce her with a few words.  She has little power or control..)

10)  Severe competition between siblings as new wives and children are added to the ‘family.’   Insecurity.

11)  Women become competitors as any woman under Islam can become another wife with equal rights to an existing wife.  This is worse than a wife and mistress as the mistress has fewer rights giving a wife and her children some stability and safety.  
No-one forces a mistress to be a mistress.

Yes we have some of these problems already when couples divorce and remarry with new children etc but this is magnified many times under Islam’s sharia where men can have 4 (or more)wives and many concubines at a time and readily divorce them.  
There's NO abuse of women under Islam, it's just simple justice.
It’s nothing more than serial ‘polyprostitution’ of women... eg In Malaysia Muslim men can divorce their wives by SMS message! A Muslim Malasian man bragged of his 53rd marriage-(Age Oct/Nov 2004).  A 64 year old Saudi male wed a 13 year old girl – his 58th marriage.  He wants 2 more wives but since Islam only allows 4 at a time, he uses a ballot to get rid of the excess (Reported 16/3/04) and Saleh al-Sayeri, (Herald Sun 3/1/05 p26) has married 58 females in 50 years- his last a 14 year old!  Saudi press reports claim half the marriages in Saudi Arabia break up!!
Phyllis Chesler stated:
In recent years, I fear that the "peace and love" crowd in the West has refused to understand how Islamism endangers Western values and lives, beginning with our commitment to women's rights and human rights. The Islamists who are beheading civilians, stoning Muslim women to death, jailing Muslim dissidents, and bombing civilians on every continent are now moving among us both in the East and in the West. While some feminist leaders and groups have come to publicize the atrocities against women in the Islamic world, they have not tied it to any feminist foreign policy. Women's studies programs should have been the first to sound the alarm. They do not. More than four decades after I was a virtual prisoner in Afghanistan, I realize how far the Western feminist movement has to go.(How Afghan Captivity Shaped My Feminism  Middle East Quarterly  Winter 2006, pp. 3-10 --please read ).
Yes, just wait for all those articles about how great Islam and polygyny is for women!  There are many articles that show how Muslims use our laws and loopholes to obtain extra wives and extra welfare benefits throughout the west.  Eg MUSLIM men in Australia are trawling "marriage websites" looking for second wives in what Immigration officials say is a growing illegal trade.  They advertise for obedient wives...and bring them in on visitor’s visas!! ( reference  April 09, 2006)

A couple of countries acknowledge Muslim polygamous marriages and now their taxpayers pay for private Muslim brothels and their society will pay for the diminishing status of women!  And our feminists, ---HA, HA!

Foolish western cultural relativists claim we cannot interfere with the abuse of women under Islam because that is their culture/religion.   BUT, all cultures/religious practices/values/attitudes are NOT equal or otherwise we would not work for a better world!  Clearly many Muslims regard our values and laws as inferior to theirs for they ignore and undermine our laws and attempt to force their sharia with all its evil onto us!  Islamic law allows the marriage of pre-pubescent children (ie 9 in Iran)  is that OK? 
Do we have a single standard of HUMAN RIGHTS or NOT!!   Do we stand by our values and laws or not!!
It hurts me more than it hurts you! 

Peadophiles may want to have sex with children (note Mohammad’s fine example); Muslim men may want to enslave and rape your daughter as part of the booty promised in Islamic text etc but we don’t allow these things just because someone wants to do them..  nor should we allow polygyny even if  Muslim men/women want it!!   

But how do you stop these demanding, financially well backed Muslims with contacts and appeasers in high places as they press harder for sharia?

Is this a possibility?
The Telegraph reported in 2004 that Ireland "has ordered all men from Islamic countries seeking residency to sign a sworn affidavit rejecting polygamy. … A man must swear he has ‘one spouse only' and ‘has no intention of entering into a simultaneous marriage.'" Likewise, the Italian interior ministry has asked Muslim groups to agree to a "values charter" that promotes monogamous families and the equality of women. (from ‘Take My Wives, Please: Polygamy Heads West’ by David J. Rusin  Pajamas Media  February 29, 2008 - LINK )

We must immediately put in place similar practices with deportation etc for breaking them.

Yes, I know they will lie but we must enforce our values and practices and resolve to defeat sharia.  We must also call for tightening of welfare payments as no doubt some ‘single’ Muslim women with children are also claiming welfare when they are really part of a Muslim man’s breeding herd.   With DNA testing and some simple enquiries we should be able to determine the father and insist he pays for his children (this goes for non-Muslim males as well) but we must never legalise polygyny which institutionalises women’s inferiority or any other aspects of their unacceptable sharia!

We also need to take a close look at immigration criteria - a major one should be ability to fit into Australian society, protect our society and abide by our laws which Muslims fail as their allegiance is to the umma and they have a completely incompatible legal/governmental system as ‘Islam’ is actually a political system (religion/government/law) ie they come with a ‘blueprint’ and ‘duty’ to make our society into an Islamic one!  We need to check who has power within our immigration department and who controls immigration applications in offices around the world.   The persecuted non-Muslims in the Islamic world (Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahai, Zoroastrians,  etc) MUST be given priority but can they even apply if Muslims control the offices??  Don’t imagine western educated Muslims are any less dedicated to installing Islam in all its ‘glory.’

All this requires a public and government that knows the true danger of Islam --  We’re working on it!

Al-Misri, Ahmad ibn Naqib;  Reliance of the Traveler:  A classic manual of Islamic sacred law.   In Arabic with facing English Text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller  amana publications  Maryland USA 1994

Sirat Rusulallah by Ibn Ishaq  Translated by A. Guillaume. Fifteenth Impression, 2001 Published by Oxford University Press, Karachi, Pakistan ).

Most text available at  HERE  for hadiths  and HERE   for Koran.

Note verse numbers can vary within translations.  Many 'English' versions are very 'sanitised' or 'mistranslated.'


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