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Media Ignorance

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Have a read of the following article that appeared in Brisbane’s Courier Mail on May 3-4th and see if you can spotIdiot Smile the paragraph that very nearly made me choke on my bacon sandwich.  Warning try not to eat whilst reading you may choke too. 

By Des Houghton

Just days after the September 11 atrocity in New York in 2001, the mosque at Kuraby in Brisbane was burnt to the ground. (*)

Angry young Muslims wanted revenge.  Seventy of them went to their imam, Dr Mohammad Abdalla, calling for retaliation.  “My immediate response was to tell them: Whoever did this(**), we will forgive them,” he said.

“I told them it was time to show the Islam is not violent.  I urged them to use the incident to begin a process of reconciliation.”

Dr Abdalla defused what could have been the start of an ugly religious feud. (***)

Lets face it Dr Abdalla 70 Muslims against the whole of Brisbane would not have ended very happily for you and your collection of violent Muslim thugs, you do not have the numbers yet that Muslims have in Sydney, hence no retaliation.  But critical mass is approaching and things will be different then, won’t they.

He took youth Muslim leaders to meet the Police Commissioner, Bob Atkinson, in a bid to promote harmony.

Can this be the same man accused of running a terrorist ring from Griffith University?

“There is no justification in Islam for the killing of any human beings – in times of peace or in times of war,” said Dr Abdalla, director of the university’s Islamic unit.

Another Mullah in a position of powerOk, this is where regular contributors to this website have a choking fit, there are at least 100 verses in the Koran and Hadith calling for violence, either Dr Abdalla is a complete liar or he has never read the Koran.  You will notice that our intrepid journalist does not question this statement at any point during this article.

I have sent an email to Des Houghton pointing this out and have listed many of the verse’s promoting violence, hopefully it may occur to Des that if Dr Abdalla has lied to him on this point then he can not be trusted on others.
After the Kuraby fire Dr Abdalla took comfort from words on a singed page from the Koran where Mohammed says a strong man is the one who can control himself in times of anger.  The words were all that survived the inferno.
How touching, I’ll bet Mohammed the perfect example of a human being (according to Muslims) controlled himself in time of anger also, see Tabari 7:97 The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, “Kill any Jew who falls under your power” Poor old Ashraf had made the mistake of insulting Islam, looks like old Mo lost his temper.  A modern example of course would be Theo Van Goth.

Dr Abdalla agrees that Islam is shrouded in controversy.  And he does not see anything sinister in accepting money from the Saudis to run his Islamic school.  “If there are no strings attached, I don’t mind where the money comes from,” he said. “At the end of the day it is the university who decides, not me”
Now why would Islam be shrouded in controversy?  Could it be the daily increase in the worldwide body count with over 11,000 documented attacks since 9/11, the killings and rapes never end, there is hardly a part of the world today that is not in conflict with Islam in one why or another, be it actual murders, rapes etc or a slow cultural take over.

Dr Abdalla would of course see nothing wrong in taking money from the Saudi’s, both he and the Saudi’s are of a like mind.
Born in Libya 37 years ago, Dr Abdalla and his family lived in Jordon for three years before migrating to Sydney.  He is married with a young son and completed a degree in engineering before studying Islam at Griffith.
Go back to Libya Dr Abdalla! Even better go and live in Saudi Arabia, your efforts to spread your malignant ideology would be much appreciated there.
Win-Win for Abdallah
Burnt to the ground or not it's a win-win situation for Queensland Mullah Dr Mohammad Abdalla.

He has travelled widely promoting Islam and has spoken in catholic cathedrals and state schools.  “We have differences between religions but we should respect those differences and talk about them” he said. “Why should we let them become and obstacle to peace?”
What a bullshiit statement that is, maybe if Muslims could control themselves for five minutes and stop killing we could all live in peace, but with Sura’s (2:191-193), (2:244), (2:216), (3:151), (4:74), (4:89), (4:95) etc, etc, etc, this is not likely to happen.

He is upset at the “totally biased” coverage of the Saudi funding controversy. “Our people lose hope when they read something like that,” he said. “It makes people angry.  And there is nothing secret, that was all lies.
Oh the poor baby, does he mean the totally biased coverage like that presented by Des Houghton?, as for making
Muslims provoked again
Outrage - Muslims acted under extreme provocation again!!
Muslims angry, Muslims are always on the look out for something to make them angry, whether its cartoons or a change in the weather.
“$100,000 from the Saudis, so what? Harvard university got $ 20 million and eight universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge, have received $ 233.5 million since 1995.
Yes and look at the mess the UK is in now with its Muslim population, 20 years from now Australia will be in the same mess, which of course it Dr Abdalla’s aim.

Dr Abdalla sees nothing wrong in taking money from a regime that allows young schoolgirls to be burned alive because they were improperly dressed.

He sees nothing wrong in taking money from a regime that beheads people in public, chops of limbs for minor crimes and promotes the stoning and whipping of women.

Why not go all out and take money from the mafia as well?

A towering figure, Dr Abdalla is not nearly as foreboding as he may seem.  He preaches peace and speaks with disdain about militant Islam and Osama bin Laden.  “Like any religion there are moderates and extremists, fundamentalists and lunatics.” He said.
Actually not all religions are the same, I would like Dr Abdalla to point out the last time a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Jew strapped on explosives and self-detonated in a crowd of innocent people.

Osama Bin Laden on the other hand is no extremist, he follows the teachings of Mohammad to the letter, he is in fact a good Muslim, Mohammad would be proud.

Notice that he tries to split Islam into moderate, extreme and fundamental.

Don’t forget the Saudi government is an ally with the West against extremist fundamentalists.
With allies like that who needs enemies?
Burning Church Hall
With religion like that you do not need enemies either - Muslim arson attack on  a church hall next to an Islamic Centre in the suburb of Macquarie
Griffith University should be asking themselves if they need to have person of this calibre heading their Islamic teaching (do they really need such a unit?) when he can make a statement like “$ 100,000 from the Saudis, so what?”

The atrocities committed by the Saudi’s in the name of Islam are well documented and I will not repeat them here, so at what point do universities draw the line and say “we will not accept dirty money”

Any organisation prepared to take money from the Saudi’s would also take money from the likes of Ted Bundy or Jeffery Dahmer, and why not, both loved killing in much the same way as our Saudi allies.

You know when our centres of teaching accept dirty money, when journalists are afraid to call these actions into question and our governments do nothing then we have probably lost this war already.

Strange isn’t it that when the wheat scandal was all the rage with the media, John Howard was beaten over the head because Saddam Hussein was involved, yet criticising the Saudi’s seem to be Verboten.

Editor's Notes:
Martyrology in the making with some great  help from our own media (Aussie Paliwood).  In fact it was the Christian churches and the synagogues, which were targeted first, before and soon after the tragic events of 911.
(*) The Kuraby Mosque was rewarded by the Federal Government  for ... "not retaliating":
In 2003, the rebuilt Kuraby mosque was awarded a $30,000 Living in Harmony Community Grant by the Federal Government. The money has gone into turning the mosque into a local education centre. (source)
A dramatic sescription of the events as well as the assessment of damages to the mosque:
Imam Akbar: And they saw a suspicious car coming down the hill, it turned the lights off, and this car was going up and down throughout the night, so they were pretty suspicious. So this car went across the road, and it stood where that ute is, and the person came out, the car was on and he came out, and he was running and he came out and he lit a bottle or something, I think it was a firebomb, and he threw the first one. When he threw the first one it hit the transliteration (Arabic inscription on the mosque wall) and there was a bit of smoke and fire. So this person, he stood up and started to scream and wave, because he’s only about 17 or 18.

David Busch: He was sitting guard right under the place where the bomb hit?

Imam Akbar: Yeah, right under it, and he had a leather jacket, that protected him. So he started to scream, and then the neighbours, my neighbours, that person who has the caravan, he got up and he called the police. While this was happening, he lit the second fire bomb, and when he lit that, because everyone was screaming, he panicked, and when he panicked he threw it but it only hit the grass, and then he ran off.

David Busch: So what damage was sustained? It looks like it’s only superficial scorch marks really.

Imam Akbar: Yeah, that’s about it, only a little bit, you can see the blackness, that’s about it, and some school kids came, Australian kids, and they came and they volunteered and they cleaned it up. (source)
(**) The perpetrator, a young man found guilty of burning the mosque was a  lonely village  idiot and yet the event became the symbol od all Australian hateful Islamophobia.
TERENCE GEORGE HANLON, aged 24, sobbed yesterday after a District Court jury deliberated for only an hour before handing down its verdict. HANLON had pleaded not guilty to setting fire to the Kuraby mosque. (source)
 (***) Did he really? Violent attacks on Christian churches and Jewish synagoges in Australia by "disgruntled" Muslims  are mostly unreported simply because our "community leaders" do not wish to provoke Muslims  into another violent outrage.
No further violence was reported last night, but four churches in Sydney's southwest have been attacked in 24-hours as the city's volatile riots spreads from race to religion. (source) 
Meanwhile, three times in eight days, vandals hit Banksdown Baptist, a church in a heavily Muslim area of Sydney. They broke 11 windows and attempted to burn down the church. The attacks caused the equivalent of US$8,500 in damage.

Archbishop Peter Carnley of the Anglican Church in Australia urges people to be cautious before expressing "understandable outrage" about terrorist attacks.  (source)
Rabbi Yosef Wernick and his family were inside a house attached to the synagogue when the projectiles hit the synagogue roof. Witnesses told police they saw a group of men running away. (source) 
 Sydney's Great Synagogue has been forced to cancel its annual Hanuka carnival, which was to be held on the 24th of December, because of fears that it would be targeted by racists.
There have been six serious anti-Semitic attacks in Sydney's eastern suburbs in the last six weeks, coinciding with the increasing tensions in the Middle East. (source)

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