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Stunningly Jihad Sheilas was shown on the ABC and is NOW available on our site (HERE) .  This is a summaryAussie Jihad Sheila with commentary in ( ) on the hour long ‘documentary.’

Let’s look at the lovely ladies involved - Rabia Hutchinson and Raisah bint Alan Douglas.

Raisah was interviewed by:
“two ASIO agents; One’s tall, very blond, both young 29/30..the other one’s very well made up with the bobbed brown hair..just looked like she’d had a boob job recently.  Oh my god she looked like a reject from sluts ‘r’ us...I’m tellin ya, all this up here---and they go ‘ASIO we want to interview you’”   

Raisah bint Alan Douglas has 8 children from 5 husbands and her current husband is a terror suspect.   Raisah, a Catholic from Dubbo, headed to Sydney at 16 and met some Muslim Africans.   She married a Muslim Somali.  Raisah - “in islam, no girlfriend/boyfriend, just marry.”    They moved to Melbourne, started a family, and existed in a Muslim group but the marriage fell apart.   Her mum suggested that all women become Muslims because of some trauma in their background!!
Raisah DouglasRaisah claims most converts follow a pure form of Islam-Wahabism.   
Raisah: “Osama bin Laden looked at Islam, took on this supposedly fundamentalist version but it’s NOT, it’s the correct version of Islam, the undiluted version.”
(She is correct - Abd al-Wahhab (~1691-1787) opposed all practices not sanctioned by the Koran and demanded a return to the original text etc! ie NOT a perversion of Islam as some claim!)  

She wears an abaya and criticises western ways.   Raisah: “people ask if I’m hot, I say it’s hotter in hell.”  (The female body is offensive in Islam and must be covered.   Raisah fears eternal punishment if she doesn’t obey)

Raisah: “when you become a Muslim, you so admire people with knowledge.  Oh be still my heart when he talks about jihad ,  the Arabic he speaks, ...stands there with his beard, sword  ‘I’m into jihad’  ...extraordinarily attractive!”
(Can’t she read the text?   Often converts who read the real text realise how vile Islam is and leave!  She is titillated by beards and violence)
Her 2nd husband is a Somali ‘refugee’ convicted of fraud and sentenced to deportation but he vanished and Raisah won’t say where he is! (Muslims don’t assist the infidel).   She gives birth.
Her 3rd husband is another Somali ‘refugee’ who sought a fertile woman but said he didn’t marry her to talk to her!  The marriage ended before the birth of their second child (3 husbands, many children and she’s in her mid 20’s!  Women must ‘satisfy’ men and breed for allah.)

The lovely Sheik Feiz appears –“have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam.”  He organises a polygamous marriage for Raisah to a Rwandan (wife, children).  Supposedly the wife agreed but later changed her mind.  In 1999 another child and ended marriage.  (Yes, this is Australia.  I live near a Muslim with multiple wives and many children.  British welfare maintains the private brothels of Muslim men...and here?)
Sheikh Feiz
Sheikh Feiz: ..have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam

Raisah’s 5th marriage was organised on-line to an American/Somali Muslim male with wife/children.   (Her comments when she saw him show her desperation for a man and deep seated self - loathing.   No woman with any self-respect would tolerate being used like Raisah!)   He flew to Australia.   

Raisah: “when I saw him it was love at first sight.  Allah you have given me this gift, he’s a gift.  How could someone this  wonderful marry someone like me who’s a little on the chubby side with 6 kids and a string of marriages.” 
They married in an Islamic ceremony but Omar had a wife of 16 years and 6 kids in the USA where he quickly returned!

September 11th :   
Raisah: “It’s not a bad thing for Islam what Osama bin Laden has said.  I believe he has woken a lot of Muslims up to the oppression they were under but didn’t realise.” 
(She can freely convert to Islamic evil here where Islam is protected, privileged and promoted while those who leave Islam face death even in the west and non-Muslims are viciously persecuted by Islam world-wide!!!  Brainwashed Muslims cannot see that Islam is the oppressor!)Hubby No.5

Another baby (7).  Omar seeks US citizenship and neglects to mention his Australian family to investigators.  A letter links him to terrorism.   Omar’s US visa was obtained under false pretences.  He runs a Santiago charity- the Western Somali Relief Agency –which received money from Global Relief, an Islamic group funding terrorism.  The letter claimed Omar channelled funds to al-itihad, a Somali terrorist organisation linked to al-Queda since the early 90's.  

Omar managed another flight to Australia and impregnated Raisah.  Of course, Omar just helps the poor!   Omar returned for the birth of his second child (8 now) then shot back to the US and was arrested in 2004.

Raisah: “they thought they had captured this wonderful big terrorist that was part of the African side......and that’s my husband their talking about ...”   She details the interest in her shown by authorities.
 (She’s finally somebody!!)
The money was impossible to trace in Africa so Omar was convicted of immigration fraud and deported in 2006.
Raisah claims the “west is invading our land” (but allah owns the world so there is no land for others!  Muslims have taken vast areas that were once Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan etc!!), “killing our people,” (it’s OK for them to kill us and each other of course) and that “suicide bombing is revenge”..  (then why didn’t the East Timorese whose land was taken, people killed, women raped, homes destroyed and mosques built everywhere bring their children up in hatred and strap bombs on their children’s backs or the Jews after the holocaust didn’t take revenge on the Germans, or the West Papuans....etc!!!).   She says that “if Australian soldiers come there, be assured that my children will be in front to give you the hard time you gave us.” (Islam = death cult)

(Did Omar marry Raisah hoping for Australian citizenship if US citizenship failed?)  The Auzzies weren’t having it so Raisah joined Omar in Nairobi, Kenya with their 2 children leaving the other 6 in Australia!!  She claims  “people want to see a return of Omar to the forefront in Somalia and I’ll be there beside him all the way.”  (Her status comes from him and she doesn’t want to surrender the lime-light!).

(Raisah has been used by many Muslim men to enter Australia and her womb used to breed more Muslims.  She isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and is easily persuaded.   She is dangerous due to her blind adherence to Islam, which humiliates her personally, but, thanks to the dodgy behaviour of 2 husbands, gives her the public notoriety she craves.)

Rabia Hutchinson: The Grand dame of terror and an extraordinarily bitter woman.  Rabia and Raisah are close friends.  Rabia lived in Indonesia, Pakistan and Afghanistan and hid in Iran.  She was married to a senior al-Queda member, and lived and worked with the Taliban and Indonesia’s Abu Bakr Bashir.
Blood Ties
Abu Bakar Bashir, left and Abdul Rahim Ayub - Rabiah's close "associates".

Rabia’s father was very scary, tough, strict and violent particularly when drunk.   Don’t step out of line or ‘whack.’ Her father hated drugs.

At 18 Rabia followed the hippy trail to Indonesia, converted to Islam and married a Javanese Muslim.  They returned to Australia but when police found cannabis in her daughter’s cot, her husband was deported and her father cut her from the family.

Rabia, left with 2 small children thought she would die and wanted to ‘repent’ ending up at Lakemba. 
Rabia: “when I moved to Lakemba I saw all these women in scarves.  I said what’s that you’re wearing on your head and they said it’s called a hijab and if a Muslim woman wants to go to paradise she has to wear one of these and at that stage I wanted anything that would save me and I said give me one and stuck it on.”

Rabia took her children to Indonesia seeking pure Islam.  She found a hardline Indonesian boarding school and lived in the compound studying Islam from the pure sources, living under sharia.
Rabia Hutchinson in her full Islamic attire

She married her 2nd husband and raised her children according to the rules of the school founders- Abu baker Bashir and another.  Both formed Jemaah Islamyaah.  Rabia describes them as “incredible human beings.”  
(Bashir recently told followers to bash infidels whom he called worms, snakes and maggots.... ).  (source)
In a 2006 interview with another Muslim he said:
The closest we ever got to an Islamic state was the Taliban government in Afghanistan’; described pure, original Islam as tough and hard;  Islam is in 2 parts-the Koran and the sword;  sharia must be enforced; the prophet carried a spear-we carry an M-16; there is no democracy in Islam;  Islam’s victory is through da’wa and jihad; the Koran cannot be discussed or have reason or rationality applied to it; those who oppose his allah-ocracy must be firmly dealt with..jihad in the name of sharia;  jihad is what brought Islam to power and built our community. There can be no Islam without jihad.

In 1985 they moved to Darwin where her 2nd husband, a Jemmaah Islamyaah leader, tried to set up an Australian base.   After her marriage ended she headed to Pakistan.  She met Osama and others and worked with a mastermind of September 11th  though she claims this was in his capacity as a doctor.  She claimed they were going to set up a state of the art hospital for women in Afghanistan and she was going to be responsible for it. (Truly comical given the Taliban’s sadism towards women!).   
From their Afghani base in 1998 al-Queda declared war on the west.   Rabia now lived with her children and the Taliban.  Her 3rd husband is a very senior al-Queda member and OBL advisor.  Her social status depended on her husband’s status.

Rabia: “I didn’t want to be bombarded with music and nakedness and alcohol and drugs and the lies of how Afghanistan was under the Taliban.”       
Drug Free
Afghanistan - a drug free country 
(The shear insanity of this statement is staggering - music, nakedness are certainly banned in Islam while alcohol is forbidden in the ahadith but the Koran merely requests alcohol be left aside…and drugs?   Well the Afghanis produce heaps and rub it on their babies lips, nearby Iran has a massive drug problem, in Australia the involvement of the Islamic enclave Lakemba in the drug trade is well known and in Europe “European media investigations and statements from law enforcement officials describe how (largely Muslim) Kosovo has become an open market for terrorists looking for weapons and explosives, a key global player in heroin trafficking, and the world’s most notorious center for sex-slave trafficking  (reference)
Can Rabia, supposedly a nurse, have missed the sadism of the Taliban towards not just little girls and women but to ordinary Afghanis?  Did she never see the women begging on the street or being beaten or executed in public arenas?  Has she never heard of RAWA or read My Forbidden Face by Latifa, a girl who describes the Taliban horrors including girls with their genitals ripped off!  Rabia is a fan of Bashir who regards the Taliban as the closest thing to a pure Islamic state and they adhered to Islamic text to the letter! )

Stunningly she later states:
“You tell me the Afghani people don’t want Islam-it’s a lie.  I know it works, I’ve lived it!”
Afghan junkies
Afghan heroin addiction is massive - Islamic influence on human aspirations and desires

(Tragically the Afghanis are still trapped in Islam as their leaders are Muslim, their constitution follows Islam, their courts and laws are controlled by fundamentalists and the situation has barely changed---women are still covered and poorly educated, little girls are married off and handed over to pay debts etc...others are persecuted.   Equality and freedom for women/non-Muslims is impossible under Islamic text and laws!)

She is accused of acting as a conduit, introducing foreigners to al-Queda.  She claims the west cares nothing for the starving Iraqis or Palestinians because they are Muslims. 
(In reality Muslims are most likely to be killed/injured by Muslims!   Does she care for the girls/women honour killed, beaten, raped, forced into marriage etc in both countries?  What happens to the billions donated to Palestine every year?)
During the strikes against al-Queda following Sept. 11th Rabia and her quite old children hid in a village and claims the villagers were killed by troops.  They fled to Iran which sheltered al-Queda leaders.   Disgustingly this woman who turned her back on Australia, went to the Australian embassy where she was told to return to Australia or she would be left without documents so in 2003 we got her back!   

Following the Bali bombing she stated:
“do I feel for the people that died?  Not as much as I feel for the 200 hundred Afghani people that gave me and my children shelter---why?  because they weren’t holidaying in someone’s country sometimes engaging in child pornography, paedophilia or drug taking.”
(Not only is this a monstrous statement to make but it’s shear hypocrisy given Mohammad’s paedophilia, his/Islam’s violence to females, and the powerful ‘medicine’ Aisha gave Mohammad that made him think he had sex with all his wives in one night...Also, had Rabia been concerned about the villagers rather than herself she wouldn’t have endangered them, but are her claims even true?)

Rabia’s passport has been removed but her lovely sons still travel.  To ‘further their Islamic studies’  they headed to Yemen.  In 2006 19 year old Mohammad and 21year old Abdullah were imprisoned for allegedly smuggling weapons to Somalia for al-Queda.  They were deported but Rabia said don’t return to Australia.   They went to Nairobi and stayed with Raisah and hubby.   According to intelligence authorities, Nairobi is an important staging area for al-Queda, al-itihad!  Next they went to Lebanon and joined ex-Sydney cleric Sheik Feiz (wanted for incitement according to Raisah) whom they had lived with in Australia.

Rabia is still regarded as a danger and inspiration for jihad and remains a fanatical follower of this horrific ideology which has taken her life, her son’s lives and the lives of many others!

(Rabia, another woman with multiple husbands in the service of Islam now has her power reduced and is very bitter.   She came from a vicious father who issued dictates and followed with punishment for failure to comply and she joined a vicious religion which issues dictates and severe punishment for any dissent only this time she complies voluntarily and instead of being the victim, becomes one of the oppressive enforcers. – Stockholm Syndrome similarities.)  

Both these women are devout Muslims.  Both assisted dangerous others to enter Australia.   There is evidence that they facilitated contact between Australians/English speakers and anti-western terrorist groups, and both would protect a Muslim rather than give them up to ‘unbelievers’ like our security services protecting our children.  Both are traitors to Australia which gave them the freedom to convert to this evil in the first place!   How many more are there?
Some will say this isn’t Islam but it is!  Don’t be fooled by women in pretty hijabs and pink suits who use preaching (da’wa) and lying (taqiyya) to lull westerners into a false sense of security.   True Muslims work for totalitarian Islamic rule with every horror that entails!

I don’t use the term slut and it certainly isn’t adequate to describe these women, but I leave the reader/film watcher to decide who the sluts ‘R’.
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