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Security for Hatcheries of Terror

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The Australian Government is to spend upwards of $20 Million providing “security” at Jewish and Islamic schools.

Julia GillardEducation Minister Julia Gillard confirmed the plan yesterday as Jewish and Islamic community spokesmen said they would welcome help with security measures such as cameras and 24-hour patrols, bollards to restrict vehicle access and shatter-proof glass.

Once again the Muslim community is perpetrating a colossal “me too” fraud on the Australian taxpaying population. The tactic of identifying itself under the banner of “Anti-Semitism” is an ugly and odious fraud, all the more despicable because the vast number of anti-Semitic attacks in this country are perpetrated by Muslims and Muslim sympathisers.

Federal Labor is aware that Australia's Jewish schools, as well as a range of other at-risk religious, ethnic and secular schools, are forced to maintain often elaborate and costly security measures to guarantee the safety of their students." (source)

“…., as well as a range of other at-risk religious, ethnic and secular schools?

I repeat - ? Que?

Well, yes; Australia is constantly aware of the perils faced by Buddhist schools, temples and retreats as well as Ba’hai and Steiner schools, the Hindu and Sikh temples, the Mormons and SDA.
At least the MSM is more honest than Julia Gillard. They don’t pander to the “inclusiveness” agenda, surprisingly. The truth is, when it comes to school security, Julia, there are only two players – the Jewish community schools and the Muslim. The other “rivalries” we know of….. we call it sport. The Catholics have been playing Rugby and Cricket with the Protestants for a long time….and no-one is dead yet!
Ikebal Patel
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ikebal Patel said he hoped Islamic schools in Australia would also receive assistance.
"There's certainly a need for security at our schools, and especially so during times at heightened tension - if there's something happening outside Australia, or in Australia - and we feel that there is a need for extra vigilance for the safety of our children," he said. (source)

Examining the statistics of incidents suffered by the various communities is illuminating.

Real-time concerns, which involve dead people and bleeding bodies – as opposed to imagined slights and bruised egos -  have “seen the Jewish  community forced into allocating considerable financial and human resources to provide security from acts of terrorism and anti- Semitism.

Communal security has involved literally hundreds of volunteers and professional coordinators, who supplement professional security guards at synagogue services and communal gatherings. Jewish organizations spend millions of dollars annually to employ security guards, maintain security installations such as cameras and perimeter walls, and ensure that volunteers have appropriate training.
Although this is motivated by a view that no gathering of Jewish people should lack adequate protection from terrorists, it is also based on the historical experience of Australian and, particularly, Sydney Jews.

This has involved:

  • Bomb attacks on the Israeli consulate in Sydney and the predominantly-Jewish Hakoah social club in Sydney's Bondi Beach in December 1982. (reference)
  • Fires set at one-quarter of all Sydney synagogues in early 1991.
  • An average of 302 incidents of anti-Jewish violence, vandalism, and harassment reported to the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) in each year from 1990 to 2005.
  • In July and August 2006, an unprecedented number of reports of vandalism, assault, harassment, and threats were received by the ECAJ, with 141 incidents logged in July alone.
  • The Executive Council of Australian Jewry' s 2007 report on anti-Semitism   logged 638 anti-Semitic incidents, including assault, intimidation, vandalism and harassment.
  • The previous record -- more than 550 anti-Semitic incidents -- was in 2002, when the second intifada was at its height.” (source: JCPA - edited by Blue Heeler)

Since the 11th of September 2001, the Australian government, acknowledging the concerns of Australians regarding Islamic terrorism, has increased its intelligence, counterterrorism, and policing functions. Our Government has also been forced to enact legislation to protect Australia from terrorism and terrorists.

 It is interesting to note that, of the people so far arrested, tried and sentenced, ALL have voiced specific anti-Jewish, as well as anti-western, threats. The first person sentenced, Jack Roche, was convicted of planning an attack on at least one Israeli target in Australia.

There are, as we all know, more trials pending.

The Press/Media Assault on Australian citizens

Australia’s Muslim and Arabic-speaking communities are extremely vocal on issues relating to the Ummah – the great Muslim community they dream of imposing – and their “religion”.

Discussion of the Middle East repeatedly crosses the line from acceptable political debate into outright and blatant religious and racial stereotyping; in fact, there was a disturbingly large volume of overt antisemitism from Islamic sources in Australia in 2005.

The Muslim community is has its own, extensive media, serving them in both Arabic and English.
These media often advocate extremist and antisemitic viewpoints within the communities they serve. For example, the publication Nida’ul Islam,  prints extreme views of members of the Islamic community in Australia and from a range of overseas commentators. The tone towards Jews is often hateful and inflammatory. Much of the material published in Nida’ul Islam infers the existence of an anti-Islamic conspiracy run by Jews but also including most rulers of Arab and Islamic states. Nida’ul Islam has launched such wonderful Australians as Sheik Feiz Mohamed, Wassim Douheri and Keyser Trad on their media paths.
Terror Site
A screen shot of web site, which recently vanished from the Internet with exception of just ONE PAGE containg links to  IslamCity

The issue of “Salam”, the magazine of the Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth , distributed in February, included an article on the Jews in the time of the Prophet which portrayed them as lying, deceitful, barbaric and scheming.
FAMSY speakers blame Australians for radicalization of "Muslim Youth" 

“Salam” also ran a piece by Swiss based fundamentalist theologian Tariq Ramadan headed, “My Fellow Muslims, We Must Fight Anti-Semitism,” reprinted from the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, which sought to identify Muslims as the real “victims” of anti-Semitism.

Another website, "Islamic Sydney" runs on-line forums, where some of Australia's most egregious and disgraceful, not to mention, illegal, anti-Jewish sentiment is regularly aired.
A check into their history is revealing. These are cited incidents from 2005/6.

  • In January, a discussion took place on “Freemasons and Freemasonry,” in which it was alleged Masonry “serves the aims of world Jewry” and “the core of absolute secrecy and strict hierarchy enables it to make use of the positions and influence of its non-Jewish members to serve the Jewish cause.”
  • In another discussion, ‘Afroz’, a forum mediator, referred to concerns about anti-Semitism as “a whole lot of huloo buloo” (sic) with “the use of victim mentality to make others a victim of theirs [sic]” (25 May).
  • In another discussion, it was alleged that “a Satanic Cult” comprising Jews “rules the world” (15 June).
  • Other contributors wrote: “Al-Qaeda is a Jewish myth just like the Holocaust” (21 Oct.);
  • “Jewish fundamentalism for instance teaches... Gentiles should not even be considered or treated as human beings” (8 Dec. 2005)
  • “Jews and Muslims were enemies even in the prophet’s time” (20 Dec.)
  • Misrepresentations of the Talmud and Judaism were posted to various forums (most extensively on 20 Dec.)
  • Similarly, depictions of Judaism as existentially opposed to non-Jews, in general, and/or to Islam, in particular, appeared on the discussion forum of the Islamic Association of Australia (2 March); Mission Islam (Australia) (22 July); Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah’s Islamic Information and Support Centre of Australia (18 Aug.) and Mecca News (7 Oct.)
  • In 2005, a number of Australian journalists exposed the promotion of vicious antisemitic material circulating amongst Islamic youth in Australia and the sale of books such as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” at major bookstores serving the Islamic community.
  • The spokesperson for Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia stated that “Jews are a people of slander” and that it was appropriate to kill Jews to “establish an Islamic state” (ABC Radio, 25 July).
ABC Interview

It is abundantly clear that protection from terrorism and the promoters of terror is warranted in Australia. It is also abundantly clear who needs the protection and from what.
Of course, Islam is nosing the trough of taxpayer money, once again, which Government foolishness and cowardice is encouraging.

This “me too-ism”, which we have come to expect from Muslims, is ludicrous and would be laughable, if not so serious.
Claims of violence and “retributive attacks”, in Australia and by Australians, are bandied about by enablers and pro-Islamists. Some even believe it and the idea that Australia is a seething cauldron of brutality towards Muslims, their schools and places of worship gathers credibility in places ideologically predisposed towards believing such nonsense.
Islamic Wisdom
Just a few verses of eternal love from Allah towards the Jews and Christians 

Here’s an oft-repeated bit of “evidence” from Melbourne, from a few years ago.

“Werribee College is from all accounts an Islamic school with a difference. According to former staff it was a longstanding practice of the school principal, Omar Hallak, to have Muslim staff sleep on the premises after big international terror attacks such as those in Bali and the London tube bombings to prevent retributive attack.”
However, a simple phone call to Werribee Police Station informs you that there has NEVER been an attack on the College. NEVER. I spoke to a senior staffer who has13 years service at the station and he assured me…. NEVER.
But that does not matter. It’s enough to say it happened, in Muslim circles, and it will be believed.

“But racism has deep roots in Anglo Australia. Its roots are nurtured and propagated by politicians, and the inherently racist media. As the domination of Australia by white Anglo settlers over the native and nonwhites prevailed, racist notions emerged as justification for white privilege and power. The arrival in Australia of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East resulted in racial confrontations with the Anglo settlers, promoting discrimination against Muslims. The violent attacks against Muslim Australians form (sic) Middle Eastern origin in the Sydney beach-side suburb of Cronulla was one recent example of Australia’s underlying racism.” (source)

Ah, yes; the Cronulla Refusals. How on Gods earth did those Aussie pigs manage it, without the help of the Jews!
Interestingly, the writer of the above piece, Ghali Hassan, who resides in Perth, has had this and similar articles published world-wide. One can only wonder at the damage this “grateful immigrant” – a supposed refugee from Afghanistan – has done to our nation’s reputation. It begs the question, Ghali – why are you here?
Here’s Ghali again:

“Following the Bali bombing, and out of "sadness and sorrow", the Liberal Government of John Howard saw an opportunity to instil fear in the Australian society and further inflame the situation by targeting innocent Muslims as "terrorist suspects". Without any evidence, homes of Muslim students in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth were raided by Australian Police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), seizing properties and interrogating terrified Muslim families. Even before the 9/11 attacks and the Bali bombing, Australia has always been a hot bed for racism against non-Anglo-Saxon minorities.” (source )
(Still, not all bad news on that front; Ghali has had his anti-Australian bile published in many places, such as: ZMAG.ORG I was disturbed to see this trash getting such publicity, until I noticed a commendation on the website: John Pilger – Britain. There was also “A Personal Message”, from Noam Chomsky! Perhaps our reputation is safe, after all?)
 Aziz ChoudryGhali is not alone in his Oz-bashing, though. Here’s another grateful migrant, Aziz Choudry, spouting forth about Australia;
“Such hatred and suspicion were not born overnight. Latent anti-Muslim sentiment lies close to the surface of New Zealand and Australian society. We live in countries forged out of the dispossession of Indigenous Peoples, consume a diet of CNN, CBS and ABC news, and regular action movies peopled by mad bad "Muslim" terrorists and heroic Americans. The infotainment slop served up by the major news corporations has done a great service in helping obfuscate the truth about US foreign policy and stunt development of an understanding of what really happens in the world.
Since September 11, mosques, Islamic centres and Muslim schools in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth and Sydney have been stoned, petrolbombed or defaced. An Islamic college in Adelaide was forced to close for safety fears after threats were made. Tram drivers harassed Muslim college students in Melbourne while in Brisbane stones were thrown at a bus taking Muslim children to school. A Lebanese Arab church in Sydney was stoned resulting in the postponement of a wedding”

The charges of violence made in this article are petulant nonsense, but make good copy. For example, the Gold Coast “stoning” of a mosque was, in actuality, a 14 year old boy who threw one rock.

There is also a great deal of suspicion that this incident, “Lebanese Arab church in Sydney was stoned resulting in the postponement of a wedding” was agit-prop, as they say, an inside job, committed by Lebanese Muslims in an attempt to gain sympathy and divert attention from the all-too-real Muslim attack on a Christian church in Lidcombe.

Here’s Melbourne’s finest Islamist, Yasser Soliman, with his two-bobs worth, following Bali 2.

“Mr Soliman said Australian Muslims prayed that the perpetrators would soon be caught, brought to justice and punished with the full force of the law. He said that from previous experience Australian Muslims may be targeted by those seeking revenge for the Bali bombings. He said several Muslims were assaulted in the wake of the September 11 terrorism attacks.”
88 Australians died, Yasser! Get over yourself.

True or not, these various claims amounts to a paltry number of minor incidents. None so serious as the bombing of a foreign Nations Consulate and Embassy! Muslim girls are not arriving at Hospital Casualty wards – but Jewish kids are.

I have scoured the news for legitimate examples of anti-Muslim violence. There is a welter of hearsay “evidence” – young girls claiming to have been spat on and insulted for wearing hijab or other muslim attire and the like. Nearly all such claims involve muslim womenCreep being vilified verbally. Whilst possible, the courts of Australia are not inundated with people who have been charged with any of these offences. Given what we know of the Politically Correct nature of our various state Police, that is a telling reality.

Compare the list of grievances with that of the Jewish community for a sense of proportion. 638 instances last year; an average of over 302 incidents every year since 1990.

$20,000,000 to protect the Jewish community from marauding islamists? Cheap, considering the benefits Australia has reaped from its Jewish community. In fact, let’s make it $40M, and show our appreciation of all the Jewish community has done for Australia.

Not so many Jews on Social Security, either! Must be their “international monetary conspiracy” connections!!
Back to the Rudd/Gillard “initiatives”

"The Rudd Government believes the resources invested in the provision of a quality education should not be diluted by onerous security needs," Ms Gillard said through a spokeswoman. "Priority will be given to existing schools with an already established or identified security need, but all applications will be assessed on the basis of an objective security assessment."
Confirmation of the move follows unrest in the NSW town of Camden, on Sydney's southwestern outskirts, which has been the scene of angry protests by locals over a plan to establish an Islamic school.”
There’s the true purpose of the $20M, I suggest.
Resist the ethnic experimentation with your town or suburb…… and you will meet the security forces. How do you feel now, Camden? Under scrutiny? It’s your $20,000,000.
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