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TV to the Rescue

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SBS Useful IdiotsI’m caught between two conflicting emotions as I write this article. I have a need/desire to ridicule the ideologues who control our media and who dare set themselves up as arbiters of “correct thought” for this nation, in the hope that exposing these types to public mockery of their propaganda will thwart their purposes.
On the other hand, and more pressing, I am consumed with anger and want to demand the complete and total censure of these “useful idiots”.

(I would hesitate to label them that, actually, given the Stalinist connotation of ignorance in complicity that it implies. I hesitate because SBS and its minions cannot be in ignorance of what they do. “Useful idiots”? Traitors, more like it. Given the climate in which this “entertainment” will be launched, it can only be seen as a mechanism for manipulation with much purpose and understanding behind it.
For various reasons, mostly to do with censorship and a Politically Correct enforcement of our misguided Multi-Culturalism, many Australians still lack detailed knowledge of islam and the intentions of Islamists. While it is not true of the readers of this website, it is very true of the general populace. It would be fair to say a huge percentage of Australians hold serious misgivings about islam and Muslims, but they do not really know why.
For them, the message is:
 Don’t worry, SBS is about to tell you how to think upon this vexatious problem of the Trojan Horse in your midst. (Many thanks to J-Tex)

Help is at hand, in the form of a new Australian police drama about to be screened on SBS.
The Sydney Morning Herald’s television supplement “The Guide”, in a front page cover story, trumpets the new series as “SBS delivers the best local cop show in years.”
This new Australian cop show is titled “East West 101”, and the Herald’s article by Greg Hassall, states:The good Muslim
“East West 101 puts a contemporary spin on a great local cop show tradition”.
Just what is this “contemporary spin”? Cynics might deduce that this ‘contemporary spin’ finds its “raison d’etre” in Lakemba, and it’s historical veracity based on the reality of the now disbanded “Middle East Crime Squad”?

The article continues:
“It’s been a long time between drinks for fans of edgy, complex local police drama. After the ABC’s “Wildside” wrapped up in 1999, there’s been ….well nothing really.
That all changes this week as SBS launches East West 101 , which reunites three of the key creative people from  “Wildside”  - director Peter Andrikidis, producer Steve Knapman and script producer Kris Wilde (Knapman and Wilde went on to create White Collar Blue for Ten in 2002).
Here, as in Wildside, there’s a preference for gritty Sydney locations, multi-dimensional characters, naturalistic performances and a compassionate world view

Not unexpectedly, given his position at the SMH, Hassall is telling us that there has been “nothing really” since the ABC’s  “Wildside”, but then in the next breath he tells us that two of the creative people associated with “WildSide” went on to create “White Collar Blue”! Apparently “gritty, edgy, complex” local police dramas can only appear on ABC or SBS; any cop shows that appear on the commercial networks are, … “well, nothing really”.  

Pretty Cop(Presumably, that “nothing really” would include shows such as “24”, which had the temerity to buck the directives of the PC Directorate and dare portray Islamic terrorists as…..Islamic terrorists!
 Well, “nothing really”, because Islamic organisations such as CAIR launched law suits against “24”, forcing it to delete any reference to Arabs, Islam, the Koran or Islamic culture in connection with radicalism, terrorism and fanaticism. “24” fought a brave fight, but eventually backed down. The star, Keifer Sutherland, was forced to go on air and publicly apologise for inferring that Islam was in any way associated with terrorism.)

However, back to “East West 101”.
  • 101 has always been a cipher for “elementary/basic/juvenile”, with the connotation that stupid people need 101-level teaching before being able to enter a mature debate. Australia, apparently, is as yet unable to form opinions on Islam. We must not have enough data or experience. We need Islam 101, and SBS is leaping to the fore, willing to deliver a sanitized Islam for our edification.

  • The phrase “a compassionate world view” should ring alarm bells. You don’t need to be a genius to conclude that this “world view” pits the splendors of Islamic culture against the primitiveness of Anglosheric “culture”, such as it is.

Ready yourselves for the noble Muslim, battling the prejudices and bigotry of the Anglo “criminal off-scouring” – those scum who came in chains.

Hassall continues:
“But this is Wildside for a post-September 11 world.  It centers on a Muslim detective, Zane Malik, haunted by a robbery 20 years earlier that left his father mildly brain damaged.  At work Malik clashes with the bitter, racist Detective Sgt. Ray Crowley(William McInnes) while their boss, DI  Patricia Wright(Susie Porter) , tries to maintain the peace. Each of the six episodes deals with a specific crime, ste among a different ethnic sub-group, although there are several storylines that run through the series.”

1.    Note how the scriptwriters contrive to have audience sympathy go to the Muslim cop, de facto, by having him “haunted by a robbery 20 years earlier that left his father mildly brain damaged.”

2.    Secondly, notice how it is the white Anglo–Australian cop who is the “bitter, racist”.

How convenient! It is also little wonder that uber-leftie William McInnes has decided to play the role. He would have been banging the doors down at SBS, demanding the role, I’d imagine. If ever there was an Aussie who feels he has the patent on “Australianess”, it’s this self-righteous commie bastard.

Accompanying the SMH article are some stills from the program, one of which features the Muslim cop character on his knees, next to his father, in the act of “ salah” , Muslim prayer, so it is fairly safe to assume that the Muslim character is a practicing Muslim to some degree at least, and so for whom the Quran must have some bearing on his worldview.
This is the guy in the “White Hat”.

As most of us reading this post would well know by now, especially in this “post September 11 world”, a pretty solid argument can be put forward for charging Islam and the Quran with racism, especially in regard to its attitude toward us infidels, or kaffirs. The Arabic word kaffir literally translates as “ingrate”.  Many Australians are becoming familiar with this appellation but I will bet not many know of the other common name Arabs have for us “ingrates” – habash. The best literalisation of that word is “nigger”. Welcome to your future, Australia.
Muslim youths after the rampage in Maroubra


So, why is it that the white Anglo-Australian cop in this new program is the “bitter racist”.  That, of course, is one of those silly rhetorical questions that we all know the answer to. Despite that, however, one wonders if the scriptwriters of this new “edgy, complex local police drama”, have actually read the Quran and studied up at least a little on the key concepts of Islam.

But I suppose that would be getting just a too little “complex”, not to mention controversial, eh? Perhaps the Emirates, who now fund Australian film and television, would object and remove Peter Andrikidis, Steve Knapman and  Kris Wilde from the Arabist teat?

Hassall article continues : 
“It’s not just a police show, “Andrikidis says.
Ahah !  A slight glimmer of truth inadvertently shines through!
No, this is not just a police show, it’s multicultural propaganda disguised as a police show.

The article continues….

“It’s not just a police show“, Andrikidis says. “It’s more about how you deal with being a Muslim in 2007 and how Australians react to that in the workplace.”
Knapman sees a broader message in the show - “the idea that what separates us as human beings is just ideology and it’s a bit silly to go to war with each other because of that when we have so much in common.
Ah, yes; it’s all about how white Anglo-Australians react to Muslims in the workplace.
And, of course, the “broader message” (oh, how deep and complex!) ,that it is “just ideology “ that separates us. Yes, but who’s bloody ideology is it that separates us? Its certainly not Western, Christian democratic liberalism, as it is impossible to find anything more bloody inclusive!

Ah, but then we get to the crux of the matter- “it’s a bit silly to go to war with each other because of that when we have so much in common”.Money buys all
Yes, and which war would that be?
I bet it’s not the Second World War, even though that was fought over clashing ideologies, that is, democracy versus Nazi totalitarianism.
I just bet the war they are talking about….. is the current conflict in Iraq.
Yes they drop a big hint later on in the article.

“The seed for “East West 101” was planted several years ago when SBS’s Glenys Rowe asked Knapman and Wyld to make a cop show for the network.
She was a fan of “Wildside” and wanted something similarly gritty, but for an SBS audience”.
Yes, you see SBS’s audiences like their cops shows to have the pretence of being a bit more “complex” than those shown on the commercial networks, they like a bit of “cultural relevance”.

“The original brief to make a crime show was good but we’d made two crime shows that were a bit different and knowing it was SBS we had to figure out how to deal with the whole multicultural aspect,”  Knapman says .
Why do they feel compelled to “deal with the whole multicultural aspect” at all? Surely, a cop show is about crime and criminals? Dare one mention….aganda?

Wary of contrivance (LOL), they approached police sources they had cultivated during “Wildside”.  One of them suggested they talk to Hany Elbatoory, a Muslim detective of Egyptian descent who had led a group of detectives in the ‘90s affectionately known as the Wog Squad.
Note that the real life cop upon who the Muslim character is based is of Egyptian descent.  We will get back to this aspect soon.

“Elbatoory’s stories provide the basis for East West 101. Malik is based directly on him and other characters are based on his fellow officers. For Knapman, it means the show rang true. “It wasn’t just designed to suit SBS,” he says.  “It was just real and reflected totally the reality of policing in this state.”
For SBS, the show ticks all the boxes. “What’s interesting about East West 101 for SBS is that we’re making a genre show but we’re also meeting all the multicultural requirements,” Knapman says.
So, there are “multicultural character requirements” for SBS shows.

Now, remember how the real life Muslim cop that the Malik character is based on was Egyptian?  Well, despite all their striving for realism and truth, having the character remain Egyptian wasn’t good enough for some reason. so…
“The decision to make Malik Iraqi rather than Egyptian was a practical one, as Hany (the actor playing Malik) is part Iraqi. He could have played an Egyptian but the deciding factor was the casting of Malik’s father, one of the hardest roles to fill. Finally, after the usual casting avenues had been exhausted , Hany suggested his father, Toffeek, who had never acted before.  
And pigs fly!
Could the real reason they decided to make the Malik character an Iraqi be so they could make a connection, however tenuous,  with the Iraq war, bane of all lefties as it is?
How stupid do these people think we are?!!

“The guy had to speak Arabic fluently and had to speak English fluently and had to pray properly and be familiar with the Koran but also had to be free to bastardise it because the character is sick,” Hany says. “For true Muslims to be on camera and praying and stuff is not cool, so we had to find someone who knew all about it but was cool to do it. The clincher was he had to look like me.”
Yes, there are a lot of things that Muslims are not cool with, like cartoons of Mohammad and school kids naming a teddy after their prophet.

This new SBS show indicates the preferred future of Australia our cultural elite have decreed, both in the make believe world of show business as well as the real world that all of us are confronted with everyday.

East West 101 begins on SBS on Thursday at 8.30pm. You could always try and contact SBS, I suppose.
Last Updated on Thursday, 20 December 2007 10:32  

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