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Islamic Voodoos Part 5A

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Islamic Black Magic  
(A note of caution: The contents of this article might offend some readers)

AmuletIslamist apologists often extol the scientific nature of Islam, that Islam has no room for spirituous mumbo—jumbo. This blatant distortion of the truth about Islam might work well for those who have no or very little idea about the proliferation of many superstitious Islamic rites routinely performed for the alleviation of many afflictions. If you ever chanced to observe any such superstitious rites, you will be amazed at the similarities between Islamic procedures and the Black Magic performed by many voodoo cults in Africa and South America.
First, let us examine the Qur'an and its use to perform Islamic Black Magic. Many Mullahs routinely perform such rituals as professional Islamic black magicians. Please note that both Shias and Sunnis practice Islamic Black Magic, although the Shias are more prone to resort to such rituals.

The Use of the Qur'an as Black Magic
One of the most commonly practiced Islamic black magic is istikhara. This is the use of the Qur'an as a talisman or the reading of the Qur'an for some magical results. The seeker of istikhara goes to a Mullah who is an expert in this magic. The Mullah repeatedly recites verse 6:59 of the Qur’an, and having given salutation to Muhammad, closes his eyes, turns his face upwards, and utters Allah while moving his fingers across the pages of the Qur'an. Then he stops his finger and reads the first sentence or the part of sentence on the page of the Qur'an. The Mullah then provides the answer to the candidate’s question.

The Shias believe that Husain, Caliph Ali’s eldest son, and a grandson of Muhammad wore a talisman containing the Suras 113 and 114.


Koran-Amulet  case in silver with fire-gilded stamped decorations and carnelian, used to contain verses from the Koran by Yomud Turkoman Tribes. Central Asia 


Also widely used for Islamic Black Magic is Sura Ya Sin (Sura 36), considered to be the heart of the Qur'an. The victims recite this Sura at times of adversities, illness, fasting and on the approach of death. Ibn Kathir, the most eminent Qur’anic tafsir writer scribes that whoever recites Ya Sin at night will wake up forgiven, and whoever recites Ha Mim (Sura 41) in which Ad Dukhan (the Smoke) is mentioned, will wake up forgiven.
According to ibn Abbas, Ya Sin is a Syriac language, which means ‘Glorified is His mention’. On the potency of Islamic Black Magic of this Sura ibn Ishaq (p.222) mentions that when Abu Jahl’s people went to Muhammad’s house to kill him, Muhammad recited 36:1–8 and sprinkled dust on the faces of Abu Jahl’s men, and they failed to see Muhammad.

Today, this Islamic Black Magic is very much alive among the devout Muslims. If a Muslim is serious about protection from harmful slander, he just recites verses 36:65–66. When a Muslim suffers from pneumonia or dysentery, all he/she has to do is to write these verses on a piece of paper, wash the paper with water, and then drink the water. If a Muslimah follows this procedure during child–birth she is guaranteed to have a painless child birth, the Mullahs firmly believe. For toothache, write verses 36:78–83 on paper and hang it on the side of the ear of the aching tooth. This will remove the toothache—Islamic style.
Today, this Islamic Black Magic is very much alive among the devout Muslims. A Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement fighter carries many leather Koran-Amulets for protection against bullets, grenades, knives and bombs. He also carries a pistol (just in case).
Other Suras, which are quite frequently used in Islamic Black Magic, are: 48 (Victory), 55 (ar Rahman), 60 (Mumtahan), 72 (Jinns or Spirits), 78 (the Tidings), and 114 (Mankind).
Here is a brief list of Islamic Black Magic via the Qur'an:
  • To protect valuables in a box—write Sura 114 on paper and store the scribble in the box.
  • To prevent moth attack—write 2:267 and keep it in clothing.
  • To prevent the effect of evil eyes—write 2:14–15 on a turtle’s skin, and keep the turtle with you.

  • For abundant produce from a garden, write the entire Sura Ya Sin (Sura 36) and hang the paper on a tree in the garden.
  • For personal security, wear Sura Ya Sin inserted in a talisman.
  • To find hidden treasure, tie verse 3:9 and the entire Sura 95 (The Fig) on a white rooster’s neck, and let the rooster find the treasure.
  • To overcome thirst during a journey, write verse 2:6 on a piece of paper, wash the paper, and drink the water.
  • To eliminate fatigue of a long walk, tie verse 36:25 on your feet.
  • For safe long journey in the sea, and to ameliorate draught and famine, recite repeatedly 2:256–260.
  • For protection against flood, wear verse 36:48; even when the whole world is flooded theCar Amulet wearer’s sole will remain dry.
  • To be a famous scholar, on the first Friday of the month, during sunset, write on a black stone verses 5:109–112, and wear the stone carving.
  • A man hunting a suitable marriage partner, write 4:87–89 on a piece of garment worn by a young married woman, keep that garment with him. In due time, his match makers will find the woman he has in mind.
  • Woman wanting to maintain harmonious relation with her husband, write the above verses (4:87–89) on a piece of paper, insert the paper inside a talisman, and hide that talisman under the pillow of husband.
  • To destroy an enemy’s house, write 3:122–124 on a piece of horse skin, bury it underground on your enemy’s property, and in due time Allah will destroy the property.
  • If you desire the death of another person, read 2:256–260 and Allah will do the job.
  • Alternatively, on plaster of paris, make a mask of the enemy’s face; write 5:30–33 on the mask’s face, write the name of the enemy on the back of the mask, and then stab with a knife Pendantthe location where the name is written.
  • For bullet proof vest, Islamic style, write the entire Sura Ya Sin (Sura 36) on an Islamic shirt, and wear it. No bullet will pierce this Islamic vest.
  • For abundant supply of needful, recite the verse of Throne, that is, ayatul Kursi (2:255).
  • To overcome a grave situation—recite forty times a day verse 3:141 for forty days.
  • To possess great physical strength, do as above, but nineteen times a day for nineteen days.
For good health, do above, but five times a day for five days.
  • For safe keeping of money in a bank, or to be released from a prison, recite Sura 72 (the Jinn).
(The above list of Islamic Black Magic is the adopted version of an article on ‘The Koran a Magic.’ For details please visit: THIS WEBSITE).

Here are more examples of Islamic Black Magic from the Qur’an:

  • In verse 2:260 we read that upon Allah’s instruction Abraham killed four birds, but they became alive again. This was the demonstration of Allah’s power to Abraham.

  • To illustrate this incredible Islamic Black Magic ibn Kathir writes that Abraham kept the heads of the four birds he slaughtered; other parts he scattered on four mountains. Then, as per Allah’s instruction he called these birds, and they came back to life and walked back to him. Each birdMullah from Western Africa came to Abraham to collect its head.

  • Jalalyn writes that Abraham took a peacock, an eagle, a raven, and a cock to perform the above Islamic Black Magic.

  • The Qur'an says that Jesus performed a similar Islamic Black Magic as Abraham did. In verse 5:110 Allah says that He gave Torah and Injil (Gospel) to Jesus; Jesus made a bird out of clay. Then when Jesus breathed into this clay bird it became alive and flew away. Allah empowered Jesus to heal the lepers, and to give life to the dead persons. This verse also says that Allah made Jesus speak from his cradle.

  • Verses 5:112–115 say Jesus requested food for his disciples and Allah sent food to them but with a stern warning.

  • Verse 3:46 says angels told Mary that Jesus would speak from his crib.

Here are a few more samples of Allah’s black magic contained in the Qur'an:
 Mo kicks the bucket
  • Allah transformed some unbelievers (Jews) into apes, some to swine...5:60

  • Jinns take lives of many humans; those men who made friends with the Jinns, Allah will send them to hell to dwell there permanently...6:128

  • Allah sent to the disbelievers of Moses’ people: 1. Epidemics like plague among men and beasts 2. Attack of locusts 3. Attack of lice 4. Attack of frogs 5.Water turning to blood...7:133

  • Allah caused a man to sleep for a century, then raised him up; but the man thought that he slept only for a day...2:259

  • Messengers of death terminate the lives of the rejecters of the Qur’an…7:37

The authentic Islamic sources are teemed with multitude of incredible, audacious, and mind boggling stuff, which can be classified as plain black magic. Here is a short list of such Islamic magic materials. To keep short the length of this episode it is a summarised version of major Islamic superstitions and Islamic Black Magic.

Effects of Evil Eyes

This is an interesting topic. Most Muslims believe that the manner in which a person, especially an infidel, looks at a Muslim, or at any object he (the Muslim) possesses, or at any food he eats, has an effect (evil) on his personal well being. For example, in some Islamic countries, it is widely believed that one should not eat in the presence of a beggar or in front of a starveling person. Because, the penetrating look of the hungry person will lead to stomach cram in you.
Evil Eye Charms
Basket of evil eye talismans for sale at an outdoor market in Istanbul 

Here is more on this Islamic voodoo:

  • The effect of an evil eye is a fact…(Sahih Bukhari, 7.71.636)Hamza

  •  If you are caught by an evil eye then take a bath…(Sahih Muslim, 26.5427)

  • The effect of evil eyes to cause sickness is true…(Sunaan ibn Majah, 5.3506, 3507)

  •  For affliction by evil eyes use water in which Muhammad’s hair has been soaked…(Sahih Bukhari, 7.72.784)

  •  Truffles juice is a medicine for the spell of evil eyes…(Sunaan Tirmidhi, 1194)

In Ash Shifa (p.284) we read that Muhammad used talisman to word off the effect of evil eyes. Ibn Ishaq related that the Messenger of Allah used to have a talisman against the evil eyes before the revelation descended on him. After the Qur'an had descended on him and he was afflicted with something of the evil eyes Khadija asked him, “Shall I send someone to you to make a talisman for you?” He replied, “No, not now.”

Islamic Incantations, Charms, and Spells

Here is a short compilation of these Islamic rituals:
  • Incantation is allowed in every type of poison…(Sahih Bukhari, 26.5442, 5443)
  • Muhammad identified the black scar face of a girl as the influence of an evil eye and recommended to cure her by incantation…(Sahih Muslim, 26.5450)

  • Bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion, recite Sura Fateha (Sura 1) and spit on the bitten part; cure the lunacy of a lunatic by reciting Sura Fateha in the morning and in the evening, and spitting on the lunatic for three days; Muhammad said Islamic charm is the only genuine charm…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.23.3413)

  • Umm-ul-Qur’an (Sura Fateha) incantation is a cure for all diseases…(Sahih Muslim, 26.5459)

Taliban Boy
A boy from Afghanistan wearing protective amulets 

  • To ward off the effect of evil eyes of jinns or human do incantation of the last two Suras of the Qur’an…(Sunaan ibn Majah, 5.3511)

  • Muhammad believed in magic and thought that he was under the spell of a magic cast by Labid bin al-A'sam…(Sahih Bukhari, 7.71.658, 660, 661)
  • Labid put magic spell on Muhammad. Muhammad claimed that the magic spell consisted of 11 knots…(Lings, p.168)

  • Muhammad was under a spell of magic; he was bewitched, thinking that he had sex with his wives, when he did not…(Sahih Bukhari, 8.73.89)

  •  There is no harm in casting spell so long as it does not involve polytheism…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.28.3877)
  •  Due to spell, Muhammad’s memory started failing. Sura 113 and 114 refer to this charm…(Lings, p.261)
  •  Islamic geomancy is allowed…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.29.3900)
  •  For some severe pain wash the affected part seven times with your right hand and say Muhammad’s prayer of casting spell…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.28.3882)
  • Muhammad used to heal his wives by placing his right hand over the place of ailment and chanting litany... (Sahih Bukhari, .71.639, 646)

This episode is part 5A of the series Islamic Voodoos. Abul Kasem writes from Sydney. Send your comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
All Islamic Voodoo Parts are available HERE !


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