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Hijab - Part 4

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Hijab: Islam’s version of the Nazi swastika.  Part 4: Dangerous consequences:

Muslim women have stated that they began wearing the hijab etc AFTER the September 11, Islamic terrorist attack to show they were proud to be Muslim!!!  How could any woman be ‘proud’ to follow a man who was a paedophile, endorser of clitoridectomy, slave trader, rapist, polygamist, punched his child bride and endorsed whipping/beating women and ploughing them like fields, stoned women to death, flogged his slave women for fornication while he had sex with slaves himself, propositioned women and passed them round to friends, denied women equal inheritance, or equality under the law etc forever and abused and denigrated them in every way--not to mention his general sadism to others, mass murder, amputations, beheading, flogging, thievery, lying, megalomania---unending horror …!!!).  The hijab is symbolic of Islamic violence, control, threats and totalitarian political aspirations! 

Celebrating 911
Muslim women have stated that they began wearing the hijab etc AFTER the September 11, Islamic terrorist attack to show they were proud to be Muslim!!!
ANY acceptance of such attire is Islamisation-----numbing us to the abuse and repression of females under Islam and indicating we tacitly accept Islam’s definition of women as inferior, offensive, shameful and the sexual property of men!  We also accept the very real threat of violence/rape of those who don’t comply-it’s the female’s fault!!!  And we accept totalitarian Islam’s political symbol in our schools, institutions and streets.


Lakemba Ladies
Hijabs on the streets of Sydney

Wal (Australian 25/8/07)  says we must treat Muslim women as human beings whose views matter ---tell that to Muslim women like Samira Bellil (France) who was gang-raped many times for failing to adhere to Islamic dictates or to Wafa Sultan (USA) who lives with death threats; tell that to those in the Islamic world and Islamic enclaves in the west where all kinds of violence are enacted on Muslim women!  While you’re about it Wal you might like to mention the rights of non-Muslims in those lovely Muslim Paradises or don’t they count?  Just like it’s Islam that persecutes others, Wal, it’s Islam that persecutes women and we have every right to express our loathing for Islam’s attitudes and practices which are repulsive to our ideas of female freedom and equality!   

Samira Western Muslim women can, to cover their own inability to confront Islam’s loathing of women, invent any excuse they like for wearing a hijab but that doesn’t remove its symbolism for others based on Islamic text.  After all, SS uniforms and Klu Klux Klan outfits might be worn for ‘fun’ but that doesn’t remove their horror for others as you cannot alter their symbolism and history.  Just as I loathe the attitudes and practices behind the SS uniforms and Klu Klux Klan outfits so do I loathe the attitudes and practices associated with hijabs, niqabs, abayas, burqas, chadors.  All are the emblems of hatred, oppression and fascist/totalitarian violence and aims and I don’t want any of them in our streets!

Some other serious consequences:

a) Heat stress/child cruelty:  On a hot day around December, I saw a tiny Muslim girl (Mother in full black with veil) with her head completely wrapped, a coat, a long tunic and pants to her feet!   This is child cruelty, no different from locking a child in a hot car- but we do nothing! 

Associates who resided in Saudi Arabia where females are forced to cover up describe the stifling effect of the attire, their invisibility and the enforcement of such attire by ‘morals police’ and threats of violence and rape!  (Remember dear Hilali!!)

b) Denial of full freedom and equality:  Wrapped-up Muslim girls will never feel the wind in their hair or put on bathers and play at the beach!    What happened to their freedom and equality, which also means equal opportunity to carryout activities etc!!  Forget the cross country as Islamic attire can cause dangerous overheating.   But, rather than challenge their sick views of the female body, we’ll probably be forced to run special ‘Islam compliant’ events with blacked out windows in swimming pools, view guards along the cross-country course etc so these girls and their evil bodies remain hidden!!  Islam destroys all the rights and freedoms women fought for so that girls weren't discriminated against!  Under Islamic gender and religious apartheid, excused using claims of 'freedom' and religious right…girls, too young to choose, are again brutalized and discriminated against!    Hiding in denial

c) Some Muslim girls never participate in Australian society as they live in Islamic enclaves, attend Muslim schools where they are wrapped-up and segregated from boys and non-Muslims and are restricted to home until married at an early age!

We must NOT allow Muslims to destroy our hard won freedom and respect!   Men must be taught that in Australia women are equals, deserving of respect and freedom from abuse, even if naked!   Little girls must learn that there is nothing shameful in their body and they do not need to hide it away or fear violence from men (or allah!) for failing to do so!!

 d)  Physical:  many reports link early onset osteoporosis, and the birth of rickets babies to the wearing of Islamic attire that covers most or all of the body, preventing adequate sunlight for proper bone formation and inhibiting activity required for strong bones.  Recently insufficient sunlight on the body has been linked with immune system deficiencies.

e) Social:  Muslim females are removed from society, segregated and sealed off from others—gender and religious apartheid!  Normal human communication is destroyed as facial expression is very important in human interaction and this is impossible with veils and inhibited by hijabs wrapped tightly around the face with just the eyes, nose and mouth visible! 

f) Psychological trauma: The attitude that female bodies are dirty or shameful and must be covered is unacceptable!  An independent, confident woman with self-respect doesn’t need to hide her unique physical form---Islamic attire doesn’t celebrate womanhood, it hides it for shame and fear of punishment! 


Fear of Punishment
Islamic attire doesn’t celebrate womanhood, it hides it for shame and fear of punishment!

I know a teenage Muslim girl who became hysterical because her hijab came off and people saw her hair!!  It is psychologically crippling to live in fear of punishment on earth or by allah for not being covered! 


Wafa Sultan (Syrian/USA ex-Muslim) describes how she was taught her body was filthy, shameful and states that she has many deep scars from her religion and these spoil her enjoyment of life!

g) Security:  Clearly any attire that covers the face must be banned as should the long cloaks/tunics and hijabs for a group of women in the same hijab all look identical---remember the school teacher (part 3) who couldn’t tell female Muslim students apart in his own class !!! There have been several instances of criminals including a recent British Muslim who killed a police officer, and others involved in petty crime, hiding under Islamic female attire!  

Remedy:  Ban hijabs, niqabs, burqas, chadors in all schools for children and teachers.  The symbol and covert threat of political Islam must not be allowed in any school-state or private!

Ensure girls can take part in all activities in the appropriate attire-bathers, shorts and t-shirt etc…they can feel the wind in their hair and sun on their body!  (Remember hijabs etc cannot be removed in public…)

Ban all face covering, burqas, chadors, .. in ANY public place.  Women can wear them at home but not in the street!

Ban Islam’s gender and religious apartheid.

Ban hijabs, niqabs, chadors etc for girls under 18 to allow them to enjoy the freedom that Muslim males and non-Muslims take for granted, preserving the equal status and opportunities for females/males that we value.

Ban all face covering, burqas, chadors, .. in ANY public place.  Women can wear them at home but not in the street!!

 Allow open discussion of the vile attitudes to women that underlie Islamic attire for females.

Ensure men and women know that women have equality, freedom and cannot be forced into such attire.


KKK Symbol
We do not allow people to walk about in Klu Klux Klan outfits because of the racial hatred and violence it implies


We do not allow people to walk about in Klu Klux Klan outfits because of the racial hatred and violence it implies (such behaviour has no basis in Christian teaching or the behavior of Jesus).  Sadly similar attire for women is based on Islamic text and Mohammad’s words, actions and vile attitudes to little girls and women (see parts 1,2) but that doesn’t mean we have to tolerate them!  Islam’s attire for women is offensive, threatening and unacceptable as it is a symbol of totalitarian Islamic political power, abuse and ownership of women and an affront to our values not to mention a security problem!! 

When I see a woman in a hijab (or associated attire) I also find her repulsive just like her god allah and Mohammad do but for very different reasons!  Mohammad and his rubber stamp allah find her repulsive simply because she’s female, I find her repulsive because she’s a walking symbol of the repression and Arab supremist totalitarianism of Islam.

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