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Selling Out Australia Part2

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Tim's philosophy: To be fair-minded, generous and tolerant

TimWhen he was an active politician, Tim Fischer appeared the most decent kind of bloke - a Vietnam vet, a guy you could have a beer with, someone you could really trust.
For all those whose age prohibits (one way or another) remembering Tim Fischer as John Howard’s sidekick, a reminder that he served as Deputy PM from 1996 until 1999.
In 1999 Fischer dropped a bombshell on the Conservative coalition by announcing his retirement from politics. The public was told that his decision to quit politics was motivated by his family needs (one of his sons is autistic

It turned out that although Tim retired from federal politics, his real career path was just opening. It came as a total surprise (at least to me) that Tim Fischer suddenly started attacking Israel, the only real friend and ally we have in the Middle East, and more importantly, the only real democracy in those parts. These attacks on Israel and at the same time his continuous emphasizing the sufferings of the so-called Palestinians, became more and more frequent (Palestinian is a term applied these days to the Muslim occupiers and settlers of Judea). 

Additionally Tim became increasingly critical about American international policy in the Middle East (indirectly towards John Howard as well) and surprisingly his media pronouncements looked as if he were coached by Robert Fisk or somebody from the Green Left. Why these articles and his sudden interest in all Palestinian issues?
Israel has brutally denied Palestinian rights to statehood in a policy of escalating repression that leaves it increasing bereft of friends. In the late 1970s, it funded and supported Islamic charities, the precursors of Hamas, as a “moderate” alternative to the PLO. (source
Bring Back the Caliphate

In the above statement, Mr Fisher displays an impressive grasp of Middle Eastern Soviet- era propaganda, no doubt still disseminated by the various Islamist enablers of the Palestinian movement in order to justify re-taking the land, which was once claimed by Dar al Islam, exactly the same way as Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia or today, Spain.  Should all these people be forced from their traditional lands only because Muslims wish to have them ‘back’?
"Why the hell are they targeting Red Cross vehicles in Tyre? Why have they targeted more recently, in the last day, a UN compound, involving Austrians and others?," he said.
Israeli rocket indeed!
Before and after 'Israeli rocket' attack- the MSM will buy anything  (you can read more about this Hezbollah PR exercise HERE )

Was Tim Fisher talking about the same Red Cross vehicle, which was used by Hezbollah in a propaganda exercise, which claimed that a vent hole in the van’s roof was in fact an Israeli rocket entry?

"If they are so good at precision bombing, then there should be a lot more children alive in Lebanon today than there are." Precision bombing?
Mr Fischer said Israel was entitled to defend itself, but needed to do so more carefully.
He also expressed support for a Palestinian state, which would include East Jerusalem, and said Iraq would be partitioned along ethnic and religious lines. (source)

As you can see, our generous Tim gives away lands he doesn’t own, almost like President Bush generously giving away Serbian land (Kosovo) to the Albanians.
Puzzled by this new crusade, I soon discovered a rational explanation behind Tim’s outbursts in support of the Palis.

Tim Fischer became involved in some business dealings, which involve very rich oil states in the Middle East. It’s hard to tell how it started. These things start informally with no media coverage. You might be approached by a lobbyist, who tells you that his client would be interested in your services and needs your support. A job might be offered to you and it may pay a salary, which would set you up for life, and end all your problems.

Would you refuse? After all, it is quite legal.
Do you know any rich and powerful people or any cabinet members who are not vulnerable to temptation? You are just manipulated by the politically driven media, and people like Tim Fischer probably still believe that their principles are pure (just bent a little!)

In Tim’s case, the turning point might have been when he was offered a position on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies at the Australian National University in 1994. There are no material rewards for serving on a university advisory board, but this is where you might meet the right people, people who can recognize your many talents and put them to practical use.
Sedition with Treachery
Tim fisher shake hands with Prof. Amin Saikal Director of Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies (ANU)

Timothy Andrew Fischer parted with the CAIS on the best of terms in December 2005 and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Letters honoris causa for: “his service to the University and his outstanding contributions in the service of society in the fields of government and international trade relations”.

If you are curious what these outstanding services to the university might have been, we are happy to report that Tim’s involvement helped the Centre to obtain generous funds from United Arab Emirates, Iran and Turkey .

Yes, I agree that accepting funds from Iran would appear somewhat similar to funding a Faculty of Political Studies by, say, NAZI Germany in the 30’s or a Human Rights Department by Joseph Stalin.

It is possible that Tim’s involvement was not to convince the Iranians, Turks and the Emirates to provide the funds, but to convince the Australian government that it would be OK to accept such generosity. After all, this would help our young generations to better understand the Middle East and Islam. Of course, we would have to tone down our rhetoric with regards to Islam and terrorism, as well as downplaying our friendship towards Israel (We still like them; it’s just we stop being too ostentatious with our friendship). Friendship is one thing but you do not wish to insult your benefactors.

Well, yes the teaching program, materials and the teaching staff also need to be looked into to ensure appropriate outcomes and subsequently more money from Iran, UAE and Turkey. And what better than that materials and teaching staff come from Muslim countries instead of some stuff written by Westerners, who certainly cannot comprehend the complexity of Islam. After all, if you wished to learn about the true nature of Nazism, would you consult a real Nazi or a Western university professor, who probably isn’t even sympathetic to Nazi causes and ideology?

By presenting our new friends with these small tokens of friendship, Australia might well gain certain economic privileges in The Middle East, and hey, if it’s good for Australian economy, it is good for Australia and all Australians! Right?

I suppose this explains why our federal politicians enthusiastically joined the all-new Parliamentary Friends of Palestine society, which was established in 1999 by a former Liberal MP Ross Cameron. You will remember that Tim resigned from the Parliament this year and it was also the year when he chaired this group. (see this AIM  article).

Surprisingly, it is very difficult to find out more about PFOP, and no matter how hard you look through various Internet directories, you won’t find their web site.

The new Parliamentary Friends of Palestine group, PFOP (not to be confused with the PFLP), recently formed by Ross Cameron in federal parliament, apparently doesn’t exist, at least officially. It appears that far from publicising its activities, the group won’t even disclose its membership or register with the Parliamentary Relations Office. The Relations Office is assigned the responsibility of coordinating all of the Friendship groups, and in order to be officially recognised, the Palestine group must register with it. It hasn’t. In fact the Relations Office has not received any correspondence whatsoever from the group and only knows about it from reports in the newspaper.  (source)
Let us now go back and discuss the fruits of this new alliance with our Muslim friends.

On July 14th, 1998, Fischer, then acting PM, addressed the National Trade Forum at Eden on the Park.
EdenThe Middle East is a major destination for our exports of wheat, coal, live sheep, sugar, alumina and wool. It is a market that is growing at a very healthy rate for Australia, with total exports valued at $4.7 billion in 1998 - an increase of around 13 per cent over the previous year. The growth trend is very positive, with the five year growth rate of Australian exports being well over 11 per cent annually.
For example, our exports to the UAE totalled $1.15 billion in 1998 - double the level reached in 1996. The UAE is the largest market for Australian motor vehicles, with Holden and Toyota car valued at $360 million being shipped last year. There are now 3500 Australians in the UAE, and 65 Australian companies are based there.
Saudi Arabia is another important market, with exports reaching $732 million in 1998 compared with $461 million in 1997. Our exports to Egypt increased by 17 per cent last year to reach $534 million; and those to Iraq reached $312 million, a slight increase of 4 per cent on the previous year. (source )

Etc, etc, etc – carrots and more carrots, mostly for the country folk, promising them riches beyond imagination. Of course, the question here would be why UAE or the Saudis would bother to buy all the above goodies from us instead of Europe?

It wouldn’t be the costs of transport; it must be then the quality or the competitive prices of our products alone.
But then whatever the role Tim Fischer had, it was surely to promote Australian interests or at least the interests of his National Party and the outback people.
It certainly looks like it doesn’t it?

In 2004 Tim Fischer gets the dream job, no doubt as a reward for his hard work in promoting Australian trade. He was appointed chairman of Tourism Australia. His term ended on June 30th, 2007.
Once again, while chairing TA, Tim showed tremendous interest in the Middle Eastern countries and especially the UAE.

Australia's accessibility on the rise
Tourism Australia (TA) and partners this year come to the GCC, to the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) from May 1st to the 4th with a mighty boost amidst announcements from several GCC airlines of massive route increases to the Australian continent within the next few years.
The Australian Federal Government has recently announced that Emirates Airline has been given the go ahead to boost its services between Dubai and Australia to 84 flights per week by 2011, up an additional 35 a week from today's numbers. Newcomer Etihad was given authorization for an additional 28 flights per week, also to be introduced by 2011, in addition to the seven they currently are allocated.
Fischer's take on Australia's popularity with the Gulf traveller is simple. 'Australia,' he explains, 'is looking more attractive than ever to the Gulf traveller due to the world situation, the choice and ease of travel to the continent and the general welcoming warmth of the Australian people combined with the numerous, varied and unparalleled attractions.'

According to recently released figures, inbound arrivals from the Gulf countries to Australia were up significantly from the year before. Last year, in 2006, 24,723 UAE citizens visited Australia with an average stay of 23 nights. Ten years earlier, in '96, that figure was just 5,779, proving that Gulf visitors are rapidly discovering the delights Down Under and much of what the destination has to offer just about everyone in a very safe and exciting environment. The total number of GCC visitors to Australia during 2006 was 42,731. (source)
ME Tourists
Some photos of ME tourists 
Just for your information dear reader, the Japanese tourist numbers have declined since  2001, but nonetheless we had 685,000 visitors from Japan in 2005. From the US the same year we hosted 446,300 tourists, from Canada 98,200, New Zealand 1,099,00, Hong Kong 130,000, South Korea 250,000, Singapore 265,000, UK 708,000.
Even France easily surpasses entire Middle East with 66K tourists. (source)

Somehow the staggering figure of 43K Muslim tourists doesn’t look so overwhelming after all. And in this context, does it really make sense economically to allow Emirates Airlines to compete against our Qantas? 
Perhaps selling our halal meat to the Middle East would more than compensate for the loss of an airline like Qantas, which airline was ‘almost’ purchased by Macquarie Bank.

“At least Macquarie Bank is an Aussie icon”, you may say. Wrong, because Macquarie Bank is in a joint venture with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (we cannot blame Tim for that), which bank has much more say than Macquarie Bank in this marriage of convenience.

SYDNEY: Macquarie Bank, Australia's largest securities firm, said Wednesday that it had set up an investment banking venture with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank to expand in the Middle East, where oil prices are generating higher profits for companies and more demand for professional advice. (source
And guess who is in charge of our Sydney Airport?
Macquarie Bank of course!! Check this out (ABN number 85 075 295 760) if you don’t believe me!
How secure do you feel now?
Fortunately our ports are firmly guarded by our navy. Except that it not the navy who is in charge of our ports’ security, but a Dubai-based company Dubai Ports World (Reference, see also THIS).

It all happened so quickly and all on our watch but this is another story altogether (please stay tuned).
Perhaps then we should just stop worrying and start attending more interfaith gatherings. Just in case!

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