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Disappearing And Reappearing Names

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ATM BlastSydneysiders are well aware of the spate of ATM raids, that is attempts by thieves to blow up automatic teller machines, in various suburbs of Sydney. At one stage it was a nightly occurrence, along with the drive by shootings.
Some radio announcers would start the day by saying ‘ Today the obligatory Sydney ATM ramraid/ drive by shooting occurred at [name of suburb].  On the Channel 9 News,  on 20/2/09, there was a report of a ‘tipoff’ to the police, which led to the arrest of two men in  The Boulevarde at Punchbowl, just as they were trying to connect gas cylinders to the machine to blow it up. No they were not doing a science experiment in the interests of furthering their knowledge. The young men had arrived rather ostentatiously in a BMW [later found to be stolen], the report said. Then, in an unusually informative style, the names were given of the two men  who were aged 23 and 25. I remember hearing some very  Muslim sounding names in the quick report, and I recall saying to myself how ‘typically Muslim’ they sounded. Also I recall hearing the  the comment was made that the police think that these fellows may have been involved in other ramraids around Sydney [and there have been quite a few].


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Karen lyingRecent events in the Middle East have brought one UN body, UNRWA, into sharp focus. Now UNRWA or the UN Relief and Works Agency, is headquartered in Gaza and was established in 1948 to provide relief work to refugees fleeing Israel. [1]
The UNRWA charter was to last ONE YEAR, but 60 years later, it is still going strong.
In 1948 neighboring Arab states urged Arabs living in Israel to leave because they were going to destroy Israel. As a result up to 600,000 Arabs moved into the Gaza area and were settled into “temporary” camps. The Gaza area is now home to some 4,200,000 “refugees”.

In the video on UNRWA you will see:
  • 1.The UN Commissioner General Karen Koning AbuZayd claiming that HAMAS did not violate the truce and a graph showing Hamas actually fired 120 rockets into Israel;
  • 2.Young school kids, products of UNRWA schools, chanting Jihadi statements towards Israel
  • UNRWA official denying rockets were fired from a UNRWA building, and a video of a rocket firing from the base of the building;
  • 4.HAMAS fighters using UN ambulances to transport their fighters
  • 5.Houses that Israel built in the early 1970’s to accommodate the refugees but which have been ignored by UNRWA and left vacant.
Is UNRWA perhaps the worst UN Agency?

Leunig, show how brave you really are

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In his cartoon in The Age today (11.04.07), Leunig takes a swipe at the Christian religion. He portrays two Roman soldiers looking at a large wooden cross, with the caption reading “I suppose we can either sell it on E-bay or put it in storage until the Mufti’s been processed.” To compare the situation of the Mufti, who has been accused of funnelling money to terrorists, and has exhibited extreme views against women, Australians and non-Muslims, with the suffering of Christ, is outrageous.

This bold and fearless cartoonist delights in racist and anti-Semitic cartoons , knowing full well that, however offended the Jews might be, they will not harm him.
He also knows he is on safe ground with the Christians, who will no doubt be hurt and upset by his latest insult to their religion, but in keeping with their religious tenets, will never threaten harm or revenge.




Either Leunig is totally unaware of what Islam stands for, or in his cowardice is complicit in  Islam’s deception, or maybe both. The fact is that the Mufti’s views are as far from Christ’s teaching as it is possible to be. The Mufti’s religion is filled with hate towards non-Muslims, subjugates woman, approves of slavery and polygamy and mandates death for homosexuals and apostates. Jesus, on the other hand, preached a message of love to all humanity.

So here’s a challenge to Leunig: in the interests of treating the three main monotheistic religions equally, insult the Muslims next time. Go on, I dare you!

Vic Police rush to Islam

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Do not provoke Muslims!!Now don’t get me wrong: I think all law-abiding citizens should be defended by our police force. After all, upholding law and order is the reason for their existence.

The problem is, the police are applying more and more selectivity, treating Muslims as a group that need special protection, whilst ignoring those groups who are genuinely under threat (often from Muslims) or sending them the message that it’s their fault that they’re being attacked.

This phenomenon was evident in a recent police media release.

Islamic Community Supports Bushfire Survivors
Release date: Fri 13 February 2009

As police and emergency services head into their seventh day of the bushfire crisis the cause of many of the blazes remains unclear.
However there is no evidence to support speculation that some of the deliberately lit fires may have been started by some members of the Islamic community.
Victoria Police is disappointed that such accusations are being made without foundation in a time when Victoria and indeed the nation have bandied together during this horrific disaster.
The Islamic community have made a concerted effort to support bushfire survivors, many of whom have donated blood to the Red Cross and only yesterday members of the Preston Mosque personally drove a collection of donated items to the tent city in Whittlesea.
Members of the Islamic community will also be involved in a telethon on SBS tomorrow to raise further funds for the Bushfire Appeal. (source)


Islamist Censorship in NSW

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DET gaggingJust a few days ago I was informed by one of our readers that  our on line magazine – Australian Islamist Monitor was blocked by the NSW Department of Education and Training.  


All those who would wish to view our web site from the DET's network would see the following message:


 The site is blocked. It has been classified in the category/ies Hate/Discrimination
To leave this page please use the Back browser button or enter a new URL into the browser
If you believe that this site is required for educational purposes you can request that the site be unblocked by completing a Filtering Information Request.
Details about filter categories can be obtained from the Account Administration online help.



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Clouds of pot smoke to replace Heaven
A not-to-be-missed event in Victoria! An exhibition of  photographs of John Lennon is now showing at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Showing photos never before seen in Australia, this exhibition will give fans an opportunity to reflect on the extraordinary popularity of a man whose song lyrics about subjects ranging from love to spirituality and politics became mantras sung along with by millions. With respect to his probably most beloved song, the exhibition is titled "Imagine", though it is cleverly written backwards in the advertisement. Well, of course it is clever, isn't it? It surely means something profound to write the title backwards...this is an art gallery, after all.
I imagine it means something...imagine...imagine...


Christian symbol removed from Christian chapel

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BadreligionFor as long as the Royal North Shore hospital existed, there has been a chapel with a crucifix inside it- which has made reference to the Christian heritage and symbolism of the west. It was always there because that is what was intended from the beginnings of its existence. It is a part of the history of the chapel, the area and indeed this country. So it was with some shock that some people [including the Mayor] discovered by accident that the crucifix is no longer there.
The Mosman Daily has learnt that Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney has been been ordered to remove Christian content by New South Wales bureaucrats to avoid offending Muslims, Hindus or other non-Christian believers who may want to pray in the chapel. (source)

Muslim Leaders for Tomorrow

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Govt supports leadership training for Muslim Youth

Australia's Future???Australian Christian Lobby is a website that I occasionally visit. It covers a lot of political happenings in Australia that mainstream media might not let the public know of.

An article that caught my immediate attention is this:

In June this year, for six weeks, a training course for young muslims leaders is to be held. At La Trobe University. “organised by the Centre for Dialogue at La Trobe University. In association with the Islamic Council of Victoria.”

Surely RMIT doesn

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Of course not! The idea is ridiculous!

But let’s look at RMIT’s handbook for Muslim students, salaamrmit, promoted with enthusiasm by no less a luminaryProf. M. Gardner than Vice-Chancellor and President of RMIT, Professor Margaret Gardner :
“Students, academics and other university staff are encouraged to make use of this important resource and the contacts and services contained therein.”
One is entitled to assume the said contents and services are from impeccable sources.

But are they? Turn to Page 2 and look at the relief agences “actively involved in countries struck by natural disasters.”  Top of the list is Human Appeal International.

Nothing wrong with that – we’re all humans after all, and we need to help our fellow humans when their country is overwhelmed by the ravages of nature.

HAI has an address in Manchester, England, but is actually a Dubai-based Islamic charity that funds the terrorist group Hamas(*). It was established in 1991 to:
“provide relief to victims of natural disasters, wars and social hardship”; “improve the quality of life of underprivileged communities through ... projects that aim to provide education, health and social development”
 Some of their projects include the Palestine Food Appeal, which blames poverty in “the holy land of Palestine” on, yes, that’s right Israel, and the Middle East Crisis Appeal, which naturally blames Israel for the 2006 military conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas.
“Bombardment [by Israel] of Lebanon and Palestine has claimed the lives of more than 1100 people, mostly innocent civilians and children. … The infrastructure of Lebanon has been completely destroyed … The economy is being strangled ...”

In America, the Senate Committee on Finance is investigating HAI for suspected ties to international Islamic terrorism, claiming it supports Hamas operations in Jordan. HAI has also been linked to the now-defunct Saudi-based charity Muwafaq , which was an Al Qaeda front organization. In November 2005, it was reported that millions of dollars in donations to HAI had been funnelled directly to Hamas, where they helped fund suicide bombing operations in Israel.

Well, this all sounds very commendable and above-board, so nothing to worry about there.  I won’t bother checking the other “charities” on the list.

I’ll just leave it to RMIT’s good judgment, secure in the knowledge that they wouldn’t put their name to anything that was not completely reputable!

The Sultans of Spin 2009

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Jane CadzowWe all agree there should be a considerable difference between advertising/spin/propaganda, and honest investigative ‘journalism.’  

The journalistic (AJA) Code of Ethics incorporates ideals such as:

Truth; The public's right to information; Independence; Disclosure of all essential facts; Don’t suppress relevant available facts, or give distorting emphasis;    Do not place unnecessary emphasis on personal characteristics; attribute information to its source;  Do not allow personal interest, or any belief, commitment, payment, gift or benefit, to undermine your accuracy, fairness or independence;    Disclose conflicts of interest;    Do not allow advertising or other commercial considerations to undermine accuracy, fairness or independence;     Disclose payment made for interviews, pictures, information or stories;   Present pictures and sound which are true and accurate- Any manipulation likely to mislead should be disclosed;   Do not plagiarise.
Journalists scrutinise and exercise power and should be accountable;
Only substantial advancement of the public interest or risk of substantial harm to people allows any standard to be overridden.   (source)



Dhimmitude laws and you

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Dhimmitude laws and you: Social and religious aspects

The Dhimmi Remember, Dhimmitude is the position (allowed culture) of the non-Muslim under a comprehensive Islamic legal system that regulates every aspect of the non-Muslims’ lives and fixes their theological, legal, social, economic and political role---with no possibility of change as allah’s laws remain forever.  Dhimmis are utterly subjugated and degraded.  Despised dhimmis are war booty (fay) and  ‘possessions’ of the Muslim community as distinct from slaves owned by an individual.  (see Dhimmitude: What is it? and Dhimmitude laws and you:  economic and political aspects.)

A notable aspect of dhimmitude is the unending humiliation and degradation of dhimmis which involves their differentiation and segregation from Muslims.  The humiliation is justified by koranic verses and hadiths and perpetuated through laws and practices enforced by rulers and ordinary Muslims who abuse Dhimmis.   Bat Ye’or notes that the degradation is a religious duty maintained by a    “series of ordinances meticulously governing, down to the smallest detail, the organization of degradation that is sacralised into an ethical code.”  (P 81) and applied to dhimmis at all times over the whole dar al-Islam according to numerous sources (Muslim and dhimmi).  Periods of relief were exceptional and temporary. (p 90).   The entire array of abuses has been noted for Hindus  (eg Bostom p 32-35), Africans, Europeans including eastern Europeans , those in the middle–east and Asia.   The Islamic loathing for others is openly expressed today even in the west in both physical (violence, rape, stealing, terrorism) and verbal abuse (sluts, offspring of criminals., filthy kufar...) (see articles on this site).   


Aussie donations aid Islamist brutality

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We Aussies are a generous lot, digging deep in times of crisis. The Indonesian Boxing Day tsunami 2004 is a case in point. Australians showed their true humanity when they reached out to those who had lost everything: human beings were hurting, so regardless of race or religion, we were there to help.
The Australian public donated $15 million to UNICEF Australia’s tsunami appeal. aceh
But the question must be asked: was the money well spent?

A glowing report from UNICEF Australia in June 2005 showed Australians helped to prevent a massive outbreak of disease. Some statistics:-
• 1.2 million children immunised against measles
• Hundreds of thousands given access to adequate sanitation facilities and more than a million people per day given safe drinking water.
• Three quarters of a million children given school supplies, enabling most to return to school within two months of the disaster.

Behead the Thinkers!

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Bill WarnerIn an interview with Jamie Glazov, Bill Warner, the Director of the Centre for Political Islam, discussed the development of the Newstate and the death of critical thought - analytical thought or scientific analysis where there are no forbidden questions and there is an appeal to logic and reason and the freedom of ideas (1).  It’s opposite is authoritative thought:
“that is delivered fully developed by an "authority." Authoritative thought is the use of power by controlling thought and ideas. .......there is no room in the   public forum to disagree with the authority and if you do, you will be punished   in some way. Authoritarian thought is the thought process of slavery.”
Critical reasoning is characterised by skepticism (where all assumptions can be questioned) and humor. Skepticism encourages humor because you are able to poke fun at any idea.  Islam, by contrast, does not allow any skepticism or critical thought, as evidenced by the Mohammed cartoon riots.  Warner remarks:
“Humor stops at Mohammed’s door, because critical thought stops at Mohammed’s door.”


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Westminster AbbeyLike many Australians my parents came from the UK and of course followed the Anglican church. The UK today still claims that about 70% of the population are Christian, or about 42 million people. Meanwhile Muslims constitute less than 4% of the population with less than 3 million followers. The national broadcaster, the BBC has for many years presented religious programs for the faithful and so when the top position in the Religious Programming department became vacant recently, the BBC of course appointed…wait for it….a Muslim. How Politically Correct is that? So a man who represents less than 4% of the population is made responsible for religious programs whose largest audience is Christian making up 70% of the population, something is very wrong!
Forget the fact that Islam openly declares it will destroy the Christian church and actively persecutes Christians all around the globe. The “best man” for the job was deemed to be a Muslim.
This decision has of course caused much consternation within the Anglican church, and the Queen as head of the Church has been silent.
Well may they say “God save the Queen” but I say “why should he”. The silence from the Queen, the Head of the Anglican church, has been deafening.

What no Aussie dhimwit!

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The brilliant Religion of Peace website has for the last few years had a Dhimwit of the Month award.
The most recent winner was:
 Charles Johnson
Johnson's strange tale of paranoia and rage is probably best told by others…. At one time, LGF was an advocate of free speech and a reliable opponent of Islamic totalitarianism. Now Johnson literally bans opposing viewpoints and spends much of his time smearing anti-Jihadis and “creationists” with the same shady tactics once used against him.
While we sympathize with blog administrators who find it necessary to police against extremists and imposters, the LGF editor is so notorious for purging dissenting comments and permanently expelling readers who don’t toe the ideological line that being banned actually has a name - “getting CJ’d”.
As a result of this "Green Purge," the former flagship of the New Media, has all but officially devolved into a redundant monologue that exists mainly as a shifting monument to the editor’s perceived ethical superiority…Filtering out contrary opinion also seems to have deepened Johnson’s sense of moral certitude to the point that he is attacking former friends, such as Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs) and many others, with unnecessary hair-splitting and flimsy “guilt-by-association” slurs that are unconstructive and highly divisive…

Dhimmitude - What is it?

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As Muslim immigration to non-Muslim countries ramps up and Muslim breeding rates soar, we hear growing claims that Islam will easily overpower others by any of the various means of jihad - excessive breeding and immigration , infiltration of institutions and government, economic control, or violence to speed things along.  
We need to study the position of Dhimmis – non-Muslims living under Islamic control to fully appreciate the joy of Islamic rule to know why we must halt Islam’s progress.  

Tragically, few people are capable of telling the truth from the dhimmi viewpoint, but sell us the idea of jihad as nothing more than vigorous missionary activity or a personal struggle, hiding the true horror, - destruction, pillage, extortion, enslavement, massive deportation, social destruction, massacres, humiliation and degradation that has lasted for centuries and continues today. (Bostom P 25/26).  Masses of people (particularly women, children, young labour) were removed to other places destroying community, family, religious, national and cultural links leaving people unconnected and unprotected so reduction to servile dhimmitude and even identification with the persecutor was all that was left. Dhimmis were subjected, legally, to every abuse and degradation.

Israel and the Peace Process

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Gaza StripThe so called peace process in the Middle East has been a long and tortured one, with many twists and turns. Ever since the British Mandate for Palestine was approved by the League of Nations and later by the United Nations, the arabs have never accepted the situation. Calls for a two-state solution for the Palestinian people have been resonating through the MSM lately with Palestine Support groups springing up around the world flush with funds. But how many people understand that there already is a “two-state solution”? It is called Jordan and Israel and was decided in 1925 when Jordan received the lion’s share of the British Mandate with all the land to the east of the Jordan  river. Under the Bush administration, Israel was promised a right to exist, but all this has changed with the new Obama government. It is useful then to revisit the peace process and the change in focus that the Obama administration is bringing to the situation.
In this article we shall review the changing dynamics of the two state solution due to the Obama factor, consider a little history of Palestine, examine some of the key players in the process, have a look at the Jerusalem issue and discuss the probability of peace being possible.

The Three Wise Monkeys

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Three wise monkeysWe are all familiar with the three wise monkeys, who stand for the mantra "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" and are symbols of the Kōshin faith, a Japanese folk religion with Chinese Taoism and ancient Shinto influences.
There are differing explanations of the meaning of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."
  • In Japan the proverb is simply regarded as a Japanese Golden Rule.
  • Some take the proverb as a reminder not to be snoopy, nosy and gossipy.
  • The proverb is linked to the teaching of Buddhism that if we do not hear, see or talk evil, we ourselves shall be spared all evil.
  • Others believe the message is that a person who is not exposed to evil (through sight or sound) will not reflect that evil in their own speech and actions.

Today the mantra is commonly used to describe someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation, or who wilfully turns a blind eye to the immorality of an act.  (source)

Whingeing POM

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W POM No, I’m not trying to insult our British readers: just to tell you about a new magazine that has hit the shelves in Australia.
Whingeing POM is Australia’s latest lifestyle publication aimed at the country’s enormous ex-pat population…the magazine is a bi-monthly, high gloss, coffee table style.

A team of well-seasoned writers collaborate each month to bring readers up to date with the latest in travel, food, fashion, business and news both here and back in the UK. The award-winning team pokes fun at ludicrous bureaucracy… (source)
Never averse to poking fun at ludicrous bureaucracy, I had high hopes the content would be hard - hitting, even a little politically incorrect. Brits I’ve met here have confided to me that they are appalled at the current situation in the UK, with the constant grovelling to Islam, which has resulted in the virtual collapse of democracy and the rule of law. Many have emigrated to escape from the tyranny and racism of forced multiculturalism and imposition of Islam’s racist worldview.

So it was with eager anticipation that I started to read an article - God’s Country - by Dominic Cadden.

Aussie dhimwit of the Month!

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We at AIM feel sad when Aussies miss out just because we're a long way away from the rest of the world. The Religion of Peace  has a Dhimwit of the Month award, yet has never nominated an Australian. It is to remedy this situation that we've decided to institute our own award.

A Dhimwit is a kind of uber dhimmi – who doesn't yet have to bow down to Islam, but is eager to do all they can to please Muslims and so hasten the time when we will all become dhimmis.

Dhim·mi (dîm-mî or zîm-mî) - An Islamic term that refers to a subjugated non-Muslim person living in a Muslim society. Second-class status is confirmed by the legal system and dhimmis do not share the rights of their Muslim rulers.
Dhim·wit (dïm-wît) - A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility and creativity. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity. (source)

RMIT Welcomes New Students

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It’s that time of the year when new students start at uni, and what better way to begin your studies at RMIT than to pick up a copy of the free student magazine, Catalyst .

Hijab agaist student rights?
Student rights are at risk according to Catalyst . It must be the offensive hijab, which alarmed the ever watchful student activists.

Here first year students will find everything they need to know about campus life. For instance, it’s reassuring to know there’s a Womyn’s Department , which fights for womyn’s rights and the empowerment of womyn. Queers are equally catered for, with a Queer Department , which challenges the discrimination, not just of overt hompohobia, but the “more subtle yet equally damaging phenomena of heterosexism.” There’s even a picture of a guy wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “Queers Against State Terror”. What terror might that be one wonders. It can’t mean the terror by those who want to blow us all up, so I guess it must be something to do with John Howard being the real terrorist.  Hopefully these respective Departments will take up the atrocious treatment of womyn and queers under Islam – not to do so would be discriminatory. 



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RMIT have produced a handbook exclusively for Muslim students. Not the sort of institution to do things by halves, its introduction reads “In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. RMIT University is proud to welcome you to multi-cultural Australia and, in particular to Now that what I call welcoming. Not only do they produce a special Muslim-only handbook, but the entire institution appear to have embraced Islam into the bargain. Maybe they saw the light after holding the Dawa conference last year (see AIM article: RMIT Dark Interior ).

Cronulla revisited

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With the elections nearly upon us, some Saturday newspapers used the opportunity to push their agenda.

FlanaganAl Age didn’t disappoint, with a piece by Waleed Aly’s mate, Martin Flanagan, reminiscing about Cronulla.
 “Tension had been building all week, stories spreading of women being insulted on the beach by youths of Lebanese descent and a lifesaver getting assaulted. Other groups — far-right groups — gathered. On the radio, Alan Jones was calling it like a war and text messages were proliferating about "bash-a-Leb" day. Ron Smith, president of one of the surf clubs on Cronulla beach heard the chant of "Kill the Lebs" from within the crowd of about 5000. Some of those whose passions were taken to such a pitch that day by the issue of identity subsequently bashed a youth on a train who looked Lebanese….
No doubt here whose fault it was: on the strength of only “stories”, evil “far-right groups” were baying for Lebanese blood.

And how did these poor Lebanese victims react?
“..Muslim youths massed at the Lakemba mosque, fearing an attack on their holy place, and there were retaliatory raids in what are called "Anglo" suburbs

Pharaoh OBAMA and the Exodus from Israel

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Obama the PharaohEveryone knows the Exodus story that occurred about 1440BC when Moses led the people of Israel out of bondage in Egypt to escape the cruel oppression of the Pharaoh. Over 3000 years later, the USA under President Obama is again turning the screws on Israel and might achieve what Egypt’s Pharaoh failed to do. Since becoming President, Obama has assembled around him people with ant- Jewish beliefs and has embarked on a programme to weaken Israel and strengthen her Islamic enemies like Egypt, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.
The USA has long been a strategic friend and supporter of Israel but that is no more. Obama in his now famous speech to the Islamic world from Cairo exposed his lack of understanding of Islam and ignored the fact that Israel is the ONLY truly democratic country in the Middle East. One person who does understand is Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian who was forced to flee from Lebanon to the safety of the USA. She summed up Obama’s problem with these words:
“However, it pains me to say this sir, but, while you said in your speech that you are a “student of history,” it is abundantly clear that, in these matters, you do not know history and thus, as Santayana noted, you are doomed to repeat it. In doing so your efforts, however well-intentioned they may be, will not produce what you profess to hope they will produce.
A wise man once said that if you start with the wrong assumptions, no matter how logical your reasoning is, you will end up with the wrong conclusion. With all due respect Mr. President, you are starting with certain assumptions that are unsupported by history and an objective study of the ideology of political Islam”. [1]

Sydney Islamophobia Conference

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Down with IslamophobiaFor those unfamiliar with the term, an Islamophobe is someone who is making a rational, compelling and successful argument against a Muslim or a Muslim's leftist friend.
Islamophobia is all around us. It's in the air we breathe and permeates our very being. We feel shame and guilt, and walk around with eyes downcast.
What to do about it?
Well, a conference might fit the bill: it will provide further opportunities for academics to excoriate us and air their theories about why we are so evil. It will use taxpayers' money, and guarantee more trees are cut down for the papers and reports that will inevitably follow. (but what's the betting you won't hear a peep from environmentalists  at this profligate use of resources?)
Paradoxically,  the more multiculturalism and interfaith we have, the more the need for forums on Islamophobia seems to grow. Still it would be churlish to query the necessity for a talkfest on this vital topic.
Let's instead ponder what delights are promised for this event:

Sydney Schools Teach Islamic Peace

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Mary SenjIt's good that students learn about different religions, but educators have a duty to teach, not propagandize. We don't want the Goebbels School of History and Religion in our free and democratic country. But sadly, that's what seems to be happening in Sydney, if a conference held recently is anything to go by:
Peace, Justice and Interfaith Dialogue in Studies of Religion I & II Conference 2009
Friday 6th March brought together teachers from all around NSW to provide them with inspiration, motivation and knowledge for the Studies of Religion II topic, Religion and Peace. The focus of that  topic is the distinctive response of two religious traditions to the issue of peace. HSC students study the understanding of peace expressed in sacred texts and principal teachings of two of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam; and the contributions of these two religious traditions to peace in the context of the individual’s inner peace and the means of achieving world peace.
The organising committee included Mehmet Ozalp and Zuleyha Keskin of Affinity Intercultural Foundation:
The conference commenced with a panel of speakers from five faith traditions; Ms Mary Senj – Aboriginal, Ms Gillian Coote – Buddhist, Rev Jon Noble – Christian, Prof Raja Jayaraman – Hindu, Rabbi Zalman Kastel – Jewish, Mrs Zuleyha Keskin – Muslim, facilitated by the well known interfaith minister and author Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick.
But thereafter it seems to have continued with Jewish, Christian and Muslims speakers:

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Islam Kills

History - Articles

Lest We Forget the Battle of Tours

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History - Violent Jihad

Australians celebrate and revere Anzac Day on April 25th each year in remembrance of our brave soldiers who fought in two great world wars to secure our freedom. Every Australian identifies with the slogan “lest we forget” and in services held around the country people reflect on the battles and men who died to secure our freedom. Yet across the world in France, there is one remarkable battle which helped form the Europe we know today and allowed the development of civilization based on Judeo Christian principles. This one famous battle has become known as the battle of Tours and effectively stopped the Muslim advance into Europe. After the death of Mohammed in 632AD, Muslim armies exploded out of the Arabian peninsula to conquer much of the Middle East, expanding across north Africa. From there they crossed into Spain in 711AD and eventually controlled much of al-Andalus by 715AD. It was the victory at Tours by Charles Martel that stemmed the tide and eventually the Muslim marauders were expelled from Spain in 1492 when the last outpost at Granada fell to King Ferdinand of Spain. 

Read more

Shivaji’s Coronation Laudatory Landmark

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History - Infidels' Resistance

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born, lived, fought and won battles against religious and social oppression in the 17th century Bharat or India. He was a shining star in the Indian firmament and is renowned as a champion of the downtrodden and depressed masses. He was and continues to be an icon for the classes and masses alike and is seen as a rallying point for peasants oppressed by foreign rulers, Pathans and Moghuls alike. Sexually exploited women found in Shivaji Raje a protector, a benefactor and flocked to his Hindavi Swaraj to find solace and feel liberated under his saffron flag. 

Read more

Ransomer of Captives from the Muslims

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History - Tolerance Myths

Perhaps some readers might be interested to know that January 28 is considered a feast day among Catholics – actually 2 feast days are celebrated on the same day – one is of ST Thomas Aquinas, the great medieval theologian and philosopher who adapted Aristotle to the western Judeo-Christian worldview. . It is also the feast day of a lesser known person – St Peter Nolasco, the great ransomer of captives from the Muslims.

Read more

Islamic Pirates

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History - Violent Jihad

Barbary Corsair
Somalian Islamic Pirates & Lessons from History
The dramatic rescue of the American cargo-ship captain Richard Phillips from the hands of Somalian Islamic pirates by the U.S. Navy—killing three pirates, holding him hostage at gun-point, through precision-targeting—warrants a review of the U.S. struggle with piracy and hostage-taking in North Africa, which ended two centuries ago.

Raiding trade-caravans and hostage-taking for extracting ransom in Islam was started by Prophet Muhammad. Having become powerful and secure after his relocation to Medina from Mecca in 622, Muhammad initiated Jihad or holy war in the form of raids of trade-caravans for earning livelihood for his community. In the first successful raid of a Meccan caravan at Nakhla in December 623, his brigands killed one of the attendants, took two of them captive, and acquired the caravan as “sacred” booty. The captives were ransomed to generate further revenue. Muhammad, later on, expanded this mode of Jihad to raiding non-Muslim communities around Arabia—for capturing their homes, properties and livestock, capturing their women and children as slaves often for ransoming and selling, and imposing extortional taxes—which sometimes involved mass-slaughter of the attacked victims.

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The Battle of Broken Hill

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Battle of Broken Hill Logo
The First Islamic Terrorist Attack on Australian Soil
On January 1, 1915 two Broken Hill men, both former camel drivers, armed themselves with rifles, an homemade flag bearing Islamic insignia and a large supply of ammunition and launched a surprise attack on the Picnic Train about 3 kilometres outside Broken Hill.

The train carried about 1200 Broken Hill residents to Silverton where a picnic to celebrate the new year was to take place.

The two Muslim men, Gool Mohamed originally a Pashtun tribesman from Afghanistan and Mullah Abdullah from what is known today as Pakistan, decided to wage jihad against Australian infidels after Australia and the Ottoman Empire officially joined the opposite sides in the WWI.

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Jihad Galore

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History - Tolerance Myths

Jihad Galore and the Toledo Whore

Battle of Higueruela

Alhambra - GazelleHow often in conversation with a Muslim, do they quote Spain as the crowning achievement of Islam, where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in harmony for about 800 years?

And when you mention the killings and massacres, you are told that the Spanish Inquisition was much worse.
This is a misconception, since the Inquisition in Spain was responsible for only between 4,000 and 5,000 lives. [1]

Yet in 1066AD, in a single day, muslims murdered over 4,000 Jews because Vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela had risen to a position greater than them, and of course, this upset the Muslim sensitivities. [2]

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Arabs Hated The Quran

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History - Stolen Heritage

How the Arabs Hated The Quran
Old Quran

Wh y are you a Muslim?
Musli ms in general love to hear the above question because it has a simple and readymade answer in their minds besides it gives them the opp or t u nity to propagate their religion and talk proudly about Islam.


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Lepanto Anniversary

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History - Imperialism

Decisive Victory for the West

At this time of year, it is timely to remember one of the greatest victories of the west against the Islamic world. On the 7th October in 1571, Don Juan and the Holy League, led by Admiral Doria, defeated the larger Ottoman fleet in the Battle of Lepanto, saving Europe from the Turks and militant Islam. The Holy League was a coalition of different armies - of the Republic of Venice, the Papacy (under Pope Pius V), Spain (including Naples, Sicily and Sardinia), the Republic of Genoa, the Duchy of Savoy, the Knights Hospitaller and some others.

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Muslim Jerusalem

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History - Stolen Heritage

Jerusalem - Coat of ArmsWhy do Muslims insist that Jerusalem is their Holy City?
When Mohamed and his faithful followers moved from Mecca to Medina, they found themselves among three Jewish tribes/clans (BANU-L-NADIR, BANU KAINUKA and BANU KURAIZA)  which settled there some time after their expulsion from their homeland and also living there were  two Arab, pagan tribes.

Mohammed, who at this stage needed more followers, decided to win those tribes over and convert them to his newly invented religion.

Islam was yet not as fully developed as we know it today, and Mohammed was still having his sessions with Allah (the Medina period revelations).

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Killing of Banu Quraiza

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History - Imperialism

Did Prophet Muhammad order Killing Surrendered Jews of Banu Quraiza and Khaybar?  A historical Analysis

In the post 9/11 era of this modern-world, Islamists around the globe are busy with ‘damage control utopia’ in order to correct the image of religion Islam. We all know that the nucleus of Islam are: Quran, Hadiths (Sunnah) supported by Islamic histories and biographies recorded by various famous Islamic scholars and historians.

What Mecca?

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History - Early History

A great tragedy of the Islamic control of our universities and political correctness plus the fear of extreme violence if anyone dares question the roots and claims of Islam is ...that nobody dares question the roots and claims of Islam!!!  I want to stimulate interest and offer this summary of information on Mecca from (LINK) which discusses some problems with Muslim claims in a comparison of evidence supporting Islam/Christianity. 

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Yahweh or Hubal

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FlagThere is a very strongly entrenched view among majority of Westerners today that the three main monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam share one common God and therefore despite the obvious differences, the core foundation of these three religions is the same. 

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